How To Get Your Facebook Page to Go Viral

If you are wondering how you can get your Facebook fanpages to go is a solution.

Simply share viral content that is trending on Twitter, other Facebook fanpages, Youtube or the news.  But how do you know what is trending?

#1  You can read the news online or go to Google Trends and it will tell you what the hottest topics/news is for today.

#2 You can go to Twitter and read the top posts for whatever subject you are interested in, but it may or may not be the hottest trending topic of the day, so basically you’ll have to use your best guess.


#3 You can go to Youtube and search for “popular” videos and filter them out page by page.


Or, you can use software that does this for you in seconds (my personal choice), because it saves you so much time.

I used this software this past week, and here is a great example of how one Facebook post can go viral. Look at the shares on this one:








Okay, I had to cut off the video because Fed Ex was at the door delivering a package from Santa a.k.a. my hubby =).

Plus, the link below won’t go live until 9 AM EST tomorrow…but in the meantime, I wanted you to get a glimpse of what is happening tomorrow.  Have a great night or early morning, Kristie