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And as a Vendor selling my own information products on WarriorPlus:

And also selling on the platform called JVZoo:

Today (5/16/2014) so far (and it’s early in the day) Affiliate Sales

And for my own Products on JVZoo – this is gross income as 50% was paid out to Affiliate Partners: So Net Approx. $34,000

Plus, I have brought in income on other Affiliate platforms as well, plus as a Coach/Consultant as well, so this does not represent all of my online income, but is a peek inside to see what is possible when you teach, coach, and promote other people’s products online.

Much of my affiliate income comes from emailing my subscriber list which has fluctuated over the years but hovers around 10K – 12K.

Plus, all of this was done (with a grateful heart to God) through being stressed out of mind as a Single Mom with 2 teenagers when I first began back in 2011, and struggling to build a future online where I could be there for my children, and now my grandchildren.

So, I told myself to jump in with both feet and even though I’ve strayed from time to time with shiny object syndrome, I have always kept building my email list, and email promos as an affiliate as the main core of my business.

If I had to tell you where to begin online,  it would be to build your email list.

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Then, you can either promote other people’s products, or begin to build your own as soon as you see success. Now, your brain will try to talk you out of that, but you have to realize that as soon as you have made $1 dollar – $100 online, you are way ahead of a great percentage of folks who have never done that.  You would be surprised that most people that begin online marketing quit within their first year, because they are not sure how to proceed, or don’t see success quickly enough.

You must invest yourself in your business online, and I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars (sometimes on just one weekend) to get to where I had a good idea of how all of what you see online fits together like a huge puzzle.

How do you get started promoting other people’s products?

You build an email list of people who trust your recommendations because over time and emailing, you build a relationship with them.  Some of them even become friends when you see them often on your webinars.

Online, you can only go so far with being anonymous behind your keyboard.

Human beings crave interaction, it is the way we are wired.

So, hiding behind your computer can only work to take you to one level, but to take it to the next level, you have to “speak” in pictures of yourself or real live videos that go out to Youtube, Facebook or Pinterest.

At the very least, again, you must show people who you are with photographs of yourself for people to “connect” with you.

Video is the best medium because people connect with your face and/or your voice.

Even doing a podcast or a recording of your screen with your voice only works as long as you have a picture of yourself on your Youtube channel or your Facebook page you are broadcasting from, or your Podcast.

We are social beings, so we have to “connect” with the person we are listening to as an expert to believe them, what they say, and what they recommend as action steps to get you where you are going.

I began on Youtube.  I didn’t show my face at first, because I was shy and not confident. But over time, I began to get out of my comfort zone and joined with another entrepreneur to interview people about their products they were launching.

This helped build my buyer’s list.

The other thing that built my buyer’s list of subscribers was reviewing people’s products on Youtube.

Again, you can do this with or without showing your face on camera by using free screenshare software like Screencast-o-matic.com or Screencastify.com or Jing. All are excellent and again, FREE, which is nice starting out when you are on a limited budget.

So…you build your email list.  You take one piece of content, whether it is your blog post like this one, or a video and then you distribute it across many channels across that internet.

For example, one live Facebook video from  your Fanpage or personal profile can be downloaded and uploaded to Youtube, and then shared on Blogger, Pinterest, etc.

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