*Live Stream Genius Standard JVZoo Software

If you do ANY video marketing, you are going to want to see this new software.

Video is so hot now, and is the future as well.

Plus, live streaming is deemed “news worthy” by Google and gives

you an unfair advantage. You used to be have to rent a virtual

server to get this done, but now this little baby does it all for


Live Stream Genius allows you to easily manage video and stream

them in any quality and has a boatload of nifty other little

features built-in as well. What are they, you say?

Cool stuff like:

An automatic URL that links all of your videos together for awesome ranking juice!

Beta testers have proven this…I use Live Events and I am so

excited when I rank a video in minutes. It never gets old!

Plus, Live Stream Genius takes it another step.


See my own results here ranking in minutes:



And here are some other really FUN results that I was able to achieve within minutes of using Google’s own Live Events feature.


You can get a Copy when it goes live Click Here to sign up for their webinar where they explain how this all works.

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Plus, I jumped on a live event with one of the authors of this course, Vick Carty so he could show you around the software.

Watch our interview here:




If you can’t attend, don’t worry, we will send you the replay. =)


christmas-sack-1007767_1920Seriously, think of it as an little early Christmas stocking-stuffer for yourself.  It’s that good.  It’s that much of a treat.  Just think if you could rank ANY Amazon product with a video.  In fact, I think I’ll go do that right now!  Just ate a salad (trying to cut down the pounds I’ve gained sitting at the computer)…so off to do a couple more videos before I call it a night.  Did I say “genius”?  Ha! Because this truly is a genius piece of software that people have been wanting for a very, long time.  It is mostly done for you.  Did I mention while you sleep? Get your videos set up, hit publish and go to bed. When you wake up, check to see how many first page rankings you have in Youtube and Google.

Sweet Dreams!


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Talk to you soon – Kristie