How To Build A List of Subscribers? How To Take One Video and Turn It Into A Steady Stream of Subscribers?

If you wish you knew hot to take on video and turn it into a steady stream of subscribers, then

you’re going to love this!

In this video, I talk about how to begin to create income online even if you’re as clueless as I was

when I first began online. Learning how to build a list of subscribers who know you, like you

and trust you was my ticket to a full-time income


I think back to ten years ago and I didn’t even know how to send a single email.

I was in a bad marriage, life was very difficult, and I wanted to be able work from

my laptop wherever God lead me wherever I wound up after my divorce.

My dreams DID come true. I’m happily remarried, and my grown children are doing well.

Watch the video and you’ll find out which Social Media platform I chose and why.

If you need just one way to get started? Use Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (pick ONE!)

Then, use a page like the one you see here and START building a subscriber list, like NOW.

I use this service and it is like an all-in-one tool that I LOVE!





Remember, if you learn how to build a list of subscribers, you will have an asset for life!

On the 2nd Day of Christmas – Falalala

Now, that was fun, but I want you to take action and start today making your first step
to building your list.

Step #1 is to sign up for Aweber and start going through their demo video to get a “feel” for how to set up your first campaign.

Now, this next suggestion is getting a little ahead of the plan, but offers close their doors when you least expect it, and I want you to get this and tuck it away for a few days until we get to the 5 Days of Christmas (sneak peek is to 5 Days of Emailing). But, I can feel you shudder right now. Send an email? Me? What would I say?

You’re going to love this, because this quick little course will give you details of how to email first 10 new subscribers (or more). Go pick it up, and tuck it away for Day 5 before the price goes up since this is one of those that is on a dimesale and rises with each purchase. Get your copy here.

See you on the 3rd Day of Christmas…falalalala – Kristie

4 Don’t-Miss-This Ways to Build a Subscriber List Online

The quickest way to making a full-time living online is simply this one thing.

Build a platform of viewers by blogging or by getting content spread out all over the internet where people want to read your blog plus your emails. Be everywhere your readers are!


Use that platform to brand yourself and have your audience hungry for what you have to say since it is something they need desperately.  For example, if you are a Mom or a Dad that just earnestly desires to stay at home with your newborn child, you would give your eye-teeth for a way to do that. Blogging and building a subscriber list by having a “squeeze page” that asks for their email list, is one great example.

Here’s the rub:  If you build a blog, they will come.  Nope! That’s a myth.

Truth:  If you build a blog that is worth reading, they will come.  Nope! That’s a myth.

Will the Real Truth please stand up?  Build a blog that is worth reading after a long day, that is full of images and valuable, inspiring, get in your face, get your teeth in it kind of a blog that is so good that it is spread all over the internet by people sharing it on social media. BINGO!

So, build a blog that offers the kind of content you would want to read late night, when you finally get home, after supper and want to spend a few moments skimming over blog posts and/or emails that show you how you can sleep until 9:00 am with no alarm set, and wake up and do only those activities that show off your creativity and passion.

Then, you have to share that content so that people actually see what you’ve slaved to write.  How do you do that? In this video, I talk about my favorite 4 Valuable Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog and build a subscriber list as a long-term asset for life:

  1. Pinterest – share with the app called Tailwind.
  2. Youtube – make a quick free video using and upload it to Youtube and tag it with keywords and a title that make you want to stop and watch it.
  3. Instagram – a powerful social site where you can upload images and put a tag in there for people to come back to your website where you will have a form pop-up to ask for their email.
  4. Facebook – people make friends, get new subscribers and actually make new income simply by posting on their own private profile or creating a Fanpage with valuable, juicy content that people subscribe to so that every time you make a post in your Facebook Fanpage, they get an email to read it.

Here’s an example of how I put this into action today, by making a free Youtube video and sharing it with the SHARE buttons below my video.


I use these other free resources: for free images that have creative common images that you can share. to record free videos for link juice.

There’s four more, really smashing good reasons you should start your own blog today. If you do decide to take up blogging, you will need a domain name and a “hosting” company that will hold the files to your blog and publish all of your information inside your blog to the worldwide web.  

Here’s a link that will get you started with your own blog name for free. This company that offers really good support, if you have any questions.

The autoresponder I use that offers a Free Trial is GetResponse that you can find here. This is the way I send daily emails to my subscribers to talk to them, and offer products that I think will help them with my affiliate links.

Now, it’s your turn to share your content with the world. Go get ’em Tiger!


How To Build A List of Subscribers Lesson #3

To get you motivated and excited,  let me give you some screenshots and daily income reports of very successful blogs.  


Just take a LOOK below, and use it as your ‘super juice” to get you going on creating your blog and building your list.



Source of graph:


Notice the Daily Income, not monthly incomes of these blogs.




As you study this list, you will notice that advertising banners make up the main income from some of these top performing blogs which means that the more visitors you have to your site with good content, it is possible to make a full-time living online just from putting simple ads on your site! Now, I call that a win-win.  


Others, make their daily/monthly income from affiliate links, which is the model I follow, although I do use Google Adsense as well and have already made a small amount of money the first week on the 1 Google ad at the bottom of this blog, starting out. As time goes on, that income will grow naturally.


My full-time income comes from mailing affiliate offers to my subscriber list,  product offers that I create and this membership blog.

You can model after me and create the same thing =).


Where do you begin? Let’s start by building your list and then in the next lesson, I’ll show you how to begin right away to write a blog post and include an affiliate link to share all over the internet.


Why should you build a list again?  If every single one of your multiple streams of income all dry up, but you still have your list, you can start over and fill up your Paypal account with one simple email. That’s the wonderful thing about owning your own list.


If you are worried about what to say to your subscribers, we will cover that in later lessons.  For now, you need to build that list.


Don’t you agree that can be life-changing?  I agree.  It’s what I do and it is what I want you do and I want you to stick to it every day because this is can change your life, if you do it consistently.


Now, let’s build your blog around your most important asset…your subscriber list.

To begin, you need 2 Things:

  1. An autoresponder
  2. A lead capture box to collect names and emails

First, sign up at Aweber with a trial account.


I’m going to show you two ways TO DO THIS:


Option #1 There is a FREE way which you

can put on your blog or in your Youtube Description underneath your

video using the Capture Form from Aweber.


(You can read how to do this with screenshots step-by-step in this

Pages 1 – 20 in the WSO I wrote here):




Option #2 This is what I use now that is more effective. If you can afford it this service, it is well-worth it.

Here is a screenshot of how many people are opting in to my lists (that means giving you their name and email into the form you provide) using this service called LeadPages:




It’s really exciting when you see your first subscriber come into your email box. Just put in your email inside your first campaign, and you will receive notification when your first subscriber signs up =).

Here’s how you start:

First, Go to this link and order their basic package or the more advanced level. The more advanced package will let you promote Leadpages as an affiliate link, which you can do later, if you are short on cash.

Second, Choose from the drop-down box called LeadBoxes that looks like this:









Next, choose Aweber, and Using: Name of your list in Aweber, hit OKAY, SAVE, & PUBLISH



Now, you can have an image made at, upload a Master Reseller Product that you can offer as your Freebie offer, or use a free image from It’s that simple!

Now, off to your build your first opt-in form, and then we will talk about building your blog and sharing your content.  As you can see from the Top Blogs above, this is a very lucrative business.  Why isn’t everyone doing it? They don’t know what you KNOW. 

To Review:

  1. Sign up at Aweber
  2. Sign up at LeadPages

It’s time to build your list!


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