5 Simple Ways To Grow Your List Fast With Buffer

Last night, I was researching around the net for more information on how to make money with your blog in the fastest amount of time, and I stumbled across a real gem.  Getting traffic to your website is a big deal, especially when there are a million blogs out there and you are competing for an audience. 

Since there are only 24 hours in every day, I knew there had to be a better way to reach hundreds, thousands or millions of people online in social media.  

For the past year or longer, I’ve been using Youtube’s own free


buttons beneath each video I create, and then pinging it across the internet with the free tool called Masspinger.com.  It works like a charm, especially with long-tailed keywords (the longer the phrase, the easier it is to rank that phrase). In fact, I just wrote a new course that is quick and easy to show you how I get top rankings in Google using all free tools such as Google+ and Blogger to share my videos.

You can get a copy of that course here, but Members get it free in the tab above called FREE COURSES. You can join us here.


I’ve been happy with the results and it brings high rankings, especially if you share on Google’s own properties of Google Plus and Blogger.com with an added free ping to each of those shared urls that is created by the “share.”

Plus, it has proven to bring in lots of free, targeted traffic.  Yet, I was hungry for more traffic and free is always a great reason to try a new tool out.

What is the new tool I found?  It’s called Buffer. Buffers also offers a free version, that can be upgraded to 3 different levels if you find that you want more of their unique services.

What do I love about Buffer?  Hmmm….how much time do we have?

Not much? Okay, then I’ll just stick with


5 Simple Ways To Grow Your List Fast with Buffer.com

how to grow your subscriber listAfter staying up until 2:30 a.m. last night, playing around on Buffer’s website, I was delighted to find out that:

Buffer has excellent customer service as referenced by the quickest response in history from 2 of their staff members.  Even though they claim they will answer you within an hour, not only did they get back to me within an hour or less, no less than 2 Team Members wrote me back and asked me if I had any more questions. This was a prime example of superb customer service which makes all the difference in the world when you are tired, bleary-eyed and trying to learn something new at the same time. Also, I might add, I’m a Baby Boomer and what may come in seconds to a 24-year-old, takes me a little bit more studying sometimes.

Here’s what Buffer says in their “Get In Touch” page – “Whether you’re after some help or just want to say hello, we would love to hear from you! Email us below and we’ll get back to you quickly. We aim to reply to over 80% of emails within an hour.”

I might add, they aim to please, and please me they did!




Reason #1 – You are more apt to grow your list faster simply because if you have any questions about using their website as a newcomer, you can do so with confidence that if you get stuck in any way, their support team will help be there to help you within a short amount of time. This means that you are more likely to use this site and use it consistently, which will result in a better outcome. Why? It’s very user-friendly.

After waiting for days for some customer support desks to answer, if they ever answer at all, having two replies that were prompt, courteous and friendly was totally refreshing and created a deeper desire to keep going through the Dashboard.  After these pleasant encounters with their team, I was more determined than ever to learn how to “tweet” to thousands on an automated basis and I wondered if they included Pinterest.

Reason #2 – Buffer does indeed include Pinterest as one of their sites to “pin” as content for you on a scheduled, automated basis.bufferpinterest

Why am I so interested in learning more about Pinterest? I’ve been watching Shark Tank with my husband this last month and many of the wanna-be entrepreneurs mentioned that some of their traffic and sales that number into the six figures came from social media, namely Pinterest.  

Each time, I heard these impressive success stories of how these people were making six figures from just sharing their product on Pinterest alone, I made a mental note to check that out and last night I did.  

The result of that searching around for automated software to post for you at the peak times of day and night lead me straight to Buffer.com.

Here’s where it gets even better.  


Reason #3 The posts can be scheduled at the peak times tailored to your own time zone as you can see in this screenshot:






Reason #4- Buffer added the cool feature of being able to share photos and videos to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, some of the top traffic sites around the world. I think that is super cool, and is exactly the kind of leverage I’ve been looking for to increase my traffic to this new blog.

Option #1 – Take the URL of your Youtube video that you find underneath your video that looks like this:




Simply download a video from any video site with the free site called http://savefrom.net that is free and very reliable.





Option #2: Simply use Youtube’s own share code that looks like this:


Then, just copy and paste the url of your video into the spot on Buffer’s website as show below:




Reason #5 – Results.

What has been the result of this free traffic from free Social Shares on my video and setting up my Buffer accounts last night?

Well, the stats are brand new and just coming in since it has been less than 24 hours, but as you can see from this graph, yesterday when I scheduled posts in Buffer for Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest so far that day has been my biggest traffic surge on this brand new blog so far.  

After less than 24 hours finding this website and Buffer’s awesome team, I am very encouraged.  In fact, I even like the site so much, I plan to keep learning more, posting more and finding out which posts are popular, liked or retweeted.  

Using Twitter alone, is a natural lesson in copywriting and a challenge as well, as it literally forces you to structure your tweets in a way that are short, succinct, and to the point, while still being entertaining and eye-catching at the same time.



Conclusion:  It goes to show that when you over-deliver, people notice.  After I emailed Buffer for support asking how I could best utilize Buffer for this new membership site, two of the team members answered quickly. Both sent me resources in the form of videos and articles to help me get further. I was very impressed with their helpfulness and courtesy.

I also took a moment and went to Youtube to find more information about Buffer.com, since this is a fairly new site to many marketers and bloggers, including me. Check those out on Youtube by searching for “Buffer.” There are some very easy-to-understand video guides there that will help you get an overall picture of this awesome site. 

What is my next step after hitting PUBLISH for this post? I’m going to go visit my Buffer dashboard and share this all over the internet.  I’m in a “twit” mood, so here I go for more fun tonight. Stay tuned for more traffic updates, as I have a feeling this is going to rock.

Nice to meet you, Buffer! 




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