50 Ways To Make Your First Sale With Shopify

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If you’ve seen all the emails about starting your own online store, and thought, hmmm…wonder how long would it take to make my first sale? Or, how would I sell items on my shop if I don’t have money for Facebook ads? Never fear. Shopify itself is a great resource for how to make your first sale. So far on my store called “Amazing Moms & Babies” this necklace has gotten the most sales and views.


I found this article below that I wanted to share with you that will answer probably most of your questions about setting up your own online store.

Also, I wanted to tell you that one of the sharpest guys in the online guru shark tank put out his own ecommerce store “secrets” yesterday. Each course being released lately on ecommerce touches on points that the other guy misses, so if you are SERIOUS about creating a part-time income stream that could lead into a full-time income, check out Matt’s training here.

In the meantime, take a moment and read 50 Ways To Make Your First Sale with Shopify (your own online store). I’m experimenting with using all free traffic such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for my
Amazing Moms and Babies Too Shopify Store and picking out items that I would purchase myself since “birds of a feather flock together” and one of my girlfriends on Facebook told me last night she’s going to buy the first item I shared on my Facebook timeline – woohoo!

You can see my store here.


This is really exciting! I couldn’t sleep all night thinking of all the necklaces I’m going to put on my store (plus I drank a wee too much mocha yesterday).My daughter graduated from college with a degree in Fashion Design and works for a large show room where I get to occassionally visit and buy necklaces, ear rings and scarves for wholesale. Please know however, that I found my own supplier for my Shopify store. You can put your own store with Shopify here.

Plus, one of the best guides to advertising your Shopify store (Matt is making thousands a month) will have Matt guiding you step-by-step here, plus I will include my own personal cheat sheet on the 7 tips to building a profitable store that I found along with own journey to avoid pitfalls that I made.