How To Make More Affiliate Sales So You Can SMILE Like A Monkey With A New Banana? (Clickfunnels really works!)


What is sweeter than affiliate sales when you are busting your bum working long, hard hours trying to figure out all of this “online stuff” any ol’ way?


[clickToTweet tweet=”If the best part of your day at work, is that your chair swivels, you need to make a change!” quote=”If the best part of your day at work, is that your chair swivels, sweetheart, you need to make a change!” theme=”style3″]


I remember those days…thinking if you would just give me the whole ding-dang picture all in one shot, I might have an even chance of making it full-time online? Don’t leave me hanging in the dark with one more upsell so I can get FINALLY get the hang of “making money in my sleep” from that person in New Zealand or the land down under, you know?

And then, hold the phone, it happened! I made a sale while I was sleeping from the land of the kangaroos down under…what was it? Someone bought a “How To Build A Chicken Coop” Ebook from my Clickbank link that I had written a blog post about. I was hooked like a worm on a dangling, fish hook.  Man, this stuff really works.  And I had hope, fresh hope.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you can make ONE DOLLAR online, then you can figure out how to make 1K!” quote=”Because here’s the kicker. If you can make ONE DOLLAR online, then you can figure out how to make ONE THOUSAND dollars online!” theme=”style3″]

Now, even though my grammar teacher would CRINGE at my slang, I am a Southern girl, southern as in the SOUTH of USA. And, that’s how we gals talk ’round here.

But, I can also “put on the dawg” and be all proper-like.

Just foolin’ around…blogging is so much dang FUN.  It has to do with my teaching degree I chose as a major in college.  I chose teaching out of pure desperation, when I was 20 years old,  just because I HAD to put something down on the form, you know? That deadline and all…

And it has nothing whatsoever to do with my Master’s degree in a concentration in law, which was fascinating, but again not my calling.

So, what IS my calling, you may be wondering. Now, index finger tapping on my keyboard, now THAT is the question.

After much soul-searching and internet hopping in the last 8 years, I have come to the conclusion that I DO love to teach after all, but online instead of in the physical classroom. I totally LOVE the children, but I’m not cut out for the schoolteacher-until-I-retire career…just not in my DNA.

So, back to my calling…it’s called INSPIRATION. I discovered that I love to inspire and to BE inspired as well!  (smacking my lips, nothing better to make any day a good day!).

I met a guru (pronounced GOOROO)…who took me under his young wing and saw potential in my ebook-writing skills some four years ago. We wound up doing four product launches together because we “clicked”, and we were very successful at launching. I would write the rough draft, and he “polished” it up and added all of the techie touches, including gorgeous graphics. We were a team. We were successful. We taught a lot of folks. And then, he moved on to launch with other newbies (people who were new to product launching)..and I began to go solo. Once you learn how to write your own course, or record your own videos to create your own video course, you can go solo.

Fast forward to today.

Using just a few of Clickfunnels’ elements, I’ve been able to bring in sales like these from my own ebooks and promoting other people’s products as well.  The screenshot featured in the video is just one of my affiliate accounts.

What is working now? What can you do if you are just starting out that will allow you to leap above the mountains of

1. Techie issues to set up a “sales funnel”
2. Writing sales pages
3. Hiring a graphic artist for your pages
4. Building a subscriber list

What could possibly leap all of those in one single bound?

I found it. It’s called


I didn’t really “get it” at first. It is sort of like when a stranger knocks on your door, and you timidly (or not so timidly ask Yes, How can I help you?

That’s what it was like when I first saw their sales page a few months ago.

I was like, What is this? What are they doing? What is the purpose for all of this? Why would I want it? How are people making money with this? Is this something I could ever want? Hmmmm…I think I’ll just click off of this weird video. I don’t know this guy any ‘ol way.

And then I saw it again, and again.

Did you know that most people {including MUAH (me)} have to see a message seven (7) times
7 times
7 times
7 times
7 times
7 times
7 times

Sorry, I know that was annoying but it is just the way our brain is wired…that’s why we see the SAME commercial over and over on our favorite re-run channels.  They are planting a subliminal message in our brain so that when we DO get hungry, and they just somehow KNOW it’s that time of night, where you start CRAVING food…that you’re going to pick up the phone and dial that pizza take-out number, because it’s what??? Peyton (my husband loves Peyton!) is talking about two pizzas for the price of one PLUS a chocolate brownie cookie? Honey, where’s my cell phone?  Quick! Write down that number from that pizza commercial. Ugh!  5 more pounds on the hips, as it goes past the lips.

But it’s called marketing, and we need to get us some of that!  All day long.

That’s what Clickfunnels does.  It fires on all marketing and brain-wave cylinders.





Here’s how it works.


First, you choose “Add New Funnel”









first4Next, if you share your link to your new PAGE created in Clickfunnels on Pinterest (adding Youtube marketing like I do), you will add many subscribers to your list.  This is the key to growing a true business.

You must, you must, you must grow a subscriber list that you can send information to and promote offers to in the future.  This is the only way to sustain a monthly income.


You can find out how to take this all to the next level in my new course coming out soon called:
An Amazing Guide to Becoming A Super Affiliate Marketer.



And now, I look like this when you say “Clickfunnels.



Boy, that monkey needs to do the “white tissue test” and invest in some serious whitening toothpaste!  Ha!

=>Begin Your Subscriber List with Clickfunnels Today and Be Way Ahead of this Grinning Monkey. 



How To Build A Landing Page That Doesn’t SCREAM M-U-G-L-Y

What is life-changing?


Building a list of subscribers who know you, like you and trust you and what you personally think is “all that!”

How do you build a list of subscribers?  There are lots of ways to do this.

The best way is to find a mode of traffic that resonates with your personality.  A few years ago, I started with Youtube marketing as the way I drove my traffic to my new ebooks and courses.  Plus, I used Youtube review videos to make affiliate sales from other people’s products.  The third way I was able to get subscribers is to put my bonus ebook in the backend of other people’s products.

All of these ways work.  In the beginning, I used really simple graphics and sales pages for my optin page that were what my husband would call “MUGLY!”  This was all true until I found this page builder that really knocked my socks off!




How To Make Money With Your Blog From Anywhere in the World


So, I was talking to really close friend today, and she really wants to CHANGE, as in…her job..her house…her location and someone who knows her work background gave her a game-changing thought…

Do you want to know what it was? I mean, to REALLY rock her world…to REALLY figure out

where to begin?

It was something so SIMPLE, you might not think of it, or even worse..

It was to do this one simple task:


Okay, I hear ya…you may not think that is so earth-shattering, but have you ever been completely overwhelmed as in feeling like you are WAY in over your head?

Maybe you’re going through a divorce, or you just REALLY need a job-change like my friend?

What if?

You could change your LIFE and work ANYWHERE in the world..and I mean anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection?

Would that be life-changing for you? It would for most folks…and it was for me, because that is exactly

what I’m able to do and I thank God that I can.

I want you to have this kind of freedom too!

If I could whisper in your ear, I would say this…..

“Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming!”



Don’t you dare give up!  If you think you can, you can!

If you like to blog at all whatsoever, you should, and you should start right now.

What is so awesome about blogging?  There are no rules about time or place.


You can blog anytime or any place you are, like right now…we’re trying to sell our house and my husband’s job is moving further north, so for right now, we are temporarily living in an apartment with a few things from home.  Right now, we “set-up” house and I’m using my iPhone as a “hot spot” so I can work from home.  I LOVE being able to go wherever.

In between running back and forth to the washing machine/dryer, grabbing a bowl of cereal for a quick supper, and watching old reruns of Little House on the Prairie, I’m writing this to you…

That’s what I love about the internet lifestyle.  It is the freedom to work at 7:00 am or 7 pm, like it is now.  Wouldn’t you rather work on your clock, than someone else’s?

Now, I have been working on my journey online since 2009 when I was newly single after a 25 year-old-marriage ended abruptly and in a way your nightmares couldn’t imagine…but GOD!

I found God in a new way that I had not known before, and I want you to know that Jesus Christ is real, and if you are reading this and are desperate, know this, hang your hat on it and tell yourself over and over one of God’s promises that kept me sane in those dark days, “Jesus said, I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  People will come and go out of your life your entire life, but once you’ve invited Him in, He never will.  You can bank on it.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

And that brings me to my next point, you can be yourself online.  You can brand yourself, and be as unique as you are.  You are gifted and talented in ways you can’t even imagine.  Just think about a starfish.  There are no two alike.  That’s how unique you are as well.  So, don’t overthink and overanalyze and “get ready to get ready.”

Start tonight.  Start when you’re doing the laundry and waiting on the dryer to stop.  Start when you’re at Starbucks and having a latte or mocha.  Start on your lunch break and type your heart out for 30 minutes.  You can change YOUR world in just a few minutes a day.  How?

Because you’re building a business and that takes a journey.  Your journey will be different than everyone else’s online.

Why not You? Why not Now?

Plus, you don’t have to be a “me-too” kind-of-a-blog.  Be yourself and brand yourself the way you’ve always dreamed.

Use others’  blog for pure downright inspiration, but be your own brand.

What is it that excited you?  What draws you?  Then, build a blog around that and build a subscriber list and attract people who LIKE the same things you do.  It works. It flat out works.

Now, I know you want to know how to make money with your blog.  I have been a part-time blogger for some time, but recently decided that I would spend more time on my blog to reach a larger audience.

And I’m TOTALLY stoked about it!  Enthusiasm is a light to your blogging and financial fire. Feed it!

Find those graphics, sayings, and bloggers that you think are “all that” and study their success, so you can follow.  You don’t have to copy them.  Just learn from them and study hard.

I love what Will Smith said in one of his movies, “Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t fulfill your dreams you can’t, not even me.”  Don’t let anyone set your agenda.  You are your own woman, or your own man.  Forge your own path.  Build your own dream, and never let go of it.  Hold on to it with both mental fists and don’t let defeat, someone else’s opinion of what you’re doing, or your OWN brain think you out of it.  Be unstoppable.  Write down a specific goal.

Now, I’ve studied a lot of self-improvement in the form of books/videos and blogs in the last few years to improve my mindset to believe I could..and it worked.  I now truly believe that what your mind can conceive, you can achieve.

One exercise that has worked for so many successful people is this:

Imagine that you are ALREADY where you want to be.  What does that dream day look like?

What are you wearing? What are you doing? What are you blogging? What are you saying on your cell phone? How much money are you making from your blog?  I know, I know, this all sounds a bit “woo-woo,” but it works if you combine it with hard work and lots of action…consistently!

Do you want to make $10,000 a month? Then work your way backwards.

How many products would you have to sell to make $10K a month?

If you made an affiliate sales of $5 an item for a dress, or a toy, it would like this:

2000 x $5 = $10,000

1000 x $10 – $10,000

100 x $100 = $10,000


So, now it’s looking better and easier at the same time.  If you can find a product, (or down the road create a new product), that pays you $100 a sale, you would only have to sell 100 courses or services to make $10,000 a month.

I make my income from two ways:

#1  Affiliate marketing – sending product recommendations to my subscribers through email


$2  Creating quick guides that teach some helpful principles of making money online.

#1 You can go to and hire someone to put up your WordPress site.  The blogger platform is great, but you can’t really go as far as you like to until you get a self-hosted WordPress blog.

#2 Get an autoresponder.  I have used Aweber for years and made thousands of dollars emailing my list.

=>>Sign up with Aweber for a free trial click here 


but I’ve also found one recently that is more geared for bloggers called MadMimi that I absolutely love.  

You can find that here, and sign up for a free account.

I now create courses that help to solve a problem.  But I started (and still do), will affiliate marketing.

If you’re new to this an “affiliate” is someone who promoted other people’s products.  You can simply sign up and get your link from the company.

You don’t have to talk to anyone.

You simple fill out a form and then get your link.

I started with Clickbank which is virtual instantly downloadable ebooks, and then branched out to promoting physical products on Amazon, which some people love to do that.  If you do that, I would suggest that you pick a niche, and then a sub-niche, such as:


Niche: Toys

Subniche – Sponge Bob Toys only


Now, simply blog about one toy a day, or one product a day and choose the keyword to name that post so you are targeting BUYERS, instead of information seekers.  That is the secret between success and failure online.


Do this every single day and you should start to see success.  Be sure at the end of every post to leave what we call a “call to action” so that they sign up to your newsletter.

Your second biggest tip is to build a subscriber list!

With that in mind, please take a moment and sign up to my newsletter so that you don’t miss any goodies on this blog (wink, wink).

Until next time – Kristie

3 Reasons I’m Moving To Blogging As A Super Affiliate

Okay, here goes I’m transitioning from the Product Launching world of JVZoo and WarriorPlus to the world of blogging, but bringing all of the knowledge and tips…

Okay, here goes…I’m transitioning from the Product Launching world

of JVZoo and WarriorPlus to the world of blogging, but

bringing all of the knowledge and tips I’ve learned from those two

marketplaces with me as they all fit together nicely.


3 Reasons Why I’m Moving From Product Launching To Blogging As A Super Affiliate:


  1. Recreating products every week/month is mentally taxing.
  2. Recreating your income every week/month is mentally/emotionally exhausting.
  3. It’s time to widen my net of subscribers to a bigger pool…and one that I can relate to easily such as those who frequent Pinterest.


I am currently in the process of changing my blog theme having hired a

very talented guy on to help me with that (it

wasn’t five bucks, but that’s alright with me since you get what you pay

for and I want this blog to look as nice as I work to keep

our home inviting for guests such as YOU…). He should be finished

within a few days, and then I’m going to adding a Pinterest

Live Feed Widget on my blog. (FUN!).


Update:  He’s almost done! Woo-hoo and pass the mocha, I’ve been biting my nails for a week waiting!

But it’s been definitely worth the wait to get a new blog design that I can be proud to show to the world. Before that, I was boot-

strapping it with my own WordPress site and using free themes.  It is definitely worth the money to invest in a highly-skilled

graphic designer, since that is not my forte.  I suggest you do the same to build your blog business.  In order to truly build a

business, instead of a “hobby,” it’s important to invest in yourself.


Going back a few years ago when I first encountered a lady named

Rosalind Gardner and her book “How To Become A Super



How I Made $436,797 In One Year


I bought her book, printed it out and devoured it page by page (I’m

recommending no matter when you are reading this, because she keeps

it updated.) What a SUPER-duper lady!  Rosalind was a former air traffic

controller and after long, hard hours, she decided to turn to the internet

for her source of “bread and butter” to pay her bills and she never

looked back.  Since then, she has become super-uber successful in

several different niches.


=>You can read her story click here. 


[blockquote text=”I learned tips of the trade about affiliate marketing that kept me up all night, but it was just the beginning. First, you have to BELIEVE that you can do it and secondly, you have to have plan of action. Finally, you have to master that plan and take massive action. Boom! Life-changing results can occur! – Kristie Chiles Arp” text_color=”” width=”” line_height=”undefined” background_color=”” border_color=”” show_quote_icon=”no” quote_icon_color=””]



But let’s start from the very  beginning about 10 years ago, or my A.D.D.-like brain will get you totally confused and what you

need to do is to FOCUS online…I was married for 25 years and have

two wonderful grown children, but it ended unfortunately, and I knew

that I HAD to find a way to work from my laptop for these reasons:


  • I had gotten used to traveling and loved it!
  • I knew the internet and information products were the wave of the future.
  • I wanted to be able to work in my pjs and set my own agenda after years of working for “the Boss.”
  • I wanted to be able to work from my laptop wherever and whenever 24/7.


Fast forward to today….and those dreams have all come true and I

thank the good Lord for the people/events/skills/talents and resources

He sent my way.  I give all the glory and thanks to God Almighty.


Without His guidance, I would probably still be a Single Mom sitting in

a dark apartment severely depressed that my fairy-tale marriage ended

in a nasty court battle and my dreams shot to hell in a hand basket.


I am happily remarried in a beautiful home of my dreams, and most

days I begin by sending a quick email off to my list of  subscribers

which is my bread and butter, and I’d like to teach you how to do model

the success of becoming a Super Affiliate with Blogging, Pinterest,

Youtube and/orFacebook ads (or you can just pick ONE.)


Other days (like today), I determine that I’m going to START the day in

my gym clothes, so I actually MAKE to the dang gym, instead of just

doing  it “in my HEART” at the end of the day.  Nothing more bummy

than taking off those gym clothes at the end of the day that are still free

from sweat!  But, I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to WEAR

my pjs or my gym clothes all day on my own schedule.  When I chased

my dream of doing this, I’ll never forget the first month when I actually

LET go of my substitute  teaching job, and said these words…”I’m not

doing that anymore!’


But how did I get to HERE from THERE?


I learned how to build a list of BUYERS.  Now, you will be told to give

away a freebie to entice folks to give you their email and that is fine, but

at some point, you will want to focus on those who buy from you.  It is a

proven statistic that those who buy from you, are more likely to buy

from you again.  Having a small list of buyers was life-changing for me

and it can be for you too.


Here are some other real-world examples of how building a list of

subscribers has changed people’s lives and given them financial freedom:


#1  Promote a product that allows you to capture the emails in a autoresponder like Aweber, that you can send offers to.

A prime example is my daughter-in-law, Britt Winnie, who opened her

own Etsy shop about a year ago. Thanks to her ingenuity and hard

work, she has been able to grow that to a full-time income (along with

her current teacher’s salary), with the support of her husband (my son).

Each time she had someone buy from her shop, she added them to her

subscriber list and offered them an incentive to buy again with nifty,

little coupons, and she never looked back.  Soon, she is quitting her teaching job to stay home with our little grandaughter!

What a blessing!


Would you like to do that too? You can, you know.  Learn how to build a business online by blogging and promoting other people’s products just like Rosalind does, and I do too.  It’s a lot more fun when you are making sales online, so don’t give up!


=>>Click here to read more about how she generated $500,000 in one year promoting other people’s products.







Clickfunnels has a Free Trial…what your Moma didn’t tell ya!

#affiliate marketing #sales funnel #howtoblog #affiliate marketing #promotingotherpeoplesproducts #makemoneyblogging #buildasubscriber list

What your Moma didn’t tell you about Clickfunnels CAN hurt

you…because it is one of the most in-depth sites I’ve ever seen for

building sales pages, hosting webinars, and good ‘ol optin pages to build

your subscriber list.


I also use SumoMe for some of my sites, but Clickfunnels has its own set

of assets that for the price can’t be beat. The basic package is

$97/month, but as you can see in this income shot, it does pay for itself.


When I launch a new product or service, I count on Clickfunnels to do

all the “techie” and professional design details, and I love it.


Here’s a screenshot from just one marketplace/affiliate dashboard that I promote:




It does have a bit of a learning curve, but the Customer Support will take

you by the hand to make sure you jump any techie hurdles. I’m a Baby

Boomer, and if I can do it, I feel assured you can too.



You can get a Free Trial here.

Clickfunnels? Is that hmmmm like Funnel Cake?


This particular sales funnel sold 26,187 books in 30 days for Russell Brunson.


You may or may not have heard of Clickfunnels…I heard about it about

a year ago..and wondered what all the fuss was really about? =).


But fast forward to right now, and I LOVE Clickfunnels. In fact, I’ve

been getting emails this week about the owner, Russell, being featured

on the TV Show “The Profit.” Pretty impressive!


You may or may not have heard of Clickfunnels…I heard about it about

a year ago..and wondered what all the fuss was really about? =).


But fast forward to right now, and I LOVE Clickfunnels. In fact, I’ve

been getting emails this week about the owner, Russell, being featured

on the TV Show “The Profit.” Pretty impressive!


But, what does this mean for you and me as a bloggers and internet

marketers? It means that we can use professional-looking graphics

without paying expensive graphic designers’ fees, which you are boot-

strapping your blog, or any type of internet business, that’s a pretty

sweet deal.


When did my life change from dreading my cell phone to ring at 9 or 10

PM every night to working from my laptop from wherever I happen to

be? Using an autoresponder in combination with Clickfunnels to ask for

emails and build a subscriber list. Simple. That’s it.




But, what does this mean for you and me as a bloggers and internet

marketers? It means that we can use professional-looking graphics

without paying expensive graphic designers’ fees, which you are boot-

strapping your blog, or any type of internet business, that’s a pretty

sweet deal.


When did my life change from dreading my cell phone to ring at 9 or 10

PM every night to working from my laptop from wherever I happen to

be? Using an autoresponder in combination with Clickfunnels to ask for

emails and build a subscriber list. Simple. That’s it.


They offer a 14-Day Trial period click here, that is so totally worth it.

That gives you a chance to try it out and see it in action.  My biggest tip

is NOT to get overwhelmed.  Start with one type of funnel such as the

Opt-In to build your first list of subscribers.


Then, when you get stuck or in techie overwhelm, hit the conversation

cloud and someone will answer you pretty quickly.  The one reason I’ve

stuck with Clickfunnels over some of the other lead pages builders is

because their customer service.  They WILL answer you and figure out

your problem, and if you disappear from their site before they do, they

will email and follow-up with you to make sure you found a solution to

your problem.  In fact, I’ve gotten to know some of them so well, that

they are like “online friends.” They’re friendly, helpful and won’t leave

you stranded and world-class customer support like that is rare.


So, how can YOU use this to make money with your blog or your offline

business.  How can YOU advertise your offers?


You can have to build a list of subscribers.


So, let’s talk about that first step, shall we?


Here’s a screenshot inside to build your first Clickfunnel funnel to ask for your visitor’s emails:








Let’s pause a moment, and make sure you have an autoresponder to

connect this to…I use Aweber and you can get a Free Trial here.




Next, just add your own text and giveaway information. You can add a

download page..just go through the tutorials within Clickfunnels on how

to add your Free Guide or Free Ebook in exchange for your visitor’s

email. Simple!


You’ll love Clickfunnels…it’s sort of like a new pair of shoes. You have to

WEAR them, before they feel “just right.” So, don’t get in overwhelm.

Keep plugging away until you get your Clickfunnels optin page just like

you like it (short and sweet)..and then share it on Pinterest. You’ll be

surprised how fast your list of subscribers will grow. I did this and

within 7 days, I had a list of 300 people!


Get your free trial for Clickfunnels here.

Clickfunnels Review – Why I Use Clickfunnels and does Clickfunnels work for me? You betcha!

This morning I needed to get a quick Sales page up and running, but I ran into a technical snag,
and I have to tell you that most of the time their Support has me answered within minutes. If for some reason I can’t wait, they always send me a follow-up email.

Not only does Clickfunnel make my material look like a graphic designer spent hours creating the pages (this is SUPER for someone who only draws stick figures), they also provide pages for

Optin Form
Thank You Download
Membership Sales Page and Membership Sites

and so much, I’ll have to go back and get the details. Right now, I have family coming in for the weekend, and then we have a family reunion. It is the first one without my Dad, and it’s going to be rough on my Mom, so we are all going because we love to go, but especially for her sake. They never missed one.

The food is good, but the visiting cousins, aunts and uncles is the BEST time…and it’s only once a year, so I’m happy to host all of them here at our house this weekend.

But back to why I use Clickfunnels. Seriously, I have used lots of software but I ALWAYS come back to Clickfunnels, because of the quality and the superior service they bring to the table.

  • Here’s a link to check it out.

I’ll write more in a bit.

Plus, they have an awesome affiliate program. You can sign up for Clickfunnels Affiliate program here.

Within my first 6 weeks of promoting it, I was paid out this:


Which was a nice first time payday, so it was definitely worth promoting Clickfunnels and since I use it every week, I can heartily recommend it.

How To Get Unstuck

Hi there, Kristie here.  Are you feeling like a firehose of information is threatening to drown Y-O-U?

What do you do when you just want to Unsubscribe to every newsletter that you open up, because you are so doggone tired of trying to figuring out every offer, and a million pieces of a confusing puzzle to make money online?

Here is the answer (and it’s not buying another product):

Pick 1 source of traffic:


Pick 1 Product to Promote

Clickbank (pays out $25 on average)
CPA Offer (find a high paying offer)
JVZoo Offer
WarriorPlus Offer
Amazon Product (look for high ticket items since the commission is lower at 6%)
Shopify Store Offer

Here’s a Game Plan for you to follow for the next 30 days:

Take that 1 Course that seemed to make the most “sense” to you and use it with these steps in mind:

#1 Pick that 1 source of traffic that seems to “call you” or you seem to find easiest, because after all, if you’re not doing this online venture full-time, you only have so much strength at the end of a long work-day.

#2 Pick that 1 product that either (1) You know a lot about because you have used it yourself, or

(2) It’s a hot seller that you can recommend with good conscience, but you don’t have another dime to spend and you already know that the Sales Page is bringing in sales.

(For W+ and JVZoo, search for the Home Page and it will show you the Top Sellers for the week).

(For Clickbank, look for the Gravity count, to see how many have sold this month.)

(For Amazon, look for the #sold and 5 Star Reviews).

In other words, don’t waste a minute of your time trying to figure out the Best Sellers, let these marketplaces tell Y-O-U, instead.

But, don’t waste your energy on a product that you are unsure about.  Make sure it is already selling to the crowd who needs it.  In other words, make sure it is a tool or a course that is solving problems for people who are desperate for a solution.  Don’t recreate the wheel that is already a million-dollar best seller.

Use the SALES Page that the vendor spent hundreds/thousands of dollars to have created to sell the product.  Use the bullet points on the sales page for your blog post, video or Facebook post.

Don’t just promote an information product that anyone can “Google” on the internet.  Find a software tool, such as a video software that sells well every day.

If you are scratching your head, wondering what that is, here are 2 that sell well and are hot sellers in the Internet Marketplace.

One that sells well for me (and I use it and love it), is VideoMakerFx in JVZoo.

Another product you can sell that is (another that I use and love) is ClickFunnels.

#3 Start with F-R-E-E traffic until you are an expert. Don’t waste money on paid ads until you are more familiar with the product and how to sell it.

#4 Don’t promote ANYTHING else for an entire month.

#5 Build a list while you are doing that and it is VERY possible, you will make your first sale quickly, if you focus on this one product and follow up with an email.

#6 Get the free trial for an autoresponder.  I use Aweber and it was the easiest one for me to learn when I was new at all of this.  Plus, I didn’t have a lot of time or energy after teaching school all day, to learn a hundred new bells and whistles.  When I got home from school, I just wanted to NOT THINK.  So, keep it as simple as possible.

You can get a free trial here. 

Building a list changed my life, because I was able to stop accepting daily school assignments from the local school system in dangerous neighborhoods, but instead go full-time online.

What is it about your work life you would like to change?  Do you love your boss? Do you love working for someone else?

If the answer is no, start tonight.  Stay up an extra hour and start promoting your first product with 1 source of traffic and build your first list of 10 subscribers.

Your future self will THANK YOU for it.  It has worked for me and thousands of others. Now, it’s your turn.

Keep it as simple as possible.



Remember, why you started this journey in the first place. Don’t give up! Don’t quit! You are closer than you think! Kristie Chiles Arp

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