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How To Make Money With Hard To Train Dogs & Video

Dog training and specifically, hard to train breeds like Yorkies, are a very lucrative and very scalable sub-niche to promote.

In this video I talk about:

#1 What dog program to promote;
#2 How to choose a Hard To Housetrain Small Dog Breed;
#3 How to use Google’s Keyword Planner to target cities and scale up targeting each major city/and or medium-sized city with your keywords found in the Google Planner.
#4 Watch to see which of your videos gets the most views and scale up by advertising that video with as little as $5 a day with Youtube ads.
(click on the bottom of your video page to see “Advertising”.)

First, watch the video:

The video ended too quickly, but I was saying for you to Link back in your Youtube Description to your Autoresponder, and in your email say: Go to this Link (your TrainPetDog affiliate link) and sign up for a Mini-Course. Now, you have the tools in place to build your own list! Woo-hoo!

To further inspire you, and to get your creative juices stoked, here is another video from another affiliatet, that was in the sidebar when I uploaded this one, that has an impressive number of views.


As a further example, here is my Review Video:

Your Homework:

You can sign up for TPD’s affiliate program here.

You can click here for a free trial to begin building your own list and begin sending your emails with this service (called an autoresponder).

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