How To Get Unstuck

Hi there, Kristie here.  Are you feeling like a firehose of information is threatening to drown Y-O-U?

What do you do when you just want to Unsubscribe to every newsletter that you open up, because you are so doggone tired of trying to figuring out every offer, and a million pieces of a confusing puzzle to make money online?

Here is the answer (and it’s not buying another product):

Pick 1 source of traffic:


Pick 1 Product to Promote

Clickbank (pays out $25 on average)
CPA Offer (find a high paying offer)
JVZoo Offer
WarriorPlus Offer
Amazon Product (look for high ticket items since the commission is lower at 6%)
Shopify Store Offer

Here’s a Game Plan for you to follow for the next 30 days:

Take that 1 Course that seemed to make the most “sense” to you and use it with these steps in mind:

#1 Pick that 1 source of traffic that seems to “call you” or you seem to find easiest, because after all, if you’re not doing this online venture full-time, you only have so much strength at the end of a long work-day.

#2 Pick that 1 product that either (1) You know a lot about because you have used it yourself, or

(2) It’s a hot seller that you can recommend with good conscience, but you don’t have another dime to spend and you already know that the Sales Page is bringing in sales.

(For W+ and JVZoo, search for the Home Page and it will show you the Top Sellers for the week).

(For Clickbank, look for the Gravity count, to see how many have sold this month.)

(For Amazon, look for the #sold and 5 Star Reviews).

In other words, don’t waste a minute of your time trying to figure out the Best Sellers, let these marketplaces tell Y-O-U, instead.

But, don’t waste your energy on a product that you are unsure about.  Make sure it is already selling to the crowd who needs it.  In other words, make sure it is a tool or a course that is solving problems for people who are desperate for a solution.  Don’t recreate the wheel that is already a million-dollar best seller.

Use the SALES Page that the vendor spent hundreds/thousands of dollars to have created to sell the product.  Use the bullet points on the sales page for your blog post, video or Facebook post.

Don’t just promote an information product that anyone can “Google” on the internet.  Find a software tool, such as a video software that sells well every day.

If you are scratching your head, wondering what that is, here are 2 that sell well and are hot sellers in the Internet Marketplace.

One that sells well for me (and I use it and love it), is VideoMakerFx in JVZoo.

Another product you can sell that is (another that I use and love) is ClickFunnels.

#3 Start with F-R-E-E traffic until you are an expert. Don’t waste money on paid ads until you are more familiar with the product and how to sell it.

#4 Don’t promote ANYTHING else for an entire month.

#5 Build a list while you are doing that and it is VERY possible, you will make your first sale quickly, if you focus on this one product and follow up with an email.

#6 Get the free trial for an autoresponder.  I use Aweber and it was the easiest one for me to learn when I was new at all of this.  Plus, I didn’t have a lot of time or energy after teaching school all day, to learn a hundred new bells and whistles.  When I got home from school, I just wanted to NOT THINK.  So, keep it as simple as possible.

You can get a free trial here. 

Building a list changed my life, because I was able to stop accepting daily school assignments from the local school system in dangerous neighborhoods, but instead go full-time online.

What is it about your work life you would like to change?  Do you love your boss? Do you love working for someone else?

If the answer is no, start tonight.  Stay up an extra hour and start promoting your first product with 1 source of traffic and build your first list of 10 subscribers.

Your future self will THANK YOU for it.  It has worked for me and thousands of others. Now, it’s your turn.

Keep it as simple as possible.



Remember, why you started this journey in the first place. Don’t give up! Don’t quit! You are closer than you think! Kristie Chiles Arp

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