How Do I Make Sales With My Blog or Video? 4 Easy Steps


If you are old school, like me, it took me at least a solid year before I even knew what a “PINTEREST” was…


Pin what?


A pic of what? Isn’t that for the younger people? You know, the kids that are always on their cell phone looking at pictures of cool frogs and boys and such…


Boy, was I wrong..


I have been spending hours in the site called PINTEREST until I am bleary-eyed, but I discovered another WORLD, literally of bloggers who make thousands of dollars just by sharing images on this one site…not to mention Twitter and the rest.


Remember, how we talked about picking 1 or 2 sources of traffic and focusing on that?


For now, I am focusing on these 3 powerhouses since you can start a blog today, and get thousands of visitors from Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest.


My favorite this week is Pinterest because it is getting the most traffic of images I am sharing.


I found several blogs on Pinterest that got between 10,000 – 20,000 visitors.


Today, I  just heard about a tool that is brand new that lets you create an image in BULK and upload it to 12 different social sites with just a few clicks (including Pinterest), so I’m IN.


Why? It takes hours to do this stuff manually, and I have family stuff going on (who doesn’t?) and I need to save time.


If you have a blog..this will come in really handy to save you loads of time.


I’m going to be using it today to share our new Member’s blog all over the internet.


But, if you don’t have a blog and want to make some Halloween cash, you could simply follow this easy 4 STEP PLAN:





1. Take the Halloween themed PLR packs found here and upload the S C A R Y images and articles to (free blog site).


2. Insert your Halloween Amazon links.


3. Use this Social Sharing tool to blast out your content all over the internet.


4. For more added traffic, you could create awesome videos with either one ofthese really cool video creators called Easy Sketch Pro that lets you add LIVE LINKS inside your video:



Video Vibe Pro



This way you can start getting your Halloween and Christmas videos out there before the BUYING FRENZY begins with the holiday rush.


Your next step is to share those videos and your blogs with this easy viral social sharing tool.


Think of it as planting seeds all over the internet that can fill up your Amazon account with sales.


What I like about this new tool called Instaviral is that you buy it once, and use it forever.  Most tools like this one require a monthly fee.


The other feature I like about InstaViral is that there are other similar tools online that do all of these functions, but I haven’t found one that does it all in one dashboard that is web-based (which means you don’t have to download it to your computer).


And that’s always a good thing. I’m going to be using InstaViral to share this blog post all over the internet.  Why? This is the very reason I got online in the first place.  I wanted to leverage the power of the world-wide internet. This tool makes that job so much simpler.

When a piece of software or internet tool allows me to leverage the power of the world-wide internet, I love it. That’s always a very good thing! Kristie Chiles-Arp