One (1) Really Cool Way To Work From Home With Video

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First, this is one way to work from your laptop that is incredibly awesome. Did you know that you can set up your own Video Commercial Business websites to offer “video commercials” to advertise for local business owners?  Did you know that there are local  business owners starving  for what YOU already know how to do? If you know how to rank a video, you can offer your services to a local business such as a dentist, a chiropractor, a roofing company or any Mom and Pop business in your town.


As you may know, I started with local  businesses a few years ago and still have a video commercial on Youtube for a local pet grooming site plus a local dog sitter that each owner paid me $97/$297 to create that didn’t look nearly as good as these do.


What you get with this:

1.  Your OWN professional WEBSITE already loaded with 50 Videos you can sell to local businesses:



2.  Practical instructions where 
Matt will show you:

How NOT to be nervous if you’ve never done this before

Exactly what to SAY to a  business owner to get them to be EXCITED about your making them their own “video commercial.”

How to PRICE your videos

How to require your Client to  PAY you upfront before you EVER spend one minute for a new Client.

How to be COOL  if the business says their budget is about $2000 and Matt talks about walking out of a local business with a check that large.  I call it “a breath”. When the business owner replies to your casual question, what kind of budget you do have set aside for marketing purposes?  If they answer with lots of zeros, you just act super cool, pick a number out of that marketing budget, and quietly suggest that for $XXXX, you would be happy to make that business owner very happy with a professional online commercial.  Then, do this.  Take “a breath” and say nothing. Nothing at all should escape from your lips while the business owner is contemplating the number you just threw out at him/her.  The ball is in their court and you? You say nothing.  It’s hard. There may be a bit of an awkward silence, but I am telling you that this flat out works.  It puts it all on the business to make a decision.  

Now, what do you do if the business owner puts it back into your court, by saying something vague, like “hmmm…I’ll have to ask my business partner?  Then, you casually, ask what amount would he/she be comfortable with before I walk out the door so I can get started this afternoon on your commercial?  Then, again just wait, don’t oversell, don’t overcook your offer.  Just simply be silent and wait for an answer.  Or, what if the business owner counteroffers with a lower number? If it is a number that you won’t regret, or if it is enough to get you in the door with the business owner, and you think you might have a chance to make more video commercials or other website work for that owner, then agree to it.  If you know deep down inside, that you will regret accepting a lower offer and your weekly visit to the grocery store to feed your children doesn’t depend on it, then tell him/her that you will give them the opportunity to call you by the end of the day.  For me personally, I found that if I didn’t close the sale, before I walked out of their office, I usually did not hear from them again.  So, again, even if the number is low, use your best judgement, but don’t turn away good business, but don’t sell yourself down the river either too cheaply or they won’t value your work.  I found a good rule of thumb to be is that the “cheapest” clients were usually the hardest ones to work with, but demanded more versus the higher paying client who “trusted” me to do the job or wouldn’t hire me for any future jobs.

Bottom line?  Get your feet wet and don’t be afraid to learn from your first few encounters.  It will be well worth your time and learning curve if this turns out to be a business model that you like and turns into a full-time income.

The exact actor/actress to hire on Fiverr for a video for a plumber, chiropractor or other business and the exact SCRIPT to give to the Fiverr actor.



How to hire someone on Fiverr (a website where most services cost only $5.00) to get these videos changed per Cient.

How to charge your Client an extra $200 for an extra logo or intro to their “video commercial”

or how about a video PUPPET commercial like this one?



Well, the list goes on and on, but if you have goosebumps just thinking about the potential income here, you can see the Rest of The Story click here.