How To Set Up A Yummy (& Free!) Online Etsy Shop In 1 Night and Load up Print On Demand Products that YOU don't have to handmake. You can watch me over my shoulder...
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To Get Your Etsy Shop Started in 1 Night
Here is the Sales & Growth Chart of My Etsy Shop...Let me show you how! 
Okay, I get it. You've tried and failed. You put up a Product and got 0 sales. I hear ya!
What if I could show you the missing ingredients?
Think of it like a Recipe.
#1 Pick a Product
#2 Add A Dash of Keywords
#3 Stir in With Some Images
#4  Add The Secret Sauce with just a hint of goodness
Stir together and let it BAKE on a marketplace that will tell EVERYONE what you just "cooked up!" 
In a later class, I'll show you how to find Products that are HOT sellers, so you can make your first sale as fast as you can whip up a store! Because well, Honey Child, you need Customers to see all your "pretties." This first class is all about How to SETUP Your First Etsy Store!!
Why are you charging for class? Why isn't this free like other online webinars? This is going to be a MasterClass. and I won't be pitching a $1200 class, this is going to be PURE meat, no appetizer served, so it will be well worth $25 that you would spend on a burger meal to set up a REAL BUSINESS online... For serious takers only.... Aren't you ready to have something you can show off to your friends and family by Christmas?
Imagine Your Shop Having Delicious New Products Like These?
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To Get Your Etsy Shop Started In 1 Night
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