How To Be Successful Online? Grape, Cherry or Lime?

I just watched a very inspiring video my one of my favorite actors, but to save you time, I paraphrased most of the interesting points that I would like to share that really KICKED me in the gut this afternoon.


I think we all tend to be a little A.D.D. online, since there are so many methods and so much information.


Someone asked Tyler Perry what was his secret to success.  He very thoughtfully answered this:


Tyler Perry: I had ONE idea.  My one Focus.

People ask me all the time, How did you make it?

I say there’s only one answer to that, but the truth be told. It was nothing but the grace of God.

Nothing but the grace of God.  You can plant seeds all day long and for most people, nothing happens.  You can audition, knock on doors, give out your business cards, knocking on doors every day of your life, and for most people nothing happens.

When a seed is planted in the ground, all you can do is water it.  you cannot control the weather, you cannot control the sunshine, you cannot control whether the locusts will come and try to destroy it.  All you can do is plant your seed in the ground, water it and BELIEVE.

That is what allowed me in be this position I’m in right now. I would not STOP believing. I would not stop believing. I planted my seed and I worked really hard.  I had one idea and that was to do a play.  All the other stuff came {afterwards}. My only idea, my only focus was to do my one play. And I knew if I could get that to work, everything else would come to pass.

There are so many people who go in so many directions. This week they’re doing that and this week they’re doing something else.  This week they are opening up a salon, and this week they want to be a drill sergeant.

Those kinds of people are all over the place.  Put all your focus in one place.  Put all your energy in one place. If you spread your water across too many seeds, you don’t have as much water for one seed.

Focus on one thing. Make it your priority and stick with it, no matter what.  So many people told me “no”.

No matter how many people lied to me. No matter how many times I put the show up and nobody came.  When I did my first show, I worked my butt off and saved $12,000 from tax returns.  I saved it, worked hard.  Put that show up and thought that 1200 people would show up and about 30 people showed up and I knew EVERYONE of them.  That didn’t deter me.  That was in 1992. 1993 same thing  happened. 1994. 1995. 1996.  1997.  up until 1998.  Same devastation. No one showing up in the audience.

I was doing one show a year working with different promoters trying to get the show up, and nobody showed up, but I didn’t stop. What I say to you now.. Looking at me now here, I am a human being.  There is no difference between my human-ness and your human-ness.  The only thing is, if you are trying to get there, you cannot stop believing in your dream. NO matter what anybody says, no matter what anyone tells you.

You have to know it beyond knowing it.  There is a feeling deep down inside of you. When something is for you, this is how I knew, there is a feeling deep down inside of you that will not allow you to let it go.   It will keep you going when you can’t even keep yourself going.  Our mantra at Tyler Studios is a place where even dreams believe.  There comes a time in your life when you’ve worked, stressed, and tried to get there, but you couldn’t on your own, but you have a dream, so your dream has to {believe it for you}.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Tyler Perry – So, I will tell you this. Don’t stop. Narrow your focus to one idea.” quote=”So, I will tell you this. Don’t stop. Narrow your focus to one idea. ” theme=”style3″]

ONE {idea} and make it work.  That will give birth to all the others.  All you can to do is plant the seed and water it. God Himself has to give the increase. Only God can make the sunshine. Only God can bring the rain. But if you’ve planted the seed, then you’ve done your part.

I wish you so much success in 2012.  Anything you want is possible.  ANYTHING you want is possible.  If I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t take the time to send this message to you.

-Tyler Perry

How to be successful online?  One idea. One focus.

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With that being said, I am going to share some of my own successes in the last month.

First, my greatest income for October so far has been the JVZoo promotions for the video software that multiplies videos.  This software itself has been a dream of mine for some time, but most softwares in the past were not able to accomplish this.  I have always done my video duplication manually with Youtube’s own Video Editor, but was glad to see when this software launched.

The only con is that it is currently only available to Windows users, but I have told that they are working on making it Mac compatible as well.

=>>If you missed that email, you can see that software in action click here.  

Picking my one thing? Hand down, it would be video marketing.  That’s where my bread and butter got buttered a few years ago, when I was determined to make this whole online thing work for me.  I HAD to get out of the classroom, so I got hungry, real hungry to learn something that was quicker than SEO.  That was video marketing for me.  Plus, you can share video on a website and Pinterest, which are my secondary ways to get visitors. It’s a perfect storm.

It boggles my mind that a person can put a video into this little form in this software and it can spin and spit out as many videos as you instruct it to do.  Reminds me of the Jetsons cartoons we used to watch as a kid. Automation. Robots. But this is real. This works.  It uses Youtube’s own highly ranked video system, so Google eats this up like a piece of warm apple pie.

Again, you can do this manually, but it is tedious, plus I would caution you against putting up more than 5-10 at a time, even though these videos are uniquely crafted by the software, so your Youtube channel doesn’t appear “spammy.”

Otherwise, give it a whirl.  You’ll love it.  Again, you can see it in action click here.

Now, on to the next goodie.  I heard that Explaindio Version  3 is coming out tomorrow (October 4, 2016), and I got all excited.

Why? I used the first version and really liked the hand-drawn videos I could make within minutes.  I also use and love VideoMakerFX and its animated characters as well.

But when it comes to adding voiceover and new features that you have to see to appreciate, Explaindio is a tool in a class by itself.  Once you download Explaindio 3.0, be prepared to study up a bit, but once you get the hang of how it works, you’ll love it.  You’ll feel like Superman (or ahem, Superwoman).  I mean it.  This thing rocks…all day long.

=>Watch the Video Demo here and PREPARE to be WOWED

If video is your “one thing,” then learn everything you can about it. Purchase your favorite software and then close the door. I mean it! Close the door on everything else that allures you like shiny money, shiny diamonds, shiny anything that takes you away on a new track, on a new train and you are starting OVER every. single.month.  Get me?

Stick with one thing. If you get an email and it’s not your one thing, hit DELETE.  It if pertains to your one thing, study it. Master it. Get really good at.  Fall in love with it. Study it. Become an expert and teach it.  Then, you’ve got a real business where you can explain what you’ve learned to others?

How? On Youtube, and then when you get ready? On your own blog like this one. When you are further down the track, do both. But, if your head is spinning, do one.  Do only one until you know so much about it, you could write your own book about it.

Build your Youtube channel by being so good at explaining things that you wished someone had told you when you were green. What will the result be? Your subscribers on Youtube will become your new list. Now, when you recommend something, they will know your voice, and they will believe you. Why? Because you taught them something valuable. You solved a problem or answered a question.  And that makes you an expert in their eyes.  I know, I know you don’t feel like an expert. Well, with the right education online, you can become an expert in any area you choose. That is the beauty of the living right now.

Plant your seeds.  Water your seeds by sharing them with those free share buttons underneath your video.  Pray that God will bless the “work of your hands.” Watch it grow.  Some plants have fast growth and others grow slowly and ripen to much good fruit in the future. Grow your Youtube channel. Monetize your Youtube videos with Google Adsense that so you are getting paid to make videos. Master that traffic. Fall in love with it. Make your dreams happen with that traffic. Just focus on one thing!



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