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How John Currie Clears 10-15K on a BAD Month Ranking Videos With A Weight Loss Product

Okay, I know some of you were doing other things (like working!)

during the webinar…and I completely get it…

but we were all TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!

Here’s a screenshot of one of the rankings done doing the LIVE Webinar:


this is the very FIRST time this software

has ever been presented to the public

and it was an HONOR to be on this webinar

with John Currie and his software developer, Bernando (from Portugal).

Now, the replay is ready and you can watch it below:

They have two options to get into their Membership Site:

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Potential $1K Business Plan: Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza JVZoo/Bart Hennin/Stuart


If you’ve been looking for a simple, fun, and very unique profitable home based online business that is both newbie friendly and highly profitable (and will leave your friends in awe), you should check out this latest new release by marketing experts Stuart Turnbull and Bart Hennin.

Let’s talk about this in the Video Above (I made while waiting on Hurricane Irma to strike, but thankfully she went on by!) Thank you, God for watching over thousands of folks!


It’s titled “Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza!” and it’s getting rave reviews!

In this unique multi-media course, Stuart and Bart show you how to capitalize on the HUGE and growing online gifts market by selling vintage patent blueprints!



  • FREE to source
  • SIMPLE to customize and therefore differentiate your offers
  • CAN BE SOLD AS DIGITAL PRODUCTS that your buyers download and print at home so you have ZERO inventory to keep and NEVER need to ship anything
  • CAN BE HOSTED FREE on Etsy’s servers so you DON’T NEED a blog or website
  • you can sell to multiple niches because patent blueprints exist for every subject/niche/interest you can think of!

In “Vintage Blueprints Cash Bonanza!” Stuart and Bart take you step by step through this simple business model in such a way that ANYONE can make money!

BEST OF ALL, Stuart and Bart show you how to virtually automate everything if you so desire so once set up, everything is on ‘autopilot’! All you have to do is figure out how to spend the extra cash that keeps showing up in your bank account!

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PS – This course way over delivers in VALUE and has some awesome bonuses too. PLUS, Stuart and Bart offer their patented 30 Day FULL REFUND Guarantee so you can take a look at everything RISK FREE (and trust me, you won’t need the guarantee… you’ll be thrilled with what you get in this course!)

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Plus, you’ll get this Bonus:

How To Sell Printable Patents As A  BRAND New Seller On The Awesome Etsy Marketplace

It will be tucked inside your JVZoo receipt that you receive by email that looks like THIS:


Print on Demand Versus Aliexpress Most of the time?

Why do I use a Print on Demand site like Gearbubble instead of Aliexpress?

#1  It’s faster because most of my customers are based in the U.S. and so is Gearbubble.  They dropship for the price of the item, plus $4.95 shipping, and $1 to fulfill the item. Plus, they provide all of the customer service (awesome!).

#2  I don’t have to worry about the Chinese New Year and trade sanctions or any other international difference by using a U.S. based company.

#3  So far all of my orders have arrived on time, and the customers on my Etsy shop are very happy, which makes me happy.

Course on Etsy:  Click here


How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2018?

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  • How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2018

Etsy + Gearbubble? Oh yes, a PERFECT Match for Dropshipping Made Easy!





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Printly Review? What Are Printly Printables? WSO “Printly” By Brendan Mace Review

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bonus-1260057_1920BONUS ALERT:

Plus, for some EXTRA eyeballs to your printables, you’ll also get my own Pinterest Course where people have seen amazing views JUMP after using it (if you get this through my affiliate link).

Hugs, Kristie

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How To Make Etsy Sales With Print On Demand Mugs, T-shirts + Hoodies

Case Studies – How Much Money Can You Make Blogging & Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Resources We Discussed:

How Suzi Went From $0 to $17,000 With Her Blog-


CLICKFUNNELS & Their Potential Retirement Plan –

Includes all courses to date for one low monthly membership –


Software For Pinterest Images –

Software for Instagram –

Facebook Page –

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See This Video at

#1 Record videos with screencastomatic or screencastify since they will host and store them, and upload them to Youtube
and then do a blog entry…have a video blog…
and then if my channel goes down, you have
all of my videos and your subscriber list.

#2 Build my email list, and if channel goes down
you won’t lose my subscriber list

#3 Take that blog post, add some content and make an image in Canva and share it on group boards in pinterest and on instagram

#4 Take that video and transcribe it into a PDF ebook
and sell it on WarriorPlus. Mail the offer to your list, and
get a few sells and then affiliates start asking to promote.

#5 Take that same video and put it on Facebook Fanpage

#6 Link everything to your email list!

4 sources of free traffic:


A natural discussion will happen when people ask what tool you used for ? And then you answer them and offer your affiliate link to help them find what they need.

Required Disclaimer:  There is absolutely no guarantee of income or success implied. There is no such thing as “overnight riches,” nor is this a “get-rich” scheme. This takes hard work and persistent action.  I’ve spent eight years learning how to create a product, and create a subscriber list to recommend other people’s products to result in a total of 6 figures of income. Everyone’s experience is different and is based on your own personal skill level and work ethic.   I am simply sharing what has worked for me personally, after many years of studying and actually doing the work.  It is the best “job” I’ve ever had since it allows me the freedom to work from my laptop.  Teaching these skills and creating my own products and promoting other people’s products/services through emailing my subscribers to suggest these programs, pays my bills and I love it.  If you would like to watch a “case study” of what I do daily to create income from online products, I cordially invite you to follow along! Kristie

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how to make money with affiliate marketing
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How To Make Printables As Your Side Hustle Even When You Draw Stick Figures When Asked!

Before I begin on how to make printables your side hustle, I need you to understand something about me. Way back when I was in Kindergarten and was asked to draw a “Mom” figure, it probably looked something like this:


Fast forward to today, if you asked me to draw a “Mom” and a “Dad” Figure it would look…well..exactly the same! Ha! I kid you not. What is my point? You don’t have to have ANY graphic design skills, with or without the computer to make your own printables as your side hustle. I am living proof of that. What if you could make a “side hustle” online that could potentially pay your electric bill, or your water bill, or your car payment each month? Just by sending out an email to my subscriber list recommending this “side hustle” I made a quick $424.74 today (yay!) to pay our electric bill and taxes too.

W+printablesince when I saw this opportunity, I knew this was something that I could do and recommend to others with a whole heart.

And that is how POPULAR this method is for creating income online.

Here’s the video I made late the other night in my PJs, since I wanted to preview this to the amazing people on my list, and I knew it was something I would recommend to my own sister, Tammy.

There’s a lot online that you can’t recommend, or people just can’t duplicate. This one is super easy, once you learn how to do a few graphics inside of

What I love about Canva, let me count the ways:

  1. It’s free. Do I need to say more?
  2. It comes with tutorials if you get stuck, plus if you go to Youtube and search “How Do I ______ in Canva?
  3. It is easy to use for someone as Non-Techie as me.
  4. It makes you look GLAM, even if you’re graphic skills are NOT.
  5. It lets you create Youtube thumbnails, Instagram posts, Pinterest Posts, and Facebook Posts in the right dimensions. Plus, if you need to resize something, go to and use the RESIZE feature.  You can resize almost anything with that free software as well. What a deal! Free is always a good deal =).

You can see how here…

Here’s an example on Rowan Trend’s Etsy Shop (be sure to check out her Etsy shop here.)


Ike is doing this here.

So, if your heart (and mind) are even slightly interested, go for it.  Why not start creating printables aroudn Holiday-themed parties?

Too fun!

Now, having been through both the front-end product and the 52 downloads (which is the upsell to this),  I can confidently say that if you watch all of the videos 1-4 and look at Ike’s examples on his Etsy store, and many MORE in Etsy and Pinterest, you will have all you need with free tools.  Now, you can even make a free website with and go to Paypal and create a button to sell it, then put your image and link to your free blog, and they can buy your printable from there. Or, you can create a quick Etsy shop and upload your first listing for only $.20! I did that today with one of the printables in the upsell.

Next, remember if you get stuck go to Youtube and type in your question and there is more than likely MANY videos to watch to help you.

Now, if you working way too hard every day…this could be a viable way to make additional income, and if you dig in and find sub-niches (and you can just by searching in Pinterest and Etsy), you will never run out of ideas!!!

Here’s some tips:

#1  Don’t compare your images with those who are more “artsy” than you.  Ike’s are not perfect, and he is selling these almost every day (and he’s a male, and it is mostly females buying them), so DON’T let your brain talk you out of this.

#2  After you make your first sale, make some similar printables.

#3  Celebrate every success you make, such as Wow, Today I made my first EVER printable. Today, I uploaded it to Etsy.

#4  Did you know that it is only costs about 20 cents to publish your item on Etsy? I know because I did it today. Yes, they take a fee out, but remember, you also don’t have to worry about creating your own website or store. And do you know what else I LOVE about Etsy? They are a search engine and a remarkable marketing engine.  After your listing gets up in their first few pages, and people look at your listings, they will begin to send emails to people who LIKED your printables (even if they don’t buy them).  Plus, they have a FAVORITE button that tells Etsy they loved it.  They also provide a list at the bottom (this is similar to what Amazon does), of things a person viewed the last time they visited, and your shop might be there.

#4 Plus, when anything related to your printables comes up in Google and they click to Etsy, you have yet ANOTHER opportunity to sell to them. 

#5  Remember, give yourself a break!  All of this takes a bit of time.

Time to learn Canva (free)

Time to set up a free blog or

Time to set up a shop/listing on Etsy

Time to set up your “pins” on Pinterest

Anyway, don’t overthink it, learn how to make printables as your side hustle, get your printables in front of BUYERS on these two sites – Pinterest and Etsy!!! That is one of the secrets…getting your things to buy in front of BUYERS.

Note:  (I wrote this in response to a subscriber’s email.  By doggy, Ailsa, I think I just wrote my next blog post and email since I need to share this with others and I have YOU to thank for that!!)

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