What Is Holding You Back from a $10K Month Online?

Are you spinning your wheels? Frustrated? Trying to learn too many new things to concentrate on the things that you know that you can master or mastered in the past.

My name is Kristie Chiles-Arp and I have 1 question to ask you?

Why don’t you do this one thing?

Go back to what you are GOOD at it.  Figure out what you love to do even if no one paid you do it.  That’s your talent.  That’s your big idea.  Now, take that ONE BIG IDEA and make a million dollars out of it.

Shake that tree, but shake that one tree.  Don’t go out and shake ten money trees and hope to make a $100 or $1000/month.

Figure out the one thing that you love doing online and do it over and over and over.  For example, if you can write an ebook, slap a Paypal button on that book for $47.

Let’s do the math:

$47 X 212 Sales – $10,000/month salary for you.  Now, if you have built an email list and you have captured those same 212 emails and built a subscriber list, you have a list you can market to over and over.  

Don’t quickly write a new ebook, find 212 MORE people to sell that book to next month and build your list to 424 people that you can send emails and other offers to every month.  

Now, you’ve brought in $19,928/month salary for the second month, plus the affiliate offers you email your list. The next month, get 626 to buy your $47 ebook, and you will have $29,892/month salary, in addition to income from other offers you send your list and 626 people on your subscriber list to market to over and over.money-40603_1280 (1)

So, how can you achieve this?  Each month, write down your goals for the month.  If you add 10 new friends people to your Facebook Fanpage every day, by the end of the month, you have 300 people that you can post free offers to and send to your squeeze page.  

Create a blog like this one and make a blog post everyday. to teach your subscribers what you already know.  Next, share that blog post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Make a quick slideshow about the same blog content and post it to Youtube.  Get that daily/weekly content out there churning sales and subscribers for you 24/7.  This just plain works.

Shut down the doubts in your mind.  What are you worried about? You can’t “break’ an email list.  Can you tick people off? Sure.  Will you tick people off? Definitely.  Will people unsubscribe if the day ends in “y”? Most assuredly.  Does it matter? Heck, no. 

What does matter? Are you doing your best? Are you doing your VERY best with your talents you possess to add value to the world around you and the people who are struggling around you? Are you off track? Get back on.  Are you confused? Get clarity.

What are you good at?  Do it.  Do it on Facebook. Do it on Youtube. Do it on Instagram. Do it on Pinterest.  Share it all over Twitter.  Don’t think about it. Just do it. Do it daily.

Don’t analyze it. Don’t waste time. Don’t recreate the wheel.  Put your wheel into motion and run.  Every single day, run that wheel and grow your business.  What are you good at? Start there.

What is holding you back? It’s not that you don’t know you stuff.  You are doubting yourself.  Do the one thing that you think about while you eat or sleep. Be relentless.  Be unstoppable.

Once you make some good income, invest that $500 – $2000 a month back into your business. If you are feeling frustrated or under pressure, it may be the pressure is coming from starting 10 new things a day and not focusing on your one big idea that comes naturally to you.  That’s the key.

Do you know how to write copy? Write sales letter for other product creators.  Write your own ebook and sales letter and put it up for sale on the Warrior Forum.

Do you know how to write an ebook? Sell it on Amazon. Sell it on your blog.

You will make more money putting MORE people into your funnel to sell your 1 awesome product.

Again, here’s a Daily Plan of Action:

Make 1 video a day.

Make 1 post a day and share it on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.one-979261_1920

Just sell MORE of the one thing. 

Scale out with the 1 item that is making money.

Later, create more ebooks and make a living doing that in the niche you love that has lots of buyers in it.

Add 5000 fans to your Facebook page and 2000 people a month to your subscriber list.social-media-488886_1280

You can turn $1 into $100, then $100 into $1000, and then $1000 into $10,000 and beyond.

Go back to what you are good at!

question-mark-213671_1280What is your Big Idea?

Learn all you can about it.  Don’t worry about the competition. Competition means there’s a lot of money to be made.  Be better than your competition.  Offer more than they do.  Make an offer they can’t refuse.  Make an offer YOU wouldn’t refuse. Chase it hard.  Don’t doubt yourself. Just do it.