How To Make A Youtube Video Annotatation To Get More Sales

I remember when I was first getting started with video marketing, each step was a little intimidating, especially when I would come dragging in from a long, exhausting day from Substitute Teaching first graders.

Putting my feet up, and grabbing my laptop while I ate a quick bit of supper, I remember thinking,

“I just wish someone would break it down for me, step-by-step.”(BIG SIGH) “I just don’t have the ENERGY to start from scratch right now, but I really DO want to get out of my 9-5 job.”

With that in mind, in the next few days, I will be blogging about small “tidbit” video tips to get you going. P-L-U-S (and this is a BIG +) Tuesday night is going to be VERY Special!

Here is your first video tip – How To add a Youtube annotation to your Youtube video to give it more ranking juice.  This really works!  Just hit “Add annotation” Type your Keyword inside the Speech Bubble and Hit “Apply changes.”

Voila! Your video is now what we call “Search Engine Optimized” or in other words, easier for the search engines to index and rank. Good job!  Do this for each and every video you create, which I hope you are creating at least one a week.






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