Amazing Income Reports and Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

If you want to have a business online cranking out for you for years to come, you have to start your own hosted blog, like this one.


Here’s a screenshot of some of the most successful blogs on the internet to get your creative mind sparking in the right direction.


Website:  The Huffington Post   Ariana Huffington Daily Income: $29,896 Value: $21.82 Million

Mashable                       Pete Cashmore       Daily Income: $15,781  Value: $11.52 Million

Techcrunch                  Michael Arrington  Daily Income: $14,816  Value $10.82 Million



Source of graph:

So, that sounds like a good investment of time and energy, where do you start?


Can you start out with a free blog? Yes, but you have NO control over Google or anyone else spamming it or taking it down after you’ve worked so hard to get it up there and write about your favorite topic.

Okay, so where do you start? First, get a domain name. You can get a free domain with this company, and they offer good support too.

What should your domain be?  


Here are the Criteria:

  1. It should be an interesting name that gives the visitor some idea of what you are going to be talking about on your blog.
  2. It should be a .com which are more valuable some day when you become famous =) and want to sell it for a retirement nest egg.
  3. It should be about something that has products that people buy in a passionate niche, not just for information sake only. Examples are: Health, Wealth, Spiritual Topics, Toys, Garden Tools, How To Ebooks, and any of thousands of products like you see as hot selling on Amazon.


SEO experts used to suggest that buying a domain name, especially with the .com, was golden to get the most exposure, but those wild west days are over.  


Nowadays, it is the value of your content and how it is shared all over social media that rank it highly. Plus, the websites that link to yours are also important, but if you are just starting out, the best tip I can give you is to provide information and good, valuable content that you would like to read yourself.  Let the search engines find you naturally.

There is also paid traffic, like Facebook ads, and I don’t recommend many of those, but one that is outstanding is this course on starting with 5 dollars a day.  Truly, if you are just starting out, you want to follow the advice found here and be careful with your advertising money.  I wouldn’t throw advertising dollars at Facebook, until you study this expert’s path.  He has already been down the road, so you don’t have to. Check it out.


Otherwise, keep your day job until your blog has replaced your monthly income and perhaps a bit more, to be on the safe side.  


It starts with a Domain Name that you can get free here, when you sign up for their hosting.  What is hosting? The company that keeps your website up running on the internet with it’s virtual files stores on their computer or “servers.”


But, let’s go back to what you should build your blog about….Keep in mind that just because I think a blue-eyed, coarse-haired dog of a rare, pedigree is the most fascinating thing on the planet, there might only be a handful of people in the world that agree with me or could care less!

My point is you need to find a “niche” or subject that people are crazy about in the sense that they think about that topic all day long and all night long.  It is such a “bother” to them, that they scour the internet for a solution to the problem.  

What are some prime examples?

I’m losing my hair.

I want to get my Ex-husband, Ex-wife, Ex-boyfriend, Ex-girlfriend back, but I keep pushing them further away every day.

I have these awful warts on my hand.

I have this embarassing______ (odor/spot/bumps) that I can’t get rid of, but I’m too ashamed to go the doctor.

How do I change my diet because the doctor just diagnosed me as “Diabetic.”

*How do I make money with my computer late at night after my job?

*How do stop my puppy from smelling up our house because I can’t pottytrain him?

*Where is a cream that can erase my age spots?

*I have made money with all of these kinds of products with specific Affiliate Networks.


Now, your head should be spinning with ideas.  Just remember, the key is to pick a subject that not only YOU know a lot of information about, but choose a subject that thousands of people search for a month that includes e-books and physical products, as well.


The next step is to Build A List of Subscribers.

In the next article in this blogpost, I will discuss all of the exact names of the Affiliate Networks I signed up to in order to make those commissions. You can find that here BEST AFFILIATE PROGRAMS.