How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Link Without Pulling Out Your Last Hair!

How To Create Your First Amazon Affiliate Link:



Fill out the form and you will get login details with your Amazon Associates ID that usually has a -20 at the end.



To create your first link that you can either

A.  Put in your blog;

B.  Put in your video description box in Youtube after you make a review video;

C.  Just want to use the image and share it on Pinterest with an image that links BACK to your money link from Amazon.

Do this:



Now, the next step is going to LOOK like gobbly-gook. DON’T let this code intimidate you.  It’s going to be your new best friend and contains your MONEY link or your Amazon’s Associate I.D. that you just signed up to receive.  I’m going to show you several options, that are super EASY, so don’t go blind on me here.   I remember what I felt like when I saw this! My eyes literally glazed over and at first I said, Nope, I’m done.   Not so fast, Partner. Don’t shut your computer.  Just keep watching, because I’ll going to show you a simpler way to do this in a moment that you will LOVE.  Each person that is reading this is at a different level.

Choose the level you feel comfortable with at first, and then learn as you go along.  Stay with me, sweet friend. I promise you it gets easier once you’ve done this a few times. Just stick with it.


















And here is what the end result of the Amazon Product you just linked to will look like if you choose the Text + Image HTML Code.


And it should look like this:

Now, that you have your link, what is next? Wish you knew which Amazon Products to pick that will actually bring me in sales? What ARE those buyer keywords? 

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