6 Ways To Get People To Read Your Blog Posts

After working in the legal field for ages, it is such a relief to be able to set mine own schedule and work from my laptop. I am actually happily typing this in a doctor’s office where I am waiting for a family member.

Working from my laptop has afforded freedom that I could never have gotten from a “boss.”  This last year has been life-changing with family members needing all of our family close by, so working from literally “anywhere” on my MacBook laptop has been quite a life-saver.

2 Things have enabled me to do this:


  1. Having a Subscriber List
  2. Knowing how to promote products

Now, specifically my subscriber list comes from creating information products (which I love since I have a teaching background), but having multiple streams of income has also helped a great deal as well.  Having a blog like this one where I can share what I have learned and specifically recommend products, is a great way to create additional income from home.  It is something you can do as well.

Setting up a blog and sharing it on Pinterest has increased my subscriber list faster than I could have ever believed possible.  Finding the site called Tailwind that automatically posts and re-posts your content has also proven to be a great way to bring visitors to this website.  

One future goal for this blog is to attract advertisers. I have learned from reading other blogs on Pinterest that once you can prove you have substantial traffic to your blog, it opens up a another stream of income with advertisers which I plan to take advantage of in the upcoming year.  

Other ways to share any kind of content with the world are the social network sites known as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  When I got my head out of the sand, and began to realize that people really DO hangout and read content on those sites as well, my traffic has increased even more.

By reading other Pinterests PINS and related websites, I have been reminded that advertising is a great stream of passive income for bloggers. With that in mind, I have begun to broaden my thinking and my daily activities to increase my traffic and thus, increasing my subscriber base as well.

Learning to create valuable content that I would have like to read myself when I was just beginning a few years ago is one of my weekly activities. My next step is to share the content, otherwise it is like creating a lemonade stand in the dessert.  

In other words, it is there for those that are thirsty, but the roads to the lemonade stand are empty because the traffic is elsewhere.  I will never forget watching another marketer’s video about website traffic.  He was riding along in his car filming his car ride and showing us the traffic on the highway with his cell phone.  This, he said, is exactly like the internet operates.  You just have to get in front of the traffic and put your “billboard” up for them to see.  How many of us grew up seeing “Visit Rock City” on the highway? Even though we may have never visited Rock City, we knew it existed because of those multiple billboards along the highways and freeways.

The internet is a lot like that.  You put up a website or a blog and then you wait for the people to flock to you.  All you hear is “crickets” because no one but YOU, knows how wonderful your blog is and the products you recommend that built that beautiful blog. Writing the content is only the first step.  It’s a great first step, but you must spend as much time promoting WHAT you wrote as you did actually writing your blog post.

6 Ways To Get People To Read Your Blog Posts


  1. Pinterest
  2. Tailwind
  3. Twitter
  4. Youtube
  5. Google+
  6. Facebook FanPage

How do you do that?  You do that by sharing it on Pinterest, scheduling posts on sites like Buffer (free) and Tailwind (small fee).  Then, you create Youtube videos with free screenshare software like http://screencast-o-matic.com that draws more visitors to your blog by linking your Youtube visitors back to your blog with your blog URL (or address) underneath your video.  You create a free Facebook Fanpage that links back to your blog and share valuable content that makes people hungry for MORE of what you have to say.  It’s that easy.  It’s simple, but it does take time to write and share the posts, but if you start right now, next month or next year could be life-changing for you. Google Plus is also very powerful and you can share absolutely everything on there with “keywords” that will bring in visitors to your blog where you promote products.


Want a blog like this one?  You simply sign up for a free name to your blog and hosting.  I recommend BlueHost.

It’s not hard, it just pays to be consistent with posting really helpful content that you yourself would find useful.  

Enjoy your day.  Make it count.  Start a blog that can put your children through school, and put money in the bank for when you don’t want to work another day in your life. 

Hugs! Kristie