How To Get Your Facebook Page to Go Viral

If you are wondering how you can get your Facebook fanpages to go is a solution.

Simply share viral content that is trending on Twitter, other Facebook fanpages, Youtube or the news.  But how do you know what is trending?

#1  You can read the news online or go to Google Trends and it will tell you what the hottest topics/news is for today.

#2 You can go to Twitter and read the top posts for whatever subject you are interested in, but it may or may not be the hottest trending topic of the day, so basically you’ll have to use your best guess.


#3 You can go to Youtube and search for “popular” videos and filter them out page by page.


Or, you can use software that does this for you in seconds (my personal choice), because it saves you so much time.

I used this software this past week, and here is a great example of how one Facebook post can go viral. Look at the shares on this one:








Okay, I had to cut off the video because Fed Ex was at the door delivering a package from Santa a.k.a. my hubby =).

Plus, the link below won’t go live until 9 AM EST tomorrow…but in the meantime, I wanted you to get a glimpse of what is happening tomorrow.  Have a great night or early morning, Kristie



First Day of Christmas Video Tips – Falalalala

First Day Of Christmas video tips..singing


Today is important…I’m going to sing to you the First Day Of Christmas Video Tips (ha)! Just a little bit out of my comfort zone, but it was FUN! Right after I posted this, the wind knocked down my porch display, so it’s a good thing I got OUTSIDE first!

See you tomorrow on my 2nd day of Christmas :).


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How to talk yourself INTO Success!

treeAre you talking YOURSELF right out of success?


Seriously, there is something in our brains that

can “turn out the lights” on an idea faster than

you can switch one to ON.


What can you do about?


You know deep in your gut folks are making thousands and even

millions of dollars online, plus you have read hundreds of testimonials

about it, but you just can’t seem to jump over that hurdle.


What happened for me? It was a light-bulb moment

combined with desperation.


Personally, I think DESPERATION is the

mother of invention! When your back is up against

the wall and you have to produce rent money, or ELSE.


That ELSE will kick all of your fear to the side,

when you think, “What do I have to LOSE?”




What do I have to GAIN?





Now, here’s a gift to you (for Members Only)

that someone shared

with me to get you there.


It’s about MINDSET….I know, I know…but it WORKS.


There is something God-given inside of us that kicks

in when we MUST.


Here’s the book that changed my “stinkin’ thinkin”

and turned my life around (with lots of prayer sprinkled on top).

If that is not your thing, don’t let it deter you!


This is fact, not fiction, about how the laws of the universe,

vibrations that you create and put off, etc..


I thought it was a bunch of “hoeey” too, until I HAD

to succeed.


I read this every night for a month, and still take

it out when I feel those nagging doubts pulling me backwards.


It led to my first $1000 day soon afterwards, truly, this is the truth.



Move forward.

Get in LION mode.

Do it with this free gift.


Click the link to this Classic Book and read this EVERY chance you get.  Then, read it again.  It is life-changing, if you use it.


Go get ’em! ROAR!!!



All the success to you because, indeed, you were born RICH.

How To Make A Youtube Video Annotatation To Get More Sales

I remember when I was first getting started with video marketing, each step was a little intimidating, especially when I would come dragging in from a long, exhausting day from Substitute Teaching first graders.

Putting my feet up, and grabbing my laptop while I ate a quick bit of supper, I remember thinking,

“I just wish someone would break it down for me, step-by-step.”(BIG SIGH) “I just don’t have the ENERGY to start from scratch right now, but I really DO want to get out of my 9-5 job.”

With that in mind, in the next few days, I will be blogging about small “tidbit” video tips to get you going. P-L-U-S (and this is a BIG +) Tuesday night is going to be VERY Special!

Here is your first video tip – How To add a Youtube annotation to your Youtube video to give it more ranking juice.  This really works!  Just hit “Add annotation” Type your Keyword inside the Speech Bubble and Hit “Apply changes.”

Voila! Your video is now what we call “Search Engine Optimized” or in other words, easier for the search engines to index and rank. Good job!  Do this for each and every video you create, which I hope you are creating at least one a week.






​P.S. If you haven’t yet picked up my newest WSO, it’s still only $6.00 and some change. It
will teach you HOW to make your very first review video click here. So, get cracking! Christmas is almost here.

$10K/Month – How To Create Passive Income By Publishing Small Kindle Books

I just read a blog post about a guy named Stefan (very likable fellow) who is making over $70,000 a month with his blog. He began with publishing Kindle books that he outsourced for $25.



That one book brings him in about $50 – $100 a month, but he also uses a very smart marketing strategy to create a second income inside his Kindle books.

How did Stefan begin? When he saw the potential of growth with Kindle books and leveraging it to get traffic back to his blog, he found a virtual assistant to write his books for him.  

Stefan now makes over $100,000 a year, just from that one income stream publishing Kindle books.  If you want to see how he suggests that you can write a book in 24 hours and get it published on Kindle click here.

I began to upload books to Amazon’s Kindle program back in 2012, and still get royalties or Kindle payments each month straight into my bank account. However, after reading Stefan’s blog posts about his success, I have been inspired to be publishing more of my own books as well.  

Stefan publishes books in all different sorts of niches. Most of his Kindle books he has written for him. In fact, the sole purpose of some of his Kindle books is to get more people or website traffic back to his blog (brilliant way to generate email subscribers).

How else does he create a passive income with his Kindle books? Other books he writes are in the health niches with links to Clickbank products such as treatments of common ailments.  Clickbank is a called a “virtual” marketplace, because it is chock full of digital books on all subjects.  I love Clickbank because I remember getting my first “green” Clickbank check in the mailbox.  

Once you promote one of the products inside Clickbank and someone buys through your “affiliate link,” Clickbank will send you a check every two weeks like clockwork.

Stefan has done this quite successfully using Clickbank as a way to put his “affiliate link” inside his Kindle books as a second income stream for the same amount of work. Each Kindle book suggests a way to solve a burning problem that the reader is experiencing.  In each Kindle book, he also links back to a form to collect each visitor’s email address so that he can market to that same customer again and again with offers that address a particular problem.  

One example would be how to learn how to jump higher which is a feat most basketball or athletes yearn to learn. Clickbank has a book about that very topic.  So, once you found a keyword such as “How do I learn to jump higher”, you write or hire someone to write a Kindle book about that subject and link to your page that captures subscribers.

Then, you sign up for an autoresponder like this one, and send your subscribers emails recommending that same Clickbank book and make approximately $25 a sale.  This really works and is a viable source of income for many people online who are aware of this virtual marketplace.

Whether you are blogging for a living, or writing Amazon Kindle books, building a subscriber list is the smartest way to build a sustainable, long-term business online whether you are writing Kindle books or blogging. If you build a list of people who like your blog or video, you can send them more valuable tips and offers. Here is a guide that is similar to what I use to collect emails to this blog.

What if you want to create your own “Kindle empire,” but don’t really want to write? Stefan has that covered too, since he hires native English writers to create his content for him.  

He simply does the keyword research to find out what topic that his next book should be about, and has created a video series to train his native English writer to write the book and upload it for him to Kindle.  By putting this structure into place, he has been able to generate over $100,000 in one year in passive, residual income.  If you are new to this idea, let me explain what some of these terms mean.

Affiliate Link – This link is given to you by virtually every company online that has an AFFILIATE program that you can usually find at the bottom of their page or in a TAB at the top of their blog.  You simply sign up and they give you an individual link that is tied to your account.  

When you put that link on your blog, video or in your Kindle ebook, and someone clicks on it and buys that product, you get a commission of the sale.  The commission varies, but a place called Clickbank has one of the best commission structures in place, since you can make $25 from promoting a $37 ebook that can be downloaded instantly at any time, from any internet connection in the world.


Are you beginning to see why people love affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products.  In fact, most of the Clickbank vendors (or product creators), offer tools such as banners, links and graphics like you see on this page to help you to promote their programs.  Why? They pay you to advertise their products and are happy to get a percentage, since you are doing the work of advertisement for them.

Here’s what that looks like in Clickbank:

What is Clickbank?  It is a virtual marketplace where you can download ebooks or sell ebooks about a variety of topics.  

Is it free to promote Clickbank or other products online? Yes!

Now, let’s back to how Stefan is making such a huge income with Kindle.  By the way, if you are wondering exactly what I mean by “passive income,” I am referring to the kind of income that comes from doing the work once, but getting paid over and over for that same piece of content.  Wouldn’t you agree that this concept is everyone’s dream?

Here’s a screenshot of just a few of Stefan’s Clickbank income:


How did Stefan accomplish this? He hired someone to write the book for him for $22.00 and someone else to create the cover for his book for $2.50. This is dirt cheap considering how much money this book is generating for him.  He also has repeated this same process and has over a hundred more Kindle books like this. Those generate him about $20/month while others bring in income over $1000/month. It is pretty impressive that he has been able to build a six figure passive (without any extra work) through Kindle publishing.


Now, are you ready to either write your book or find out how to pay someone a small fee to do it for you? You can find out with Stefan’s guide here. Just begin with one simple book.  When you do the first one, you will see how easy it is and you can speed up the process.  Before you know it, you can have your own “empire” of Kindle books churning out royalty payments each month. Ready to try? Just do it. You’ll love seeing your name inside Amazon’s Kindle Platform. In fact, you can write a book and dedicate it to your Mom, your sister, girlfriend or boyfriend.  There is no better gift than a book written in someone’s honor.  I wrote a book called “Mama Says” of all my mother’s “sayings” to us growing up and showed it to her on the computer for Christmas.  She was thrilled! It just took me one afternoon.  Did you know that you can publish a Kindle book that is just 15 pages?

Or, just take a hobby and write about it.  Don’t waste hours figuring it all for yourself and risk giving up too soon.  This is too important. Skip ahead with Stefan’s guide here. You can write a book in less than 24 hours.  I know you can.  I’ve done it lots of times and you can too. What a legacy to leave to your children and grandchildren. Go after it. Don’t let anyone tell you, you “can’t.”  There are seeds of greatness buried inside of you.  Share it with the world and start with your first one tiny Kindle book. – Kristie




48 Top Headlines Fresh Off The Press for Youtube Videos or Blog Posts

Okay, I’ve done some research and here are some “fresh off the press” awesome, juicy, eye-popping Titles you can use forcreative-725811_1920


  1. Youtube Video Titles including the main keyword for ranking juice and lots more eyeballs
  2. Blog Posts
  3. Email Subject Titles to increase your opens by double or triple

Here goes…..are you ready? Fill in the blank with the Product name which is the keyword you are going after to rank!

Fill in __________with the particular name of the Product you are reviewing: 

Example:  All I Want For Christmas is Long-Tailed Keyword Pro.



  1. All I want for Christmas is ______________Special
  2. I’m Counting Down The Days For the __________Launch
  3. When the Christmas lights are Switched on, Don’t Miss ______________
  4. How To Make This Holiday Special? Buy ____________
  5. Once Upon A Time I Found __________________
  6. A Giant Wish This Christmas Was Granted with ______________
  7. How To Make This Holiday Special with ___________________
  8. Simon Says, Have You Checked Out _______________?
  9. 9 Ways You Can Use _________To Make Money With ___________
  10. Christmas Gift Idea – Use ________To Put Some Presents Under The Tree
  11. Using __________ISN’T Mission Impossible, I Guarantee It!
  12. 7 Lessons You Can Learn From Watching This _____________
  13. Attention Everyone: You Seem To Have Forgotten ______________
  14. Having A Meltdown? Have You Seen ___________Yet?
  15. Me Be Silent? I Just Found ___________________
  16. For Crying Out Loud! ____________Reviewed
  17. Shout Out: This __________Is Unbelievably Easy To Follow
  18. Kristie Is So Happy She’s Crying About _____________
  19. Success Finally Comes To Me With _________________
  20. 2 Brutally Honest Facts About ___________
  21. Should You Boycott ______________?
  22. I Helped Promote A Genuine Product Called ___________
  23. What ________Taught Me About ________
  24. Is This A Sign? _____________Says You Can Do __________
  25. 10 Ways To Survive The Holidays – Make Cash With ____________
  26. Feeling Scroogey?_________Won’t Break Your Bank!
  27. Why I’m Thankful For The Divorce That Bankrupted Me – I Found _________
  28. More Awkward Than A Present You Didn’t Want? What About __________?
  29. ________________Urges Marketers to Avoid _________________
  30. Why You Shouldn’t Do This Or Maybe Anyone Without ______________
  31. {Product Vendor’s Name} Says He’s Cured A Low Bank Balance With This
  32. HO-Ho-HOW Many People Bought This? Check out ____________
  33. Selfie Alert – Don’t Miss ___________ or Put It On The Shelf!
  34. Freed from Sleepless Nights, My Debt Cured by _______________
  35. 5 Things You Should Always Do For Yourself, Starting With ___________
  36. {Product Vendor’s Name} Stayed Up All NIght to Present _____________
  37. {Product Vendor’s Name} Lands {$451} Using _________________
  38. How To Keep Yourself Moving When You Feel Like A Failure With __________
  39. 10 Ways That Make Paying Your Bills BEYOND Easy – See _______________
  40. Honest {Product Vendor’s Name} Seriously Trumps Debt By Using _________
  41. Hectic Schedule? Gotcha, but take a Look at ______________
  42. It Took Me Getting to 55 Yrs Old To Find Get It – See ____________
  43. {Product Vendor’s Name} Brilliant Strategy Seen Inside _____________
  44. ________________, We LOVE You, You Stole Our Heart Away
  45. What A Blast From The Past! Have you seen ____________?
  46. The Top Way To Make A Offline Deal With ___________
  47. Get It Together, Focus on This One Thing Here – ___________
  48. Can You Watch This Video Without Feeling Drawn to ___________?



Plus, 15 Free copy-right free images you can

use for your Custom Thumbnail in Youtube. Just

click on image and hit SAVE AS. – Kristie







I appreciate you! Kristie



14 Ways To Make Money With Your Laptop – Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe?

Hmmmm…how I love thee blogging…let me count the ways?  Okay, sappy, but oh-so-very true!


When I discovered that I could write AND make a living online, I was hooked! After all, I started this adventure when I was going through a painful divorce and the lowest of my lowest time in my life.  

At night, while waiting for my then teen-aged children to come home all in one piece, I would scour the internet on my old, trusty HP laptop looking for ways that I could work from home, or travel the world one day while working on my laptop.   “Make money in your pjs” was a popular phrase back then and I often read until late at night, bleary-eyed numerous hypey, used-car sales-type sales page. I fell for it, spending my few dollars on this program and that.  

I became a Mystery Shopper, (no offense if you like doing this), but I always felt like I was a “spy” on those poor girls/guys who were out there working hard for a meager minimum wage. Then, after I mystery-shopped at a restaurant or some shop that I was sent to, I had to spend the rest of the night filling out endless pages of questions about my visit, including questions like “what did the parking lot look like?” The parking lot? What? I guess it was clean.  I never really noticed a parking lot condition, unless it had a big tree in the way of the drive-thru on the way to get my burger, fries and sweet tea, you know what I mean?  The parking lot, for goodness sakes! I thought I would lose it.

But, I faithfully filled out the forms, knowing that in my heart of hearts, one day SOMETHING online would make me a million buck-a-roos and I would never have to work another day in my Baby Boomer life.

Well, fast forward to some 8 years later, and I do NOT work another day in my life, because I LOVE doing what I do online.  What is that you say?  It’s a mutli-tasked myriad of daily tasks of many years of learning many skills, but I’ve honed it down to mostly the ones that bring in the money in Paypal to pay the bills.  

After all, isn’t that what counts if you are doing online marketing full-time? Yep, I think so.  Plus, I feel like I’m helping others along the way avoid the stinky pitfalls that I fell into of wasting thousands of hours and weekends, plugging away on schemes that didn’t work or that I didn’t work them long enough to make them work.  I accept responsiblity for having Internet A.D.D. I love that description of A.D.D. that goes something like this (Kristie Version):


Mary Had A Little Lamb, Wait! Where’s her staff? Oh, and what color is her staff? What Size Does Her Staff Come In? Can You Buy It on Amazon, or it is Cheaper on Ebay? And, where IS that book about Mary Had A Little Lamb I saw the other day? Hmmmm… I Wonder If It Comes In A Toy Version That I Can Buy My Grandbaby for Christmas and Oh, Is The Toy Version On Sale this weekend? Maybe..



Scary, right? Can you relate? I believe that this is especially true of entrepreneurs that have so much going on in our active, mocha-soaked brains, that it often comes out on our lips before we know it escapes, and people often ask us in amazement, “Uh, is that a brain sample of what is actually going through your head right now?” Weird-O-Rama, right? Oops, my Baby Boom generational kind-of-talk just showed up.  Oh, well. Blogging is about being real, so I’m being real here and letting it all “hang out.”

Isn’t that what life is all about? Being real to those you love? And I love my subscribers, so let’s get back to that.  Having a list of subscribers and a blog to keep subscribers coming back to you, is the key to having a successful blog.  You can have a blog without subscribers to market products to, but it takes months, most of the time YEARS to make income from a blog without a decent amount of readers to attract advertisers or ads that make any substantial income.

I came to blogging through a different door.  I came in through the Internet Marketing world, where I built this city,I built this city on (oh, that song is going through my head like a freight train) ……product creation and those who bought my products.  It is there in the workshop of sweating out and birthing new products as fast as I could working until the wee hours of the morning to provide quality and income proof, that I have honed my craft.  It is there that I studied my peers and what to do and what not to do, that makes all of this crazy online and virtual world a place I like to come back to day after day and many a night after night.

I have never studied anything so intently and with such passion as I have this one thing – making money online with your laptop from anywhere, anytime as long as you have a live, working, breathing internet connection.

Nothing business-related has ever fascinated me, intrigued me, and exhausted me like the hunt for true, work from home methods that any Mom, any Dad, any teen could actually do on the computer and make money from it.  In my quest, I have researched or made money from almost all of these methods.  I am going to list them to expand your thinking since you may not have had the luxury of time or the keen desire to chase down what is available online. So, let me allow you to feast your eyes on just some of the ways you can generate income from your laptop anywhere, any ‘ol time you choose to “start her up.”

  1. Kindle Books – write them (free) or have them written for you (paid).
  2. Amazon Affiliate Program – promote any one of thousands of products with (free) Youtube videos, simple blogger reviews (free) or Bing, Facebook or Google Ads. (paid)
  3. Youtube Videos – to promote your products, other people’s products, or (real case study) a local Dog Sitter (charged a fee for video creation).
  4. Website Creation – put up ads on Craigslist for inexpensive web design and created websites for a roofer, a caterer, a wedding photographer and the local pet sitter who was such a delightful client that loved her website and all of her new clients so much, she brought me a dozen yellow roses one day.  
  5. Mobile Marketing – still have a local client who pays me to monitor their Mobile Website.
  6. Text Marketing – studied a course about how to promote text marketing to local business owners to bring their customers back in for the Deal of the Day, but didn’t get any takers on this venture.
  7. Courses on How To Make Money With Youtube – Very successful and FUN when I see those sales roll into my Paypal account for ugly, dog videos promoting a dog training program that used to be on the virtual marketplace called Clickbank. In fact, I get weekly or daily commissions every day. That’s what I love about internet. Unlike me, it never sleeps and goes all over the world while I sleep. Hmmmm…that phrase on those ‘hypey” sales pages proved to be true.
  8. Affiliate Marketing – ah, my personal favorite. Promote someone else’s hard work and get paid.  Or, suggest services that I use myself and get paid by helping others find the golden nuggets that I’ve found really do work, after all.
  9. Membership Sites – like this one.  Take your best goodies and download a free Membership Plugin called Membership Pro on a WordPress site and start your own Membership site where you charge a monthly fee.
  10. Google Adsense – Google adsense is where I saw my first $100 check way back when I was putting up free blogs.  I would write a post or 2 or 5 a day, and then just add the box called “adsense” and began to get people to read my free blogs and some of them would click on the ads Google provides and I got paid. I am still using this way to make an extra stream of income on my other blog and love it.
  11. Consulting for Local Businesses, charged a consulting fee to a guy about search engine optimization who was putting up a local car wash.
  12. Coaching for online students by email.
  13. Built a list of subscribers with “squeeze pages.” What is a squeeze page? It is a page with a form built-in with your autoresponder code that asks people for their emails, just like you see on this blog.  I personally use the autoresponder called Aweber to send out my emails and Leadpages as a more professsional look for my forms to ask for people to subscribe to my blog.
  14. Blogging using my own thoughts and knowledge of the internet as a ways to monetize your blog with free traffic such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the apps called Buffer and Tailwind.

Why blogging? I love to write.  I attended a $5000/head Mastermind group several years ago and met up with a guy named Matt who is a multi-millionaire from his online ventures.  He pushed me to come to the Mastermind Conference having already written about 100 pieces of content. I showed up with 76 short stories, but it was enough to compile into my very first ebook that sold for $37 to a guy in Singapore, ready for this?

While I slept in my PJs!  Yep, true story! I was delighted and after that weekend of seeing how the whole process worked of building your list of people who actually like you and want to hear where you have to say bad enough that they trust you with their email, I never looked back.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I had to substitute teach in schools from you-know-where until I began to build a list of subscribers from launching products. But, when the income was sustainable, I quit teaching. Don’t get me wrong, I love children, but I don’t love the educational system or the threat of shootings in classrooms, these days.  

One of the last times I was substitute teaching, the principal came down the hall and told me to ‘watch the doors, there was a shooting in the street nearby and they hadn’t caught the shooter.” I looked at those innocent children playing basketball in the gym and a tight ball of fear began to knot in my stomach. What a shame that our children and the teachers who try to protect them, have to endure that type of anxiety!

Nonetheless, I loved internet marketing and my children begged me not to go back to substitute teaching, so I spent even more hours determined to figure it out.  I didn’t do it alone, and most successful folks online didn’t either.  They read and studied other people’s successes and to a certain extent, modeled after them with their own unique and personal flavor.




So, where are you in this crazy online world? What obstacle do you need to take a flying leap over and conquer? Have you started your blog yet? Have you put a form on your blog to capture all of those lovely visitors and welcome them to your blog? Do you lay out the welcome mat with a Hello or a How-do-you-do? If not, can I suggest that today you do this? Do you now why the phrase “Just Do It” is so popular? It is the key to success in working out and getting it done.  It is a call to action that runs quickly over any objections. So, let me say it to you.  Don’t wait to start a blog and capture your visitors.  Start right now, even if you don’t know all of those answers.

Be unstoppable. Be relentless.  Be hungry to win. If you don’t how to do something online, go to Google or Youtube and just simply search for it. You may be surprised that 99% of the time you can find what you are looking for in those two search engines. Feed your mind with these thoughts of a winner as you will hear in this motivational video. I listen to as often as I have time.


Remember, you will need 2 things: a blog name and a company to keep it up,  and an autoresponder to talk to your subscribers.  

Now, off you go and don’t get stuck in blogging A.D.D. mode of getting ready to get ready to get ready.  

You are as ready now as you ever will be.  =). 






Free 4 Video Series On How To Twitter For Tweetable Blog Traffic

Video #1 Twitter-Hashtagging

Video #2 Twitter-Promoting

Video #3 Twitter-Followers

Video #4 Twitter-Banner

Video #5 Twitter-Quality-Tweets