On the 2nd Day of Christmas – Falalala

Now, that was fun, but I want you to take action and start today making your first step
to building your list.

Step #1 is to sign up for Aweber and start going through their demo video to get a “feel” for how to set up your first campaign.

Now, this next suggestion is getting a little ahead of the plan, but offers close their doors when you least expect it, and I want you to get this and tuck it away for a few days until we get to the 5 Days of Christmas (sneak peek is to 5 Days of Emailing). But, I can feel you shudder right now. Send an email? Me? What would I say?

You’re going to love this, because this quick little course will give you details of how to email first 10 new subscribers (or more). Go pick it up, and tuck it away for Day 5 before the price goes up since this is one of those that is on a dimesale and rises with each purchase. Get your copy here.

See you on the 3rd Day of Christmas…falalalala – Kristie