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How To Build A List of Subscribers? How To Take One Video and Turn It Into A Steady Stream of Subscribers?

If you wish you knew hot to take on video and turn it into a steady stream of subscribers, then

you’re going to love this!

In this video, I talk about how to begin to create income online even if you’re as clueless as I was

when I first began online. Learning how to build a list of subscribers who know you, like you

and trust you was my ticket to a full-time income


I think back to ten years ago and I didn’t even know how to send a single email.

I was in a bad marriage, life was very difficult, and I wanted to be able work from

my laptop wherever God lead me wherever I wound up after my divorce.

My dreams DID come true. I’m happily remarried, and my grown children are doing well.

Watch the video and you’ll find out which Social Media platform I chose and why.

If you need just one way to get started? Use Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (pick ONE!)

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Remember, if you learn how to build a list of subscribers, you will have an asset for life!

How I’m Promoting Amazon Products and Ranking in 7 Minutes?

How did I rank my Amazon link to a Dinosaur DVD in 7 minutes?

I used Youtube’s Live Events to talk about a hot selling item on Amazon. By using this feature, I was able to rank within 7 minutes, but this is not unusual. Most people don’t realize the power of Youtube marketing and especially the extreme ranking juice of Live Events. This software was just released that can turn just one of your videos in 100 or more with a few clicks. You simply create a review video, load up the information in a sort form inside the software and go to bed. When you wake up, check Google and Youtube. It is very likely that some of your videos are ranking on the first page of Google and/or Youtube. Now, that’s exciting.

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How fun is that?

Using Google’s own Youtube live events feature, you can rank a video within minutes. Depending on the competition, you can rank for ANY long-tailed keyword phrase.

If you want to know what keywords are easier to rank for, this is my favorite ranking tool.


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