48 Top Headlines Fresh Off The Press for Youtube Videos or Blog Posts

Okay, I’ve done some research and here are some “fresh off the press” awesome, juicy, eye-popping Titles you can use forcreative-725811_1920


  1. Youtube Video Titles including the main keyword for ranking juice and lots more eyeballs
  2. Blog Posts
  3. Email Subject Titles to increase your opens by double or triple

Here goes…..are you ready? Fill in the blank with the Product name which is the keyword you are going after to rank!

Fill in __________with the particular name of the Product you are reviewing: 

Example:  All I Want For Christmas is Long-Tailed Keyword Pro.



  1. All I want for Christmas is ______________Special
  2. I’m Counting Down The Days For the __________Launch
  3. When the Christmas lights are Switched on, Don’t Miss ______________
  4. How To Make This Holiday Special? Buy ____________
  5. Once Upon A Time I Found __________________
  6. A Giant Wish This Christmas Was Granted with ______________
  7. How To Make This Holiday Special with ___________________
  8. Simon Says, Have You Checked Out _______________?
  9. 9 Ways You Can Use _________To Make Money With ___________
  10. Christmas Gift Idea – Use ________To Put Some Presents Under The Tree
  11. Using __________ISN’T Mission Impossible, I Guarantee It!
  12. 7 Lessons You Can Learn From Watching This _____________
  13. Attention Everyone: You Seem To Have Forgotten ______________
  14. Having A Meltdown? Have You Seen ___________Yet?
  15. Me Be Silent? I Just Found ___________________
  16. For Crying Out Loud! ____________Reviewed
  17. Shout Out: This __________Is Unbelievably Easy To Follow
  18. Kristie Is So Happy She’s Crying About _____________
  19. Success Finally Comes To Me With _________________
  20. 2 Brutally Honest Facts About ___________
  21. Should You Boycott ______________?
  22. I Helped Promote A Genuine Product Called ___________
  23. What ________Taught Me About ________
  24. Is This A Sign? _____________Says You Can Do __________
  25. 10 Ways To Survive The Holidays – Make Cash With ____________
  26. Feeling Scroogey?_________Won’t Break Your Bank!
  27. Why I’m Thankful For The Divorce That Bankrupted Me – I Found _________
  28. More Awkward Than A Present You Didn’t Want? What About __________?
  29. ________________Urges Marketers to Avoid _________________
  30. Why You Shouldn’t Do This Or Maybe Anyone Without ______________
  31. {Product Vendor’s Name} Says He’s Cured A Low Bank Balance With This
  32. HO-Ho-HOW Many People Bought This? Check out ____________
  33. Selfie Alert – Don’t Miss ___________ or Put It On The Shelf!
  34. Freed from Sleepless Nights, My Debt Cured by _______________
  35. 5 Things You Should Always Do For Yourself, Starting With ___________
  36. {Product Vendor’s Name} Stayed Up All NIght to Present _____________
  37. {Product Vendor’s Name} Lands {$451} Using _________________
  38. How To Keep Yourself Moving When You Feel Like A Failure With __________
  39. 10 Ways That Make Paying Your Bills BEYOND Easy – See _______________
  40. Honest {Product Vendor’s Name} Seriously Trumps Debt By Using _________
  41. Hectic Schedule? Gotcha, but take a Look at ______________
  42. It Took Me Getting to 55 Yrs Old To Find Get It – See ____________
  43. {Product Vendor’s Name} Brilliant Strategy Seen Inside _____________
  44. ________________, We LOVE You, You Stole Our Heart Away
  45. What A Blast From The Past! Have you seen ____________?
  46. The Top Way To Make A Offline Deal With ___________
  47. Get It Together, Focus on This One Thing Here – ___________
  48. Can You Watch This Video Without Feeling Drawn to ___________?



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