7 Darn Good Reasons Why You Need To Build A Mailing List Before Christmas

If you are struggling like I was when I was a Single Mom trying to get two awesome children through college, but struggling on the internet to make $100/month, you will want to know 7 reasons why you need to build a blog before Christmas that I will share below.


But first, I want to back up a bit to those long days and nights when I first started online having read an ad somewhere that I could “make money in my pajamas.” What? I was hooked, and I began searching for months on how to do just that very idea on a consistent basis, not just a one-time shot in the dark.


Those were my “Good Grief” days…..I loved watching Charlie Brown as a kid (and I admit, still do as an adult) and whenever something would happen about 100 times a day, my response was “Oh, Good Grief.”

I just needed cheerful, unabashed, undaunted and fearless Lucy to bounce my way and say, “Get a grip, you Blockhead!”


Ha! I felt like a Blockhead most days when I would buy my daily dose of WSOS, especially those $4 dollar ones that were like downloading bubblegum from a multi-colored machine full of enticing big bubbles, just waiting to be popped.

Do you know what I mean…there was always some thing-a-ma-jig or thing-a-ma-bob that promised a newer, brighter, easier, push-button, grow legs and fill your bank account, newest, brandest, dog-gosh darn awesome NEW way to do what I was struggling to do.  Good grief!

A million dollars in one year? Shoot! I just wanted to pay my apartment rent! I just wanted to go out to Outback and eat a steak without having to choose between going to Outback or buying a Lean Cuisine that was cheaper, you know it?

But I persisted, until I was nearly broke and my Good Griefs turned into desperation and I found myself one night staring at my computer full of Trojan viruses, saying, Okay, I’m just about ready to give up.

To make ends meet and to wear me down further, I had started substitute teaching at the local schools where the crime rate in my town is in the top 10! Good Grief! I thought I would lose my mind and came home daily promising myself that I would HAVE to figure out this internet lifestyle.  Anything looked better than what I was living.

Sometimes it takes feeling DESPERATE for you to shift your mindset to GOT TO! –  Kristie Chiles-Arp

There’s just something about worrying about foreclosures, eviction, bill collectors and a future stretched out in front of you of sleepless nights, that gets you in a different gear, I call GOT TO!


If you have GOT TO make a change, you will find it, if you search hard enough and pray long enough.  I got down on my knees and prayed, washed my face and took action.

Here’s what I did on that fateful night. I went through my email inbox of the gurus who I trusted, and emailed them my story, literally begging them to give me a “quick fix” or an emergency way to make money.  Plus, I jumped on a Webinar where one guy was promising he could show you how to make money fast, and I believed him.  

The second guru laid down a challenge.  He said that if one of us on the webinar could give him some income proof or a workig plan of how we had money online, he would choose 4 of us to joint venture or partner with us to create a product launch.  A product launch? What?

But, as you remember, I was pretty desperate, so I needed at that moment to stand out like a PURPLE COW, because I was HUNGRY and I was in a GOT TO mode of thinking.  I quickly typed my response in the chat box of the webinar, and he took notice.  It worked!

He told me to send me his email and we would connect on Skype.  That night we talked for a long time, and I think the “teacher” and the GOT TO Factor kicked in (plus I believe in the power of prayer), and he challenged me again.

Let me pause here and say, that when you are really ready to move your life forward and you get to the GOT TO place in your life, you will find a way.  You will find a way to make it happen.  That’s what happened that night.  But, not before I was stretched WAY out of my comfort zone. So, I am pointing you to this fact.

No growth occurs without at least a little bit of stretching and sometimes it gets WORSE before it gets FABULOUS! – Kristie Chiles-Arp

He challenged me to go to a local pet grooming shop where I was about to pick up my daughter’s English Bulldog, and as he was waiting live by the phone with a mock version of this local businesse’s website in Mobile Website version, I was to try and sell the business owner a Mobile Website.  I threw on my best business attire, grabbed my cell phone and all the courage I could muster and headed out the door.

Well….let me tell you that my throat was dry, but I was sweating like a piglet, when I went in to pay and pick up my Hunk.

But knowing that I was in the GOT TO mode, changed everything, because these were his very words on the phone to me, before I got out of my car.  If you don’t get the sale, there is NO PRODUCT LAUNCH. Period. We had to have income proof and a proven case study, which I agreed with to be credible. We had to show it was done and that I had done it.

Before I had a chance to waver, I just pulled the owner to the side (who was very busy, but took a moment out of pure curiousity to see what I had pulled up on my phone about HER website), and I popped the question. “Would you like for your website to look like THIS or like THIS – quickly going to her tiny, ineligible print on her website back to the beatiful push-button CALL US on the mobile website.”

Without a flicker, she said YES, how much? How much??? I looked at her blankly and quickly pulled a number out of the air.  $497?  She hesitated for a fraction of a second, and then walked past me, saying, “Let me get my company checkbook!” What!!

There are moments in your life, when merely WISHING it hard enough, don’t make it so! Massive action has to follow the wishin! – Kristie Chiles-Arp


So, long story short. We launched. The result was more than I could have ever hoped for..I had my first $1000 day and then the next day, another $1000 day..and the sales kept trickling in. I was stunned! This really did work, if you had the right connections and knew how to put it all into motion.  Affiliate marketing, building a subscriber list with products and Youtube marketing became my new business.


I don’t do marketing for offline brick and mortar businesses any longer, other than renew that one mobile website, but if you do, I congratulate you.  

I decided a long time ago, that my favorite marketing is affiliate marketing (promoting other people’s products), and on occasion, creating my own products. So, don’t worry, you don’t have to create any products unless you decide to later on.


Affiliate marketing is still working well for me, some two and a half years later, but now I’m at the point where I want to teach others. You won’t have to spend the thousands of hours I did, working nights and weekends to understand what I am about to show you in a matter of days.  Now, without further delay…


Here are the 7 Reasons Why You Need To Build A Mailing List Before Christmas that could be life-changing for you, if you do it.



Reason #1

Building a subscriber list is an asset no one can take away from you.


Reason #2

Building a list allows you to build a relationship with the people who know a little less than you do, but are willing to trust you to share the treasure of knowledge you have found, that they don’t have time to find out for themselves.

Reason #3

Once you have your first subscriber of even 10 subscribers, it will force you to get organized, have a plan, and actually implement what you plan to do in the first place. There’s nothing like knowing people are waiting for your email to hit their inbox, to learn something new.

Reason #4

If you provide real and valuable tips for the people who come to your squeeze page, and put in their name and address and giving you their approval to market them, the world is your oyster.  You now have the opportunity to teach them about your niche, and after a couple of emails, you can begin to share resources with your affiliate links inside of them.  Your golden rule should be: “Tell, don’t sell.” You will be amazed how, as Zig Ziglar always said that you can have anything in life you want, if you help enough people get what they want. (paraphrased).

Reason #5

It’s the right way to do business.  You can have a flash-in-the-pan business where you make one video or write one article and get two subscribers, but if you don’t have a clue what to say to them, it can be a one sale wonder.  

Instead, the right way to do business is to set up a blog to welcome your visitors with your Squeeze page offering them something to take home for free.

Building a blog to direct your Subscribers to gives your Squeeze Page an official “address.”


Building a mailing list without a blog..is like inviting people over to your home and giving them a P. O. Box Number instead…it just flat out isn’t the way to build a first and unforgettable first impression..you think?- Kristie Chiles-Arp


Reason #6

Over time, your email list and your blog become melted into one and one feeds the other.  Your squeeze page is hosted on your website, which leads to your sending them an email back to your blog where you have put your freebie on another page.  Then, your blog enhances their experience with more resources and tips you have found about your niche.  If you leave your blog with open comments, you can begin to “chat” with the people who visit and ask you questions. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to everything, no one does. Don’t let that trip you up.  

You can either Google and research a question that you don’t know yourself, or simply reply that you haven’t looked into that area yet.  Be honest. People can spot a phony a mile away.  You want to position yourself as an expert, but not necessarily a know-it-all. Being real, honest and transparent goes a long way in a world where people simply “fake it, til they make it.” Dare to be different.

Be a purple cow, stand out in the herd of the noise online and actually begin to teach a real business model, build a following of subscribers and make a new home for all you’ve learned on a blog like this one.


Reason #7

This list can be the means that will feed your family, pay your bills and allow you to travel wherever and whenever you want to, for many years to come.  How do you start? You can start here with us, by signing up to the first month and digging deep into how to begin creating a real, lasting asset so that you can wake up when you want to, and head to the local Starbucks for “work.”

It’s a beautiful thing. Get started here by clicking here.