You Had Me At Hello! Sorry, it’s been a while, is anyone there?

You had me at Hello!

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Well..hello, I confess.

It’s been a while since I BLOGGED!  Please don’t judge me.  I’ve been busy.  Really busy.

BIG SIGH…she says.

BUT, I was on a Live Webinar last night and was reminded (oh me, oh my!) that I should have started blogging like Yesterday, or before yesterday.

But today (actually, tonight) is all I have. Live in the present, you know.  Stop kicking ourselves around for yesterday.  I woke up thinking this morning that I can’t do one IOTA (southern for “small) thing about yesterday.  Nada. None of it. Nothing.

So, I might as well gulp and accept responsibility for all the mistakes I did make (some from omission, some from commission and if you were raised Baptist in the deep South like I was you’ll get THAT)…if not it means what it says pretty much.

And I love my blog…or I’m beginning to. It’s not as “prettied-up” as I would like, but graphic design has NEVER been my strong suit, so I rely on good ‘ol Canva.

Canva is a FREE editing and photo site that is my new BFF. If you haven’t yet heard about it…GIRL!  Run, don’t walk and if you’re like me and your idea of art created is stick figures, you’ll be TOTALLY relieved to find out that most people will NEVER find out (shhhhh I won’t tell!) =).

Now, on to the good stuff.  The internet marketing goodies that make us glad we found blogging, Pinterest and the world of ANYTHING is possible!  What am I referring to, oh not so clearly?  Affiliate Marketing Gold and Niches that bring in riches.

I digress.  So…last night sitting on my sofa propped up with a comfy pillow and bright orange University of Tennessee throw blanket, I found myself with my earphones watching a live webinar.  Sitting nearby was my husband working on HIS laptop (we’re a matched pair from heaven and Eharmony!), while the latest TV make-over show drones on…but no one is really listening.

And my ears suddenly perk up!  200K in a year…whaaaaatttt?  Yep! You can read Suzi’s story here.   It is amazing. She is amazing. Her husband is amazing. Her siblings are amazing entrepreneurs. Her father is amazing. He was on the call cheering her on.  It is one AMAZING webinar! Ha!  When it ended I was so inspired by what she shared, that it came pouring out during my Facebook live video today.

You can watch that here if you like, and I would SO SO love it, if you would LIKE my Facebook Fanpage to give me some more FB love. xoxo

So, without further adieu, if you care ANYTHING about blogging, or your future, go to this page (my shameless affiliate link) and at least fill out your email at the bottom of her page to get on her newsletter.  It will be well worth the effort.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Plus, if you plan to blog, you’ll need a plan (that was corny), but true. ” quote=”Plus, if you plan to blog, you’ll need a plan (that was corny), but true. “]


And I awoke this morning to my husband kissing me goodbye REALLY early (5 AM), so I lay awake to the sound of the rushing

traffic outside and then the LONG and very LOUD horn of a passing train at an intersection.

That HORN….it reminded me as I heard the rushing of car train after car train that life is passing by…and if you don’t GET

on board, it will leave without you.  And it won’t be anyone’s fault except our own.  Dreams sometimes die inside of those

who wished them.  Let the opposite be true of YOU and me.  Let’s rebirth our dreams and tack on some more besides.

Isn’t it time you DREAMED big?

Okay, I get it, you logged into your affiliate dashboards this morning and you saw a big fat goose egg – Total Sales $0.

But!  Let me challenge you. Where did you last see your affiliate sales spike?

What did you do to get that affiliate sale?

Don’t start over.


Do more of the same.

And if you want to blog, start here with Suzi’s course.  You’ll love it.  She’s the real deal.

And so my friend are YOU.  You are a unique blend of all you have experienced to the moment in time.

Make it count.



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