52 Outstanding Headlines + A 6 Steps Daily Action Plan

I do a lot of research across the internet and when I come across Resources like this one, I jump on it and learn. Next, you can have all the gold in the world, but if you don’t spend it, it’s useless to you.


This is gold, pure gold. You will have to go to this link and optin into Jon’s list, but it will be well-worth it to get his 52 Headline Hacks. Then, scroll down and I would suggest that if you want to change your life, by building a list of subscribers, you use this Daily Action Plan.


Download his list and study them. You can find his blog and information here:



Daily Action Plan


  1. Print out 1 from the Headline Hacks PDF you downloaded and keep them in front of you.
  2. Pick 1 Headline for the Day or Week and Write An Article
  3. Take that Article and Publish It On A Blog, then share your blog post/page on Google Plus, Blogger.com, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Stumbleupon. Don’t get stuck here. If you do reach a wall, keep moving on the next social site, but initially you will have to sign up for each of these for free. Also, always remember that you can go to Youtube or Google and SEARCH for any question you need to know and you are likely to find your answer in one of those places..
  4. Take that same Article and use free screenshare below and create a video reading the article out loud and invite them at the beginning, middle and end to get on your mailing list for more great tips. Use the free Screenshare tool called Http://Screencast-o-matic.com.
  5. Share the Youtube video on all the Free SHARE sites underneath your video and then take the URLS or web addresses of each site you are sharing on such as Blogger.com and BEFORE you hit PUBLISH or share, copy the URL at the top of the share site and ping it with Masspinger.com.
  6. Be sure to share your Article and Youtube videos and each shared URL with the same keyword with the free pinger at Masspinger.com.


Here’s a screenshot of a youtube video that I shared on Google+ and then pinged with masspinger.com. It works like gangbusters to get Google Page 1 listings for many long-tailed keywords, so use Google’s free tools to get you visitors to your Youtube video, your blog and eventually you will see your first subscriber. That day will be a red-letter day to celebrate and you should!




The Result: You will have at least 5 Daily Content pieces on the internet working for you 24/7 while you sleep or do other things with your family. This is how you are going to build your online business. You are going to leverage the power of social media. The more compelling you make your headlines, articles and Youtube, the more people will share your content for free and your name will spread throughout the internet faster than you can imagine. This is how it is done. This is the secret to creating a brand, a subscriber list and a real online business for yourself in any niche you choose.

I now work promoting business models for making life-changing income by being able to work from your laptop, but there are thousands of other interests you may have such as diet, exercise, pets, gardening, etc. If you are stuck for ideas, go to Amazon.com and browse the top selling books in each category and you will then have trouble picking out just one!