Income: 1 Unusual Affiliate Niche That Pays Well – Color Your World With This Affiliate Niche

I talk about affiliate marketing because it is my bread and butter. Lately, I’ve been noticing some affiliate payments coming in from some videos I’ve made in the past few months, so I’ve been slowly adding more to my Youtube channel.

So far, this is the Income:

5 Sales @ $39.99 – $179.95 in passive sales since I made those original 6 videos and left them.

Video reviews are my favorite way of making affiliate income! So, this is a lesson in not “overthinking” what will sell.  That is the beauty of video marketing. It’s simple, and free. It only requires your time.

Specifically, I created 6 videos over the span of a year, and have started seeing income from this one product, so I’ve just added 4 more videos using the keyword tool, Jaaxy, so I know exactly what people are searching for.

The niche is creating Coloring Books for Adults.

Surprisingly, one of the hottest niches last year that is still going strong is Coloring Books for Adults. Who would have thought?

But, it’s true.  In fact, I was mentioning to my mother not too long ago as we were strolling through a Barnes & Nobles store, and she expressed interest as well in a coloring book for adults.

Thinking back, some of my best days were spent coloring, especially before the days of hand-held devices.  We had to entertain ourselves with coloring books and crayons.  It was fun, creative and a great way to pass “down time.”  When you think about the millions of adults who grew up that way, it is no surprise that is has been a popular topic on Amazon as well.

When searching to see if my latest video promoting software that actually creates coloring book for adults I found this article about a woman who has made a small fortune creating coloring books for adults on Amazon’s CreateSpace Platform.



You can read that article here.

Now, if you would like to make your own, I found an easier way than worrying about figuring it out. Lina has created a software that actually helps you create your own very easily.


The software tool that has been bringing in sales is this one by Lina. It is actually pretty ingenuis since it creates a coloring book for you.

If this interests you as another stream of income for you (pretty exciting, right?), then click on the link below and watch as Lina personally explains how it works.

=>You can watch it in action here and listen as Lina explains it.

[clickToTweet tweet=”So, when you are thinking about what to promote for Christmas, don’t forget this lucrative niche” quote=”So, when you are thinking about what to promote for Christmas, don’t forget this lucrative niche” theme=”style3″].

Doing some quick keyword research with my favorite keyword tool, Jaaxy, I found phrases totaling 8815 in total being searched for every month for coloring books for adults. Most of them have this



GREEN dot signifying that the the competition is not too heavy.  In other words, when you see GREEN in this keyword tool, it means GREEN for GO!



Here’s my plan of attack:

Using this Jaaxy keyword tool, I have 74 Keyword Phrases to use as “seeds” for 74 potential WordPress website posts on that new domain.

My goal is to continue adding more review videos to my Youtube channel targeting each of those keywords.  At the end of that process ,I should have hundreds/thousands of views.

Next, after video is created, I will share this on a new Pinterest Board.

Then I will share each video to Tailwind and Board Booster to start growing my Pinterest traffic to my video channel.  This will also help me to build my Youtube Subscribers as well.

Images:  I will use Canva and Picmonkey to create images to share on Pinterest.

Pinterest:  I will begin pinning “like” boards and loading these up as well to Tailwind and Board Booster to begin “filling up” my reservoir of pins to be pinned.

Rinse and Repeat.

Since I will be monetizing with WarriorPlus affiliate links and Amazon links, I will be checking the traffic stats for each once a week.  I realize this is just planting my “seeds” and the young trees will grow slowly.

My plan is to grow a forest of affiliate sales in the Coloring Books For Adults Niche, no matter how long it takes to gain traction.

I’m excited because it’s fun to scale up what you see is working, but before now, I didn’t have a clear plan to do so.  Now I do.

Now is the opportunity to do that, especially since it is early October as I’m writing this and people tend to buy more of EVERYTHING around Christmas-time =).

Stay tuned….