One (1) Really Cool Way To Work From Home With Video

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First, this is one way to work from your laptop that is incredibly awesome. Did you know that you can set up your own Video Commercial Business websites to offer “video commercials” to advertise for local business owners?  Did you know that there are local  business owners starving  for what YOU already know how to do? If you know how to rank a video, you can offer your services to a local business such as a dentist, a chiropractor, a roofing company or any Mom and Pop business in your town.


As you may know, I started with local  businesses a few years ago and still have a video commercial on Youtube for a local pet grooming site plus a local dog sitter that each owner paid me $97/$297 to create that didn’t look nearly as good as these do.


What you get with this:

1.  Your OWN professional WEBSITE already loaded with 50 Videos you can sell to local businesses:



2.  Practical instructions where 
Matt will show you:

How NOT to be nervous if you’ve never done this before

Exactly what to SAY to a  business owner to get them to be EXCITED about your making them their own “video commercial.”

How to PRICE your videos

How to require your Client to  PAY you upfront before you EVER spend one minute for a new Client.

How to be COOL  if the business says their budget is about $2000 and Matt talks about walking out of a local business with a check that large.  I call it “a breath”. When the business owner replies to your casual question, what kind of budget you do have set aside for marketing purposes?  If they answer with lots of zeros, you just act super cool, pick a number out of that marketing budget, and quietly suggest that for $XXXX, you would be happy to make that business owner very happy with a professional online commercial.  Then, do this.  Take “a breath” and say nothing. Nothing at all should escape from your lips while the business owner is contemplating the number you just threw out at him/her.  The ball is in their court and you? You say nothing.  It’s hard. There may be a bit of an awkward silence, but I am telling you that this flat out works.  It puts it all on the business to make a decision.  

Now, what do you do if the business owner puts it back into your court, by saying something vague, like “hmmm…I’ll have to ask my business partner?  Then, you casually, ask what amount would he/she be comfortable with before I walk out the door so I can get started this afternoon on your commercial?  Then, again just wait, don’t oversell, don’t overcook your offer.  Just simply be silent and wait for an answer.  Or, what if the business owner counteroffers with a lower number? If it is a number that you won’t regret, or if it is enough to get you in the door with the business owner, and you think you might have a chance to make more video commercials or other website work for that owner, then agree to it.  If you know deep down inside, that you will regret accepting a lower offer and your weekly visit to the grocery store to feed your children doesn’t depend on it, then tell him/her that you will give them the opportunity to call you by the end of the day.  For me personally, I found that if I didn’t close the sale, before I walked out of their office, I usually did not hear from them again.  So, again, even if the number is low, use your best judgement, but don’t turn away good business, but don’t sell yourself down the river either too cheaply or they won’t value your work.  I found a good rule of thumb to be is that the “cheapest” clients were usually the hardest ones to work with, but demanded more versus the higher paying client who “trusted” me to do the job or wouldn’t hire me for any future jobs.

Bottom line?  Get your feet wet and don’t be afraid to learn from your first few encounters.  It will be well worth your time and learning curve if this turns out to be a business model that you like and turns into a full-time income.

The exact actor/actress to hire on Fiverr for a video for a plumber, chiropractor or other business and the exact SCRIPT to give to the Fiverr actor.



How to hire someone on Fiverr (a website where most services cost only $5.00) to get these videos changed per Cient.

How to charge your Client an extra $200 for an extra logo or intro to their “video commercial”

or how about a video PUPPET commercial like this one?



Well, the list goes on and on, but if you have goosebumps just thinking about the potential income here, you can see the Rest of The Story click here.



3 Ways To Get Instant Traffic & Visitors To Your Blog

Now, I was thinking the other day that using Google’s own properties and ranking for long-tailed keywords for products, then posting them on Pinterest with the app called Tailwind would surely yield some results.

The verdict? Oh boy, yes it did.

Here’s what I did, and it is easy for you to copy with Amazon links, ShareASale links or any affiliate link network.  

The key is to use the product keyword on free blog websites like and then share it to all of the free sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Stumbleupon.  

Pinterest seems to be the current leader in traffic for my blog and many others, so be sure to take a few seconds and PIN whatever content you create, be it video or blog post.  It will be well worth your time. In fact, (chuckle, chuckle) I just completed a quick Cheatsheet ($3.95 less than the price of a Grande Starbucks White Chocolate mocha – my personal fav kind of treat) that explains exactly how to do this process here.

I also use Tailwind which makes it super-duper easy to spread whatever I am promoting all over Pinterest and it’s super cheap at $15/month and I started with their free trial.  Once I had used it for a few days, I was hooked! It was super cool to load up images and know that while I was sleeping, shopping or working, my content was scheduled in my own particular time zone to be zapped out onto Pinterest where hundreds and potentially thousands of awesome Pinterest lovers will see it.  Woohoo, can you say, this is gold? This is a win, if I’ve ever found one and consider.

Why? Here’s what happens if you just use a “general keyword” such as weight loss. People go into Google or Bing and type “I want to lose weight” and then they begin to see ads by the big gorilla companies with million dollar budgets, and you want them to see your blog or video promoting an affiliate offer or health supplement. 🙁

Now, what IF, instead you promoted a specific product with a long name like:


Husqvarna 961450023 HU700H Honda 160cc 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Hi-Wheel Mower in 22-Inch Deckmower

Now, you are ON to something really powerful. If you want a “jump ahead” and make sales with REAL physical products like this lawn mower, you are going to need two things:

  1. The NAMES of the physical products that are hot sellers right now.
  2. Articles about each product to cut and paste into your free blog.

There’s a super awesome lady that I met doing internet marketing called Tiffany Lambert who has been offering articles for years in niche areas, including seasonal sales such as Halloween and Christmas.


So, if you want to promote Christmas products,for example, of specific toys, you could see her offer here.


Or, if you prefer to promote more “evergreen” products such as the lawn mower example, above, you can also view her Mini-Mart Store here and browse through her offers.  There are too many to mention, but I do want to point out some “evergreen” offers that might give you some ideas for the kind of blog/readership/subscriber list you can build.4tiffanyminimart

You can find her mini-mart here.

Tiff’s articles will give you a headstart and then you would just plug in your affiliate links from ShareASale or Amazon or any offer you find on the affiliate network called CJ.


So, when you begin a blog or a video,  here’s the thing and it’s a big THING, target buyer keywords.  Other folks? Well, they’re known as tire-kickers or people who are just simply browsing around the internet in their recliner looking to read some news, or some other items of interest.  

If you get this ONE thing right, it can make or break your internet business – target BUYER KEYWORDS.

That’s why I simply adore sites like Tiffany’s.  It comes with already-done-for-you, just simply open up the “box” and let ‘er rip.  

What do I mean? You can take Tiffany’s articles and create an entire WordPress niche site and drip-feed your articles by scheduling your posts to be published about once a week.  So, if you bought 50 articles, you potentially have 50 weeks of blog posts! Then, before they publish, go find some really cool images.


I use this site called Pixabay:


Their images are free, gorgeous, fun and copyright free =).  So, you can go to, download a pixabay image, and PIN it with Pinterest with your Pinterest board that has the address of your blog.

Voila! Free traffic!

It’s a beautiful thing.  Companies and individuals spend vast amounts of money on paid advertising campaigns with no guarantee of any return on their investment.  

With free traffic online coming from sites like Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Pinterest, the only thing you have invested is your time.hourglass-34048_1280

Amazing Income Reports and Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

If you want to have a business online cranking out for you for years to come, you have to start your own hosted blog, like this one.


Here’s a screenshot of some of the most successful blogs on the internet to get your creative mind sparking in the right direction.


Website:  The Huffington Post   Ariana Huffington Daily Income: $29,896 Value: $21.82 Million

Mashable                       Pete Cashmore       Daily Income: $15,781  Value: $11.52 Million

Techcrunch                  Michael Arrington  Daily Income: $14,816  Value $10.82 Million



Source of graph:

So, that sounds like a good investment of time and energy, where do you start?


Can you start out with a free blog? Yes, but you have NO control over Google or anyone else spamming it or taking it down after you’ve worked so hard to get it up there and write about your favorite topic.

Okay, so where do you start? First, get a domain name. You can get a free domain with this company, and they offer good support too.

What should your domain be?  


Here are the Criteria:

  1. It should be an interesting name that gives the visitor some idea of what you are going to be talking about on your blog.
  2. It should be a .com which are more valuable some day when you become famous =) and want to sell it for a retirement nest egg.
  3. It should be about something that has products that people buy in a passionate niche, not just for information sake only. Examples are: Health, Wealth, Spiritual Topics, Toys, Garden Tools, How To Ebooks, and any of thousands of products like you see as hot selling on Amazon.


SEO experts used to suggest that buying a domain name, especially with the .com, was golden to get the most exposure, but those wild west days are over.  


Nowadays, it is the value of your content and how it is shared all over social media that rank it highly. Plus, the websites that link to yours are also important, but if you are just starting out, the best tip I can give you is to provide information and good, valuable content that you would like to read yourself.  Let the search engines find you naturally.

There is also paid traffic, like Facebook ads, and I don’t recommend many of those, but one that is outstanding is this course on starting with 5 dollars a day.  Truly, if you are just starting out, you want to follow the advice found here and be careful with your advertising money.  I wouldn’t throw advertising dollars at Facebook, until you study this expert’s path.  He has already been down the road, so you don’t have to. Check it out.


Otherwise, keep your day job until your blog has replaced your monthly income and perhaps a bit more, to be on the safe side.  


It starts with a Domain Name that you can get free here, when you sign up for their hosting.  What is hosting? The company that keeps your website up running on the internet with it’s virtual files stores on their computer or “servers.”


But, let’s go back to what you should build your blog about….Keep in mind that just because I think a blue-eyed, coarse-haired dog of a rare, pedigree is the most fascinating thing on the planet, there might only be a handful of people in the world that agree with me or could care less!

My point is you need to find a “niche” or subject that people are crazy about in the sense that they think about that topic all day long and all night long.  It is such a “bother” to them, that they scour the internet for a solution to the problem.  

What are some prime examples?

I’m losing my hair.

I want to get my Ex-husband, Ex-wife, Ex-boyfriend, Ex-girlfriend back, but I keep pushing them further away every day.

I have these awful warts on my hand.

I have this embarassing______ (odor/spot/bumps) that I can’t get rid of, but I’m too ashamed to go the doctor.

How do I change my diet because the doctor just diagnosed me as “Diabetic.”

*How do I make money with my computer late at night after my job?

*How do stop my puppy from smelling up our house because I can’t pottytrain him?

*Where is a cream that can erase my age spots?

*I have made money with all of these kinds of products with specific Affiliate Networks.


Now, your head should be spinning with ideas.  Just remember, the key is to pick a subject that not only YOU know a lot of information about, but choose a subject that thousands of people search for a month that includes e-books and physical products, as well.


The next step is to Build A List of Subscribers.

In the next article in this blogpost, I will discuss all of the exact names of the Affiliate Networks I signed up to in order to make those commissions. You can find that here BEST AFFILIATE PROGRAMS.





10 Ways To Use Video To Make Clickbank Sales

Looking for one thing to change your life? Only one thing can change your life online…and that is to build a real business online.

Whether it be affiliate products by promoting other people’s products (my personal favorite), promoting the hottest toys in Amazon, or click per action offers for travel, your one thing is a subscriber list that you can market to for years to come. 

Seriously, how many times do you think Amazon markets to one buyer?  Once that person has created a free account, when they login, they see “Suggested items” and Amazon even goes so far as to send you an email, saying you “might like this.”

If the massive Amazon website can create billions of dollars in revenues following these simple “follow up” tips, you can do the same thing by creating an autoresponder  (I use Aweber for my main list) and following-up with the people who sign up on your list.

When you find out what sells the best and fits your personal talents, skills and mindset, hang your hat there. Don’t go any further. Don’t buy anything else. Don’t download another program, unless it promotes that one thing.

Why? Because that one thing is a focus, a place where you can build a list of subscribers to feed your family and pay your bills for many years to come.

Want to get to $5000 as fast as possible? Find out what people need and serve it to them with all your heart, soul and ability. Don’t try to make a fast buck, because fast bucks fly out the window as fast as they came in to your Paypal account.

Instead, a better option is to fill your autoresponder with names and emails of people who know you, like you and trust you because you helped them fill a need in your life.

What are some examples of this?

There are thousands upon thousands of marketplaces, and virtual stores online. Each one fills a need, some fill a need of thousands.

Take a physical website, for example, I was just looking at a site that offers women accessories to redecorate that bathroom.

Now, if you build a list of women who wanted to redecorate their bathroom, don’t you think those same women are also interested in organizing their closet, their shoes, their make-up drawer? The answer is a resounding yes!

So, where do you begin?

First, pick a niche product and then make a Youtube video about it.

How to make sales with videoThis new video software just came out recently to make video creation super easy and take away the huge learning curve of most softwares out there.

Some of my favorite features to help you create 10 or more videos in a day promoting Clickbank, Markethealth or any CPA offer on Offervault.


  1. Video Vibe Pro video software has templates that you can use to simply “Add Slides” to create instant videos.
  2. You don’t have to know any code at all.
  3. You don’t have to upload images, unless you want to ,since they are already preset inside this video software.
  4. This software also takes you directly to Clickbank, Markethealth and OfferVault which are actually 3 of the top affiliate networks online, especially for Newbies. 
  5. Once you “create” your video, you can hit a button to UPLOAD it to Youtube.
  6. Then, you can choose to promote it all over social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit…etc.
  7. There is a another tab that promotes your video to private blog networks. If you don’t know about private blog networks, these are linking sites that are the most favored links by Google that will rank your video.
  8. I also add to the mix, my favorite free pinger called which gets my video ranked fast.
  9. I also use Google Plus (and after I share my video URL or address of my video on Blogger, I also Google Plus comments underneath my video and then ping ALL of those URLS for quick, added SEO juice.
  10. With this software, you can create hundreds of videos, especially once you get the hang of it, which means you can use this software to leverage your efforts to build your very first list.

That’s the beauty of software. It is actually like having a virtual assistant with you all day long. Kristie Chiles-Arp


5 Simple Ways To Grow Your List Fast With Buffer

Last night, I was researching around the net for more information on how to make money with your blog in the fastest amount of time, and I stumbled across a real gem.  Getting traffic to your website is a big deal, especially when there are a million blogs out there and you are competing for an audience. 

Since there are only 24 hours in every day, I knew there had to be a better way to reach hundreds, thousands or millions of people online in social media.  

For the past year or longer, I’ve been using Youtube’s own free


buttons beneath each video I create, and then pinging it across the internet with the free tool called  It works like a charm, especially with long-tailed keywords (the longer the phrase, the easier it is to rank that phrase). In fact, I just wrote a new course that is quick and easy to show you how I get top rankings in Google using all free tools such as Google+ and Blogger to share my videos.

You can get a copy of that course here, but Members get it free in the tab above called FREE COURSES. You can join us here.


I’ve been happy with the results and it brings high rankings, especially if you share on Google’s own properties of Google Plus and with an added free ping to each of those shared urls that is created by the “share.”

Plus, it has proven to bring in lots of free, targeted traffic.  Yet, I was hungry for more traffic and free is always a great reason to try a new tool out.

What is the new tool I found?  It’s called Buffer. Buffers also offers a free version, that can be upgraded to 3 different levels if you find that you want more of their unique services.

What do I love about Buffer?  Hmmm….how much time do we have?

Not much? Okay, then I’ll just stick with


5 Simple Ways To Grow Your List Fast with

how to grow your subscriber listAfter staying up until 2:30 a.m. last night, playing around on Buffer’s website, I was delighted to find out that:

Buffer has excellent customer service as referenced by the quickest response in history from 2 of their staff members.  Even though they claim they will answer you within an hour, not only did they get back to me within an hour or less, no less than 2 Team Members wrote me back and asked me if I had any more questions. This was a prime example of superb customer service which makes all the difference in the world when you are tired, bleary-eyed and trying to learn something new at the same time. Also, I might add, I’m a Baby Boomer and what may come in seconds to a 24-year-old, takes me a little bit more studying sometimes.

Here’s what Buffer says in their “Get In Touch” page – “Whether you’re after some help or just want to say hello, we would love to hear from you! Email us below and we’ll get back to you quickly. We aim to reply to over 80% of emails within an hour.”

I might add, they aim to please, and please me they did!




Reason #1 – You are more apt to grow your list faster simply because if you have any questions about using their website as a newcomer, you can do so with confidence that if you get stuck in any way, their support team will help be there to help you within a short amount of time. This means that you are more likely to use this site and use it consistently, which will result in a better outcome. Why? It’s very user-friendly.

After waiting for days for some customer support desks to answer, if they ever answer at all, having two replies that were prompt, courteous and friendly was totally refreshing and created a deeper desire to keep going through the Dashboard.  After these pleasant encounters with their team, I was more determined than ever to learn how to “tweet” to thousands on an automated basis and I wondered if they included Pinterest.

Reason #2 – Buffer does indeed include Pinterest as one of their sites to “pin” as content for you on a scheduled, automated basis.bufferpinterest

Why am I so interested in learning more about Pinterest? I’ve been watching Shark Tank with my husband this last month and many of the wanna-be entrepreneurs mentioned that some of their traffic and sales that number into the six figures came from social media, namely Pinterest.  

Each time, I heard these impressive success stories of how these people were making six figures from just sharing their product on Pinterest alone, I made a mental note to check that out and last night I did.  

The result of that searching around for automated software to post for you at the peak times of day and night lead me straight to

Here’s where it gets even better.  


Reason #3 The posts can be scheduled at the peak times tailored to your own time zone as you can see in this screenshot:






Reason #4- Buffer added the cool feature of being able to share photos and videos to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, some of the top traffic sites around the world. I think that is super cool, and is exactly the kind of leverage I’ve been looking for to increase my traffic to this new blog.

Option #1 – Take the URL of your Youtube video that you find underneath your video that looks like this:




Simply download a video from any video site with the free site called that is free and very reliable.





Option #2: Simply use Youtube’s own share code that looks like this:


Then, just copy and paste the url of your video into the spot on Buffer’s website as show below:




Reason #5 – Results.

What has been the result of this free traffic from free Social Shares on my video and setting up my Buffer accounts last night?

Well, the stats are brand new and just coming in since it has been less than 24 hours, but as you can see from this graph, yesterday when I scheduled posts in Buffer for Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest so far that day has been my biggest traffic surge on this brand new blog so far.  

After less than 24 hours finding this website and Buffer’s awesome team, I am very encouraged.  In fact, I even like the site so much, I plan to keep learning more, posting more and finding out which posts are popular, liked or retweeted.  

Using Twitter alone, is a natural lesson in copywriting and a challenge as well, as it literally forces you to structure your tweets in a way that are short, succinct, and to the point, while still being entertaining and eye-catching at the same time.



Conclusion:  It goes to show that when you over-deliver, people notice.  After I emailed Buffer for support asking how I could best utilize Buffer for this new membership site, two of the team members answered quickly. Both sent me resources in the form of videos and articles to help me get further. I was very impressed with their helpfulness and courtesy.

I also took a moment and went to Youtube to find more information about, since this is a fairly new site to many marketers and bloggers, including me. Check those out on Youtube by searching for “Buffer.” There are some very easy-to-understand video guides there that will help you get an overall picture of this awesome site. 

What is my next step after hitting PUBLISH for this post? I’m going to go visit my Buffer dashboard and share this all over the internet.  I’m in a “twit” mood, so here I go for more fun tonight. Stay tuned for more traffic updates, as I have a feeling this is going to rock.

Nice to meet you, Buffer! 




You can join in this conversation by putting your Email Address in below.

7 Darn Good Reasons Why You Need To Build A Mailing List Before Christmas

If you are struggling like I was when I was a Single Mom trying to get two awesome children through college, but struggling on the internet to make $100/month, you will want to know 7 reasons why you need to build a blog before Christmas that I will share below.


But first, I want to back up a bit to those long days and nights when I first started online having read an ad somewhere that I could “make money in my pajamas.” What? I was hooked, and I began searching for months on how to do just that very idea on a consistent basis, not just a one-time shot in the dark.


Those were my “Good Grief” days…..I loved watching Charlie Brown as a kid (and I admit, still do as an adult) and whenever something would happen about 100 times a day, my response was “Oh, Good Grief.”

I just needed cheerful, unabashed, undaunted and fearless Lucy to bounce my way and say, “Get a grip, you Blockhead!”


Ha! I felt like a Blockhead most days when I would buy my daily dose of WSOS, especially those $4 dollar ones that were like downloading bubblegum from a multi-colored machine full of enticing big bubbles, just waiting to be popped.

Do you know what I mean…there was always some thing-a-ma-jig or thing-a-ma-bob that promised a newer, brighter, easier, push-button, grow legs and fill your bank account, newest, brandest, dog-gosh darn awesome NEW way to do what I was struggling to do.  Good grief!

A million dollars in one year? Shoot! I just wanted to pay my apartment rent! I just wanted to go out to Outback and eat a steak without having to choose between going to Outback or buying a Lean Cuisine that was cheaper, you know it?

But I persisted, until I was nearly broke and my Good Griefs turned into desperation and I found myself one night staring at my computer full of Trojan viruses, saying, Okay, I’m just about ready to give up.

To make ends meet and to wear me down further, I had started substitute teaching at the local schools where the crime rate in my town is in the top 10! Good Grief! I thought I would lose my mind and came home daily promising myself that I would HAVE to figure out this internet lifestyle.  Anything looked better than what I was living.

Sometimes it takes feeling DESPERATE for you to shift your mindset to GOT TO! –  Kristie Chiles-Arp

There’s just something about worrying about foreclosures, eviction, bill collectors and a future stretched out in front of you of sleepless nights, that gets you in a different gear, I call GOT TO!


If you have GOT TO make a change, you will find it, if you search hard enough and pray long enough.  I got down on my knees and prayed, washed my face and took action.

Here’s what I did on that fateful night. I went through my email inbox of the gurus who I trusted, and emailed them my story, literally begging them to give me a “quick fix” or an emergency way to make money.  Plus, I jumped on a Webinar where one guy was promising he could show you how to make money fast, and I believed him.  

The second guru laid down a challenge.  He said that if one of us on the webinar could give him some income proof or a workig plan of how we had money online, he would choose 4 of us to joint venture or partner with us to create a product launch.  A product launch? What?

But, as you remember, I was pretty desperate, so I needed at that moment to stand out like a PURPLE COW, because I was HUNGRY and I was in a GOT TO mode of thinking.  I quickly typed my response in the chat box of the webinar, and he took notice.  It worked!

He told me to send me his email and we would connect on Skype.  That night we talked for a long time, and I think the “teacher” and the GOT TO Factor kicked in (plus I believe in the power of prayer), and he challenged me again.

Let me pause here and say, that when you are really ready to move your life forward and you get to the GOT TO place in your life, you will find a way.  You will find a way to make it happen.  That’s what happened that night.  But, not before I was stretched WAY out of my comfort zone. So, I am pointing you to this fact.

No growth occurs without at least a little bit of stretching and sometimes it gets WORSE before it gets FABULOUS! – Kristie Chiles-Arp

He challenged me to go to a local pet grooming shop where I was about to pick up my daughter’s English Bulldog, and as he was waiting live by the phone with a mock version of this local businesse’s website in Mobile Website version, I was to try and sell the business owner a Mobile Website.  I threw on my best business attire, grabbed my cell phone and all the courage I could muster and headed out the door.

Well….let me tell you that my throat was dry, but I was sweating like a piglet, when I went in to pay and pick up my Hunk.

But knowing that I was in the GOT TO mode, changed everything, because these were his very words on the phone to me, before I got out of my car.  If you don’t get the sale, there is NO PRODUCT LAUNCH. Period. We had to have income proof and a proven case study, which I agreed with to be credible. We had to show it was done and that I had done it.

Before I had a chance to waver, I just pulled the owner to the side (who was very busy, but took a moment out of pure curiousity to see what I had pulled up on my phone about HER website), and I popped the question. “Would you like for your website to look like THIS or like THIS – quickly going to her tiny, ineligible print on her website back to the beatiful push-button CALL US on the mobile website.”

Without a flicker, she said YES, how much? How much??? I looked at her blankly and quickly pulled a number out of the air.  $497?  She hesitated for a fraction of a second, and then walked past me, saying, “Let me get my company checkbook!” What!!

There are moments in your life, when merely WISHING it hard enough, don’t make it so! Massive action has to follow the wishin! – Kristie Chiles-Arp


So, long story short. We launched. The result was more than I could have ever hoped for..I had my first $1000 day and then the next day, another $1000 day..and the sales kept trickling in. I was stunned! This really did work, if you had the right connections and knew how to put it all into motion.  Affiliate marketing, building a subscriber list with products and Youtube marketing became my new business.


I don’t do marketing for offline brick and mortar businesses any longer, other than renew that one mobile website, but if you do, I congratulate you.  

I decided a long time ago, that my favorite marketing is affiliate marketing (promoting other people’s products), and on occasion, creating my own products. So, don’t worry, you don’t have to create any products unless you decide to later on.


Affiliate marketing is still working well for me, some two and a half years later, but now I’m at the point where I want to teach others. You won’t have to spend the thousands of hours I did, working nights and weekends to understand what I am about to show you in a matter of days.  Now, without further delay…


Here are the 7 Reasons Why You Need To Build A Mailing List Before Christmas that could be life-changing for you, if you do it.



Reason #1

Building a subscriber list is an asset no one can take away from you.


Reason #2

Building a list allows you to build a relationship with the people who know a little less than you do, but are willing to trust you to share the treasure of knowledge you have found, that they don’t have time to find out for themselves.

Reason #3

Once you have your first subscriber of even 10 subscribers, it will force you to get organized, have a plan, and actually implement what you plan to do in the first place. There’s nothing like knowing people are waiting for your email to hit their inbox, to learn something new.

Reason #4

If you provide real and valuable tips for the people who come to your squeeze page, and put in their name and address and giving you their approval to market them, the world is your oyster.  You now have the opportunity to teach them about your niche, and after a couple of emails, you can begin to share resources with your affiliate links inside of them.  Your golden rule should be: “Tell, don’t sell.” You will be amazed how, as Zig Ziglar always said that you can have anything in life you want, if you help enough people get what they want. (paraphrased).

Reason #5

It’s the right way to do business.  You can have a flash-in-the-pan business where you make one video or write one article and get two subscribers, but if you don’t have a clue what to say to them, it can be a one sale wonder.  

Instead, the right way to do business is to set up a blog to welcome your visitors with your Squeeze page offering them something to take home for free.

Building a blog to direct your Subscribers to gives your Squeeze Page an official “address.”


Building a mailing list without a like inviting people over to your home and giving them a P. O. Box Number instead…it just flat out isn’t the way to build a first and unforgettable first think?- Kristie Chiles-Arp


Reason #6

Over time, your email list and your blog become melted into one and one feeds the other.  Your squeeze page is hosted on your website, which leads to your sending them an email back to your blog where you have put your freebie on another page.  Then, your blog enhances their experience with more resources and tips you have found about your niche.  If you leave your blog with open comments, you can begin to “chat” with the people who visit and ask you questions. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to everything, no one does. Don’t let that trip you up.  

You can either Google and research a question that you don’t know yourself, or simply reply that you haven’t looked into that area yet.  Be honest. People can spot a phony a mile away.  You want to position yourself as an expert, but not necessarily a know-it-all. Being real, honest and transparent goes a long way in a world where people simply “fake it, til they make it.” Dare to be different.

Be a purple cow, stand out in the herd of the noise online and actually begin to teach a real business model, build a following of subscribers and make a new home for all you’ve learned on a blog like this one.


Reason #7

This list can be the means that will feed your family, pay your bills and allow you to travel wherever and whenever you want to, for many years to come.  How do you start? You can start here with us, by signing up to the first month and digging deep into how to begin creating a real, lasting asset so that you can wake up when you want to, and head to the local Starbucks for “work.”

It’s a beautiful thing. Get started here by clicking here.

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