You Had Me At Hello! Sorry, it’s been a while, is anyone there?

You had me at Hello!

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Well..hello, I confess.

It’s been a while since I BLOGGED!  Please don’t judge me.  I’ve been busy.  Really busy.

BIG SIGH…she says.

BUT, I was on a Live Webinar last night and was reminded (oh me, oh my!) that I should have started blogging like Yesterday, or before yesterday.

But today (actually, tonight) is all I have. Live in the present, you know.  Stop kicking ourselves around for yesterday.  I woke up thinking this morning that I can’t do one IOTA (southern for “small) thing about yesterday.  Nada. None of it. Nothing.

So, I might as well gulp and accept responsibility for all the mistakes I did make (some from omission, some from commission and if you were raised Baptist in the deep South like I was you’ll get THAT)…if not it means what it says pretty much.

And I love my blog…or I’m beginning to. It’s not as “prettied-up” as I would like, but graphic design has NEVER been my strong suit, so I rely on good ‘ol Canva.

Canva is a FREE editing and photo site that is my new BFF. If you haven’t yet heard about it…GIRL!  Run, don’t walk and if you’re like me and your idea of art created is stick figures, you’ll be TOTALLY relieved to find out that most people will NEVER find out (shhhhh I won’t tell!) =).

Now, on to the good stuff.  The internet marketing goodies that make us glad we found blogging, Pinterest and the world of ANYTHING is possible!  What am I referring to, oh not so clearly?  Affiliate Marketing Gold and Niches that bring in riches.

I digress.  So…last night sitting on my sofa propped up with a comfy pillow and bright orange University of Tennessee throw blanket, I found myself with my earphones watching a live webinar.  Sitting nearby was my husband working on HIS laptop (we’re a matched pair from heaven and Eharmony!), while the latest TV make-over show drones on…but no one is really listening.

And my ears suddenly perk up!  200K in a year…whaaaaatttt?  Yep! You can read Suzi’s story here.   It is amazing. She is amazing. Her husband is amazing. Her siblings are amazing entrepreneurs. Her father is amazing. He was on the call cheering her on.  It is one AMAZING webinar! Ha!  When it ended I was so inspired by what she shared, that it came pouring out during my Facebook live video today.

You can watch that here if you like, and I would SO SO love it, if you would LIKE my Facebook Fanpage to give me some more FB love. xoxo

So, without further adieu, if you care ANYTHING about blogging, or your future, go to this page (my shameless affiliate link) and at least fill out your email at the bottom of her page to get on her newsletter.  It will be well worth the effort.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Plus, if you plan to blog, you’ll need a plan (that was corny), but true. ” quote=”Plus, if you plan to blog, you’ll need a plan (that was corny), but true. “]


And I awoke this morning to my husband kissing me goodbye REALLY early (5 AM), so I lay awake to the sound of the rushing

traffic outside and then the LONG and very LOUD horn of a passing train at an intersection.

That HORN….it reminded me as I heard the rushing of car train after car train that life is passing by…and if you don’t GET

on board, it will leave without you.  And it won’t be anyone’s fault except our own.  Dreams sometimes die inside of those

who wished them.  Let the opposite be true of YOU and me.  Let’s rebirth our dreams and tack on some more besides.

Isn’t it time you DREAMED big?

Okay, I get it, you logged into your affiliate dashboards this morning and you saw a big fat goose egg – Total Sales $0.

But!  Let me challenge you. Where did you last see your affiliate sales spike?

What did you do to get that affiliate sale?

Don’t start over.


Do more of the same.

And if you want to blog, start here with Suzi’s course.  You’ll love it.  She’s the real deal.

And so my friend are YOU.  You are a unique blend of all you have experienced to the moment in time.

Make it count.



How To Use Your Own Email Inbox To Find Scrumptious Phrases To Title Your Videos, Blog Posts & Emails

How To Use Your Own Email Inbox To Find Scrumptious Phrases To Title Your Videos, Blog Posts & Emails

Ten people joined us in the last two days at Work From Laptop Mastermind Classes. Now, the good news? You can cancel anytime. Woo-hoo and pass the popcorn.

Put up your feet and enjoy learning the easy-peezy way to make simple, ugly videos that rank all day long.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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6 Figure Case Study – How Do You Build Your Subscriber List With Youtube Videos? The Awakening Video Course







And as a Vendor selling my own information products on WarriorPlus:

And also selling on the platform called JVZoo:

Today (5/16/2014) so far (and it’s early in the day) Affiliate Sales

And for my own Products on JVZoo – this is gross income as 50% was paid out to Affiliate Partners: So Net Approx. $34,000

Plus, I have brought in income on other Affiliate platforms as well, plus as a Coach/Consultant as well, so this does not represent all of my online income, but is a peek inside to see what is possible when you teach, coach, and promote other people’s products online.

Much of my affiliate income comes from emailing my subscriber list which has fluctuated over the years but hovers around 10K – 12K.

Plus, all of this was done (with a grateful heart to God) through being stressed out of mind as a Single Mom with 2 teenagers when I first began back in 2011, and struggling to build a future online where I could be there for my children, and now my grandchildren.

So, I told myself to jump in with both feet and even though I’ve strayed from time to time with shiny object syndrome, I have always kept building my email list, and email promos as an affiliate as the main core of my business.

If I had to tell you where to begin online,  it would be to build your email list.

Wish you had an outstanding course on how to build your email list with videos?  Click Here.

Then, you can either promote other people’s products, or begin to build your own as soon as you see success. Now, your brain will try to talk you out of that, but you have to realize that as soon as you have made $1 dollar – $100 online, you are way ahead of a great percentage of folks who have never done that.  You would be surprised that most people that begin online marketing quit within their first year, because they are not sure how to proceed, or don’t see success quickly enough.

You must invest yourself in your business online, and I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars (sometimes on just one weekend) to get to where I had a good idea of how all of what you see online fits together like a huge puzzle.

How do you get started promoting other people’s products?

You build an email list of people who trust your recommendations because over time and emailing, you build a relationship with them.  Some of them even become friends when you see them often on your webinars.

Online, you can only go so far with being anonymous behind your keyboard.

Human beings crave interaction, it is the way we are wired.

So, hiding behind your computer can only work to take you to one level, but to take it to the next level, you have to “speak” in pictures of yourself or real live videos that go out to Youtube, Facebook or Pinterest.

At the very least, again, you must show people who you are with photographs of yourself for people to “connect” with you.

Video is the best medium because people connect with your face and/or your voice.

Even doing a podcast or a recording of your screen with your voice only works as long as you have a picture of yourself on your Youtube channel or your Facebook page you are broadcasting from, or your Podcast.

We are social beings, so we have to “connect” with the person we are listening to as an expert to believe them, what they say, and what they recommend as action steps to get you where you are going.

I began on Youtube.  I didn’t show my face at first, because I was shy and not confident. But over time, I began to get out of my comfort zone and joined with another entrepreneur to interview people about their products they were launching.

This helped build my buyer’s list.

The other thing that built my buyer’s list of subscribers was reviewing people’s products on Youtube.

Again, you can do this with or without showing your face on camera by using free screenshare software like or or Jing. All are excellent and again, FREE, which is nice starting out when you are on a limited budget.

So…you build your email list.  You take one piece of content, whether it is your blog post like this one, or a video and then you distribute it across many channels across that internet.

For example, one live Facebook video from  your Fanpage or personal profile can be downloaded and uploaded to Youtube, and then shared on Blogger, Pinterest, etc.

Wish you had an outstanding course  to guide as to HOW to build your email list with videos?  Click Here.

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How To Build A List of Subscribers? How To Take One Video and Turn It Into A Steady Stream of Subscribers?

If you wish you knew hot to take on video and turn it into a steady stream of subscribers, then

you’re going to love this!

In this video, I talk about how to begin to create income online even if you’re as clueless as I was

when I first began online. Learning how to build a list of subscribers who know you, like you

and trust you was my ticket to a full-time income


I think back to ten years ago and I didn’t even know how to send a single email.

I was in a bad marriage, life was very difficult, and I wanted to be able work from

my laptop wherever God lead me wherever I wound up after my divorce.

My dreams DID come true. I’m happily remarried, and my grown children are doing well.

Watch the video and you’ll find out which Social Media platform I chose and why.

If you need just one way to get started? Use Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (pick ONE!)

Then, use a page like the one you see here and START building a subscriber list, like NOW.

I use this service and it is like an all-in-one tool that I LOVE!





Remember, if you learn how to build a list of subscribers, you will have an asset for life!

How To Turn 1 Article Into 1 Video With Simple Software Called Vidicle

If you LOVE the idea of videos cranking out views and sales

for you 24/7, but you just don’t want to jump through all the hoops

to actually create your own.


Then, you’re going to love this…


Vidicle is a software tool that takes BORING ARTICLES

and turns them into Fresh, Hot, Traffic-Pulling

Super-Charged UNIQUE VIDEOS with just a few clicks.


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1 Guaranteed Way To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Affiliate Links


A few days ago Luke Maquire asked me to take a look at his new tool for this social

site called INSTAGRAM.

I took it for a spin yesterday and you are seeing my OWN results above after just a FEW HOURS:

It’s one thing when a product creator says he’s created MULTIPLE

5-6 figure businesses using software and one social platform.

It’s another when he can back it up and show PROOF of results that

his students are doing the exact same thing. 

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in advertising, so personally

I like to dig deeper down for the proof. 

And this new software has me convinced because of the results you see ABOVE

from my own account that lay dormant for a while.

Plus, Luke will show you how to monetize all the heaps of FREE traffic you’ll be getting.

Proof of results?

=>See the Amazing Proof Here

P.S. During this launch special, all upgrades are yours at ZERO extra charge

making this a total WIN-WIN.

=>>Yes, Make My Instagram Grow with a Targeted Audience That I Can Monetize

And you'll be doing a happy dance!


Income: 1 Unusual Affiliate Niche That Pays Well – Color Your World With This Affiliate Niche

I talk about affiliate marketing because it is my bread and butter. Lately, I’ve been noticing some affiliate payments coming in from some videos I’ve made in the past few months, so I’ve been slowly adding more to my Youtube channel.

So far, this is the Income:

5 Sales @ $39.99 – $179.95 in passive sales since I made those original 6 videos and left them.

Video reviews are my favorite way of making affiliate income! So, this is a lesson in not “overthinking” what will sell.  That is the beauty of video marketing. It’s simple, and free. It only requires your time.

Specifically, I created 6 videos over the span of a year, and have started seeing income from this one product, so I’ve just added 4 more videos using the keyword tool, Jaaxy, so I know exactly what people are searching for.

The niche is creating Coloring Books for Adults.

Surprisingly, one of the hottest niches last year that is still going strong is Coloring Books for Adults. Who would have thought?

But, it’s true.  In fact, I was mentioning to my mother not too long ago as we were strolling through a Barnes & Nobles store, and she expressed interest as well in a coloring book for adults.

Thinking back, some of my best days were spent coloring, especially before the days of hand-held devices.  We had to entertain ourselves with coloring books and crayons.  It was fun, creative and a great way to pass “down time.”  When you think about the millions of adults who grew up that way, it is no surprise that is has been a popular topic on Amazon as well.

When searching to see if my latest video promoting software that actually creates coloring book for adults I found this article about a woman who has made a small fortune creating coloring books for adults on Amazon’s CreateSpace Platform.



You can read that article here.

Now, if you would like to make your own, I found an easier way than worrying about figuring it out. Lina has created a software that actually helps you create your own very easily.


The software tool that has been bringing in sales is this one by Lina. It is actually pretty ingenuis since it creates a coloring book for you.

If this interests you as another stream of income for you (pretty exciting, right?), then click on the link below and watch as Lina personally explains how it works.

=>You can watch it in action here and listen as Lina explains it.

[clickToTweet tweet=”So, when you are thinking about what to promote for Christmas, don’t forget this lucrative niche” quote=”So, when you are thinking about what to promote for Christmas, don’t forget this lucrative niche” theme=”style3″].

Doing some quick keyword research with my favorite keyword tool, Jaaxy, I found phrases totaling 8815 in total being searched for every month for coloring books for adults. Most of them have this



GREEN dot signifying that the the competition is not too heavy.  In other words, when you see GREEN in this keyword tool, it means GREEN for GO!



Here’s my plan of attack:

Using this Jaaxy keyword tool, I have 74 Keyword Phrases to use as “seeds” for 74 potential WordPress website posts on that new domain.

My goal is to continue adding more review videos to my Youtube channel targeting each of those keywords.  At the end of that process ,I should have hundreds/thousands of views.

Next, after video is created, I will share this on a new Pinterest Board.

Then I will share each video to Tailwind and Board Booster to start growing my Pinterest traffic to my video channel.  This will also help me to build my Youtube Subscribers as well.

Images:  I will use Canva and Picmonkey to create images to share on Pinterest.

Pinterest:  I will begin pinning “like” boards and loading these up as well to Tailwind and Board Booster to begin “filling up” my reservoir of pins to be pinned.

Rinse and Repeat.

Since I will be monetizing with WarriorPlus affiliate links and Amazon links, I will be checking the traffic stats for each once a week.  I realize this is just planting my “seeds” and the young trees will grow slowly.

My plan is to grow a forest of affiliate sales in the Coloring Books For Adults Niche, no matter how long it takes to gain traction.

I’m excited because it’s fun to scale up what you see is working, but before now, I didn’t have a clear plan to do so.  Now I do.

Now is the opportunity to do that, especially since it is early October as I’m writing this and people tend to buy more of EVERYTHING around Christmas-time =).

Stay tuned….





How To Be Successful Online? Grape, Cherry or Lime?

I just watched a very inspiring video my one of my favorite actors, but to save you time, I paraphrased most of the interesting points that I would like to share that really KICKED me in the gut this afternoon.


I think we all tend to be a little A.D.D. online, since there are so many methods and so much information.


Someone asked Tyler Perry what was his secret to success.  He very thoughtfully answered this:


Tyler Perry: I had ONE idea.  My one Focus.

People ask me all the time, How did you make it?

I say there’s only one answer to that, but the truth be told. It was nothing but the grace of God.

Nothing but the grace of God.  You can plant seeds all day long and for most people, nothing happens.  You can audition, knock on doors, give out your business cards, knocking on doors every day of your life, and for most people nothing happens.

When a seed is planted in the ground, all you can do is water it.  you cannot control the weather, you cannot control the sunshine, you cannot control whether the locusts will come and try to destroy it.  All you can do is plant your seed in the ground, water it and BELIEVE.

That is what allowed me in be this position I’m in right now. I would not STOP believing. I would not stop believing. I planted my seed and I worked really hard.  I had one idea and that was to do a play.  All the other stuff came {afterwards}. My only idea, my only focus was to do my one play. And I knew if I could get that to work, everything else would come to pass.

There are so many people who go in so many directions. This week they’re doing that and this week they’re doing something else.  This week they are opening up a salon, and this week they want to be a drill sergeant.

Those kinds of people are all over the place.  Put all your focus in one place.  Put all your energy in one place. If you spread your water across too many seeds, you don’t have as much water for one seed.

Focus on one thing. Make it your priority and stick with it, no matter what.  So many people told me “no”.

No matter how many people lied to me. No matter how many times I put the show up and nobody came.  When I did my first show, I worked my butt off and saved $12,000 from tax returns.  I saved it, worked hard.  Put that show up and thought that 1200 people would show up and about 30 people showed up and I knew EVERYONE of them.  That didn’t deter me.  That was in 1992. 1993 same thing  happened. 1994. 1995. 1996.  1997.  up until 1998.  Same devastation. No one showing up in the audience.

I was doing one show a year working with different promoters trying to get the show up, and nobody showed up, but I didn’t stop. What I say to you now.. Looking at me now here, I am a human being.  There is no difference between my human-ness and your human-ness.  The only thing is, if you are trying to get there, you cannot stop believing in your dream. NO matter what anybody says, no matter what anyone tells you.

You have to know it beyond knowing it.  There is a feeling deep down inside of you. When something is for you, this is how I knew, there is a feeling deep down inside of you that will not allow you to let it go.   It will keep you going when you can’t even keep yourself going.  Our mantra at Tyler Studios is a place where even dreams believe.  There comes a time in your life when you’ve worked, stressed, and tried to get there, but you couldn’t on your own, but you have a dream, so your dream has to {believe it for you}.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Tyler Perry – So, I will tell you this. Don’t stop. Narrow your focus to one idea.” quote=”So, I will tell you this. Don’t stop. Narrow your focus to one idea. ” theme=”style3″]

ONE {idea} and make it work.  That will give birth to all the others.  All you can to do is plant the seed and water it. God Himself has to give the increase. Only God can make the sunshine. Only God can bring the rain. But if you’ve planted the seed, then you’ve done your part.

I wish you so much success in 2012.  Anything you want is possible.  ANYTHING you want is possible.  If I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t take the time to send this message to you.

-Tyler Perry

How to be successful online?  One idea. One focus.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you have one thing you’re good at it, do it until the cows come home. Http:// ” quote=”If you have one thing you’re good at it, do it until the cows come home if you know people are needing it. If you know it solves a problem, do it. ” theme=”style3″]


With that being said, I am going to share some of my own successes in the last month.

First, my greatest income for October so far has been the JVZoo promotions for the video software that multiplies videos.  This software itself has been a dream of mine for some time, but most softwares in the past were not able to accomplish this.  I have always done my video duplication manually with Youtube’s own Video Editor, but was glad to see when this software launched.

The only con is that it is currently only available to Windows users, but I have told that they are working on making it Mac compatible as well.

=>>If you missed that email, you can see that software in action click here.  

Picking my one thing? Hand down, it would be video marketing.  That’s where my bread and butter got buttered a few years ago, when I was determined to make this whole online thing work for me.  I HAD to get out of the classroom, so I got hungry, real hungry to learn something that was quicker than SEO.  That was video marketing for me.  Plus, you can share video on a website and Pinterest, which are my secondary ways to get visitors. It’s a perfect storm.

It boggles my mind that a person can put a video into this little form in this software and it can spin and spit out as many videos as you instruct it to do.  Reminds me of the Jetsons cartoons we used to watch as a kid. Automation. Robots. But this is real. This works.  It uses Youtube’s own highly ranked video system, so Google eats this up like a piece of warm apple pie.

Again, you can do this manually, but it is tedious, plus I would caution you against putting up more than 5-10 at a time, even though these videos are uniquely crafted by the software, so your Youtube channel doesn’t appear “spammy.”

Otherwise, give it a whirl.  You’ll love it.  Again, you can see it in action click here.

Now, on to the next goodie.  I heard that Explaindio Version  3 is coming out tomorrow (October 4, 2016), and I got all excited.

Why? I used the first version and really liked the hand-drawn videos I could make within minutes.  I also use and love VideoMakerFX and its animated characters as well.

But when it comes to adding voiceover and new features that you have to see to appreciate, Explaindio is a tool in a class by itself.  Once you download Explaindio 3.0, be prepared to study up a bit, but once you get the hang of how it works, you’ll love it.  You’ll feel like Superman (or ahem, Superwoman).  I mean it.  This thing rocks…all day long.

=>Watch the Video Demo here and PREPARE to be WOWED

If video is your “one thing,” then learn everything you can about it. Purchase your favorite software and then close the door. I mean it! Close the door on everything else that allures you like shiny money, shiny diamonds, shiny anything that takes you away on a new track, on a new train and you are starting OVER every. single.month.  Get me?

Stick with one thing. If you get an email and it’s not your one thing, hit DELETE.  It if pertains to your one thing, study it. Master it. Get really good at.  Fall in love with it. Study it. Become an expert and teach it.  Then, you’ve got a real business where you can explain what you’ve learned to others?

How? On Youtube, and then when you get ready? On your own blog like this one. When you are further down the track, do both. But, if your head is spinning, do one.  Do only one until you know so much about it, you could write your own book about it.

Build your Youtube channel by being so good at explaining things that you wished someone had told you when you were green. What will the result be? Your subscribers on Youtube will become your new list. Now, when you recommend something, they will know your voice, and they will believe you. Why? Because you taught them something valuable. You solved a problem or answered a question.  And that makes you an expert in their eyes.  I know, I know you don’t feel like an expert. Well, with the right education online, you can become an expert in any area you choose. That is the beauty of the living right now.

Plant your seeds.  Water your seeds by sharing them with those free share buttons underneath your video.  Pray that God will bless the “work of your hands.” Watch it grow.  Some plants have fast growth and others grow slowly and ripen to much good fruit in the future. Grow your Youtube channel. Monetize your Youtube videos with Google Adsense that so you are getting paid to make videos. Master that traffic. Fall in love with it. Make your dreams happen with that traffic. Just focus on one thing!



1 Super-Fast Way To Get Instant Traffic & Visitors To Your Blog

Now, I was thinking the other day that using Google’s own properties and ranking for long-tailed keywords for products, then posting them on Pinterest with the app called Tailwind would surely yield some results.

The verdict? Oh boy, yes it did.

Here’s what I did, and it is easy for you to copy with Amazon links, ShareASale links or any affiliate link network.

The key is to use the product keyword on free blog websites like and then share it to all of the free sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Stumbleupon.

Pinterest seems to be the current leader in traffic for my blog and many others, so be sure to take a few seconds and PIN whatever content you create, be it video or blog post.  It will be well worth your time. In fact, (chuckle, chuckle) I just completed a quick Cheatsheet ($3.95 less than the price of a Grande Starbucks White Chocolate mocha – my personal fav kind of treat) that explains exactly how to do this process here.

Did you know you can schedule pins on #Pinterest? Get started for free with @TailwindApp

This really cool app makes it super-duper easy to spread whatever I am promoting all over Pinterest and it’s super cheap at $15/month and I started with their free trial.

Once I had used it for a few days, I was hooked! It was super cool to load up images and know that while I was sleeping, shopping or working, my content was scheduled in my own particular time zone to be zapped out onto Pinterest where hundreds, and potentially thousands of awesome Pinterest lovers will see it.

Woohoo, can you say, this is gold? This is a win, if I’ve ever found one.

Go get it a trial version here.