How To Use Your Own Email Inbox To Find Scrumptious Phrases To Title Your Videos, Blog Posts & Emails

How To Use Your Own Email Inbox To Find Scrumptious Phrases To Title Your Videos, Blog Posts & Emails

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Put up your feet and enjoy learning the easy-peezy way to make simple, ugly videos that rank all day long.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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How To Use These 2 Free Tools to Make Your Videos POP!

When you want to create a Facebook Fanpage banner, or use as a perfect tool to create your Video thumbnail, use the free site plus for your free images like this thumbnail that I made for my Youtube videos.  


You’re going to love these 2 free tools! Hugs! Kristie




Here’s your video tutorial for Picmonkey:

How To Make Money With Hard To Train Dogs & Video

Dog training and specifically, hard to train breeds like Yorkies, are a very lucrative and very scalable sub-niche to promote.

In this video I talk about:

#1 What dog program to promote;
#2 How to choose a Hard To Housetrain Small Dog Breed;
#3 How to use Google’s Keyword Planner to target cities and scale up targeting each major city/and or medium-sized city with your keywords found in the Google Planner.
#4 Watch to see which of your videos gets the most views and scale up by advertising that video with as little as $5 a day with Youtube ads.
(click on the bottom of your video page to see “Advertising”.)

First, watch the video:

The video ended too quickly, but I was saying for you to Link back in your Youtube Description to your Autoresponder, and in your email say: Go to this Link (your TrainPetDog affiliate link) and sign up for a Mini-Course. Now, you have the tools in place to build your own list! Woo-hoo!

To further inspire you, and to get your creative juices stoked, here is another video from another affiliatet, that was in the sidebar when I uploaded this one, that has an impressive number of views.


As a further example, here is my Review Video:

Your Homework:

You can sign up for TPD’s affiliate program here.

You can click here for a free trial to begin building your own list and begin sending your emails with this service (called an autoresponder).

How To Get the Maximum # of Subscribers with all Free Social Media Sites

To get the most out of the time you spend creating a video, making a Facebook Fanpage, a Pinterest account, or an Instagram account, you should make your message match in each one of these platforms.

Here’s where I explain exactly how I do it and how you can use this strategy to get the most subscribers as fast as possible. – Kristie

Watch this video as I explain how to grow your list for free across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Youtube and Twitter.





How To Make A Youtube Video Annotatation To Get More Sales

I remember when I was first getting started with video marketing, each step was a little intimidating, especially when I would come dragging in from a long, exhausting day from Substitute Teaching first graders.

Putting my feet up, and grabbing my laptop while I ate a quick bit of supper, I remember thinking,

“I just wish someone would break it down for me, step-by-step.”(BIG SIGH) “I just don’t have the ENERGY to start from scratch right now, but I really DO want to get out of my 9-5 job.”

With that in mind, in the next few days, I will be blogging about small “tidbit” video tips to get you going. P-L-U-S (and this is a BIG +) Tuesday night is going to be VERY Special!

Here is your first video tip – How To add a Youtube annotation to your Youtube video to give it more ranking juice.  This really works!  Just hit “Add annotation” Type your Keyword inside the Speech Bubble and Hit “Apply changes.”

Voila! Your video is now what we call “Search Engine Optimized” or in other words, easier for the search engines to index and rank. Good job!  Do this for each and every video you create, which I hope you are creating at least one a week.






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Free 4 Video Series On How To Twitter For Tweetable Blog Traffic

Video #1 Twitter-Hashtagging

Video #2 Twitter-Promoting

Video #3 Twitter-Followers

Video #4 Twitter-Banner

Video #5 Twitter-Quality-Tweets

5 Ways To Bring Twitter Traffic To Your Blog