How To Start A Blog If You Have 0 Techie Skills & Think Even Your Baby or Grandbaby is More Techie Than You!


Okay, I have to tell ya! It was SUPER fun this morning doing a Facebook Live Feed and my goal of helping 100 people START a blog has begun. The clock is ticking

…looking in the comments I think I “hit a nerve” and possibly this has been a secret goal of yours.

First, check out these amazing blogs and their Income Reports to get you totally inspired to begin your own blog:

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How Being an Infopreneur Helped Me Earn Six Figures in a Year

Now, let’s unleash all of that wonderful YOU and your knowledge and experience to the world, shall we?

How You Can Start A Blog Today:

#1 Sign up for what is called “hosting” – click on this link.

#2 You are going to be asked to do is pick a domain name.


screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-11-35-46-am#3  So you don’t get overwhelmed, or have to pick out of thousands and product (don’t get stuck here), just pick a general name.  You can even choose your own name for your domain name. But pick a .com at the end. It is more professional and Google will show your blog posts more often. Example:  You can also choose your products, if you don’t choose a specific topic.  For example, if you get a domain name that has “fishing” in it, then you are limited to only list fishing items in there to keep it relevant to your topic.  So instead choose a general name such as SportingForLife, or Lifeisgreathere. We used to be super specific about picking a domain name to help rank better in Google, but now we aim for ranking each one of our individual posts instead. So, don’t get stuck here or over-analyze it.  Just pick a name and move on.

#4 What to write about?

To really bring in some good commissions, the best thing is to start with WHAT people are searching for in Google and online marketplaces.

I’ll give you some examples below. One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make when starting out is writing about something that people are just searching for online to read about, instead of targeting BUYER Keywords where people are actually looking to BUY a product. Plus, many bloggers and those who promote other people’s products (known as affiliates), talk themselves OUT of blogging faster than a bee to honey.  Why?

Here are the thoughts you will hear in your own mind and from those who haven’t made any income online:  Why would anyone click on my link when they know about Amazon? Answer:  People are searching for particular products and if you can get your links into the places such as Pinterest where buyers browse and provide them a really good review of the pros and cons of a product, they will click through your link that takes them to the gigantic Amazon marketplace.

Then, once inside Amazon, everything they buy through your link for the next 24 hours, you get credit for each sale.  It starts out low at 4% a sale, but once you have made several sales, Amazon bumps you up to 6% commission.  The key to promoting anything on Amazon is pure volume.  The good news is that around Christmas time, some affiliates for Amazon make an ENTIRE year’s worth of salary.  So, don’t let the negative thoughts or the comments of a friend, deter you. Amazon knows how to market to your visitor.  How many times have you walked out of the grocery store without MORE than the one item that drove you there?  Not often.  Exactly.  Amazon will market to your visitor with all kinds of upsells, such as the one you see at the bottom of the page that looks like this:




Your job is to get them to click.  That’s your mission.  Provide helpful content.

If you have NEVER made an affiliate link, (and honestly, don’t know why you should, go to this page where I show you…

How To Create Your First Amazon Affiliate Link before Christmas (like NOW) Click here. Continue reading “How To Start A Blog If You Have 0 Techie Skills & Think Even Your Baby or Grandbaby is More Techie Than You!”