$10K/Month – How To Create Passive Income By Publishing Small Kindle Books

I just read a blog post about a guy named Stefan (very likable fellow) who is making over $70,000 a month with his blog. He began with publishing Kindle books that he outsourced for $25.



That one book brings him in about $50 – $100 a month, but he also uses a very smart marketing strategy to create a second income inside his Kindle books.

How did Stefan begin? When he saw the potential of growth with Kindle books and leveraging it to get traffic back to his blog, he found a virtual assistant to write his books for him.  

Stefan now makes over $100,000 a year, just from that one income stream publishing Kindle books.  If you want to see how he suggests that you can write a book in 24 hours and get it published on Kindle click here.

I began to upload books to Amazon’s Kindle program back in 2012, and still get royalties or Kindle payments each month straight into my bank account. However, after reading Stefan’s blog posts about his success, I have been inspired to be publishing more of my own books as well.  

Stefan publishes books in all different sorts of niches. Most of his Kindle books he has written for him. In fact, the sole purpose of some of his Kindle books is to get more people or website traffic back to his blog (brilliant way to generate email subscribers).

How else does he create a passive income with his Kindle books? Other books he writes are in the health niches with links to Clickbank products such as treatments of common ailments.  Clickbank is a called a “virtual” marketplace, because it is chock full of digital books on all subjects.  I love Clickbank because I remember getting my first “green” Clickbank check in the mailbox.  

Once you promote one of the products inside Clickbank and someone buys through your “affiliate link,” Clickbank will send you a check every two weeks like clockwork.

Stefan has done this quite successfully using Clickbank as a way to put his “affiliate link” inside his Kindle books as a second income stream for the same amount of work. Each Kindle book suggests a way to solve a burning problem that the reader is experiencing.  In each Kindle book, he also links back to a form to collect each visitor’s email address so that he can market to that same customer again and again with offers that address a particular problem.  

One example would be how to learn how to jump higher which is a feat most basketball or athletes yearn to learn. Clickbank has a book about that very topic.  So, once you found a keyword such as “How do I learn to jump higher”, you write or hire someone to write a Kindle book about that subject and link to your page that captures subscribers.

Then, you sign up for an autoresponder like this one, and send your subscribers emails recommending that same Clickbank book and make approximately $25 a sale.  This really works and is a viable source of income for many people online who are aware of this virtual marketplace.

Whether you are blogging for a living, or writing Amazon Kindle books, building a subscriber list is the smartest way to build a sustainable, long-term business online whether you are writing Kindle books or blogging. If you build a list of people who like your blog or video, you can send them more valuable tips and offers. Here is a guide that is similar to what I use to collect emails to this blog.

What if you want to create your own “Kindle empire,” but don’t really want to write? Stefan has that covered too, since he hires native English writers to create his content for him.  

He simply does the keyword research to find out what topic that his next book should be about, and has created a video series to train his native English writer to write the book and upload it for him to Kindle.  By putting this structure into place, he has been able to generate over $100,000 in one year in passive, residual income.  If you are new to this idea, let me explain what some of these terms mean.

Affiliate Link – This link is given to you by virtually every company online that has an AFFILIATE program that you can usually find at the bottom of their page or in a TAB at the top of their blog.  You simply sign up and they give you an individual link that is tied to your account.  

When you put that link on your blog, video or in your Kindle ebook, and someone clicks on it and buys that product, you get a commission of the sale.  The commission varies, but a place called Clickbank has one of the best commission structures in place, since you can make $25 from promoting a $37 ebook that can be downloaded instantly at any time, from any internet connection in the world.


Are you beginning to see why people love affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products.  In fact, most of the Clickbank vendors (or product creators), offer tools such as banners, links and graphics like you see on this page to help you to promote their programs.  Why? They pay you to advertise their products and are happy to get a percentage, since you are doing the work of advertisement for them.

Here’s what that looks like in Clickbank:


What is Clickbank?  It is a virtual marketplace where you can download ebooks or sell ebooks about a variety of topics.  

Is it free to promote Clickbank or other products online? Yes!

Now, let’s back to how Stefan is making such a huge income with Kindle.  By the way, if you are wondering exactly what I mean by “passive income,” I am referring to the kind of income that comes from doing the work once, but getting paid over and over for that same piece of content.  Wouldn’t you agree that this concept is everyone’s dream?

Here’s a screenshot of just a few of Stefan’s Clickbank income:


How did Stefan accomplish this? He hired someone to write the book for him for $22.00 and someone else to create the cover for his book for $2.50. This is dirt cheap considering how much money this book is generating for him.  He also has repeated this same process and has over a hundred more Kindle books like this. Those generate him about $20/month while others bring in income over $1000/month. It is pretty impressive that he has been able to build a six figure passive (without any extra work) through Kindle publishing.


Now, are you ready to either write your book or find out how to pay someone a small fee to do it for you? You can find out with Stefan’s guide here. Just begin with one simple book.  When you do the first one, you will see how easy it is and you can speed up the process.  Before you know it, you can have your own “empire” of Kindle books churning out royalty payments each month. Ready to try? Just do it. You’ll love seeing your name inside Amazon’s Kindle Platform. In fact, you can write a book and dedicate it to your Mom, your sister, girlfriend or boyfriend.  There is no better gift than a book written in someone’s honor.  I wrote a book called “Mama Says” of all my mother’s “sayings” to us growing up and showed it to her on the computer for Christmas.  She was thrilled! It just took me one afternoon.  Did you know that you can publish a Kindle book that is just 15 pages?

Or, just take a hobby and write about it.  Don’t waste hours figuring it all for yourself and risk giving up too soon.  This is too important. Skip ahead with Stefan’s guide here. You can write a book in less than 24 hours.  I know you can.  I’ve done it lots of times and you can too. What a legacy to leave to your children and grandchildren. Go after it. Don’t let anyone tell you, you “can’t.”  There are seeds of greatness buried inside of you.  Share it with the world and start with your first one tiny Kindle book. – Kristie