3 Ways To Get Instant Traffic & Visitors To Your Blog

Now, I was thinking the other day that using Google’s own properties and ranking for long-tailed keywords for products, then posting them on Pinterest with the app called Tailwind would surely yield some results.

The verdict? Oh boy, yes it did.

Here’s what I did, and it is easy for you to copy with Amazon links, ShareASale links or any affiliate link network.  

The key is to use the product keyword on free blog websites like blogger.com and then share it to all of the free sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Stumbleupon.  

Pinterest seems to be the current leader in traffic for my blog and many others, so be sure to take a few seconds and PIN whatever content you create, be it video or blog post.  It will be well worth your time. In fact, (chuckle, chuckle) I just completed a quick Cheatsheet ($3.95 less than the price of a Grande Starbucks White Chocolate mocha – my personal fav kind of treat) that explains exactly how to do this process here.

I also use Tailwind which makes it super-duper easy to spread whatever I am promoting all over Pinterest and it’s super cheap at $15/month and I started with their free trial.  Once I had used it for a few days, I was hooked! It was super cool to load up images and know that while I was sleeping, shopping or working, my content was scheduled in my own particular time zone to be zapped out onto Pinterest where hundreds and potentially thousands of awesome Pinterest lovers will see it.  Woohoo, can you say, this is gold? This is a win, if I’ve ever found one and consider.

Why? Here’s what happens if you just use a “general keyword” such as weight loss. People go into Google or Bing and type “I want to lose weight” and then they begin to see ads by the big gorilla companies with million dollar budgets, and you want them to see your blog or video promoting an affiliate offer or health supplement. 🙁

Now, what IF, instead you promoted a specific product with a long name like:


Husqvarna 961450023 HU700H Honda 160cc 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Hi-Wheel Mower in 22-Inch Deckmower

Now, you are ON to something really powerful. If you want a “jump ahead” and make sales with REAL physical products like this lawn mower, you are going to need two things:

  1. The NAMES of the physical products that are hot sellers right now.
  2. Articles about each product to cut and paste into your free blog.

There’s a super awesome lady that I met doing internet marketing called Tiffany Lambert who has been offering articles for years in niche areas, including seasonal sales such as Halloween and Christmas.


So, if you want to promote Christmas products,for example, of specific toys, you could see her offer here.


Or, if you prefer to promote more “evergreen” products such as the lawn mower example, above, you can also view her Mini-Mart Store here and browse through her offers.  There are too many to mention, but I do want to point out some “evergreen” offers that might give you some ideas for the kind of blog/readership/subscriber list you can build.4tiffanyminimart

You can find her mini-mart here.

Tiff’s articles will give you a headstart and then you would just plug in your affiliate links from ShareASale or Amazon or any offer you find on the affiliate network called CJ.


So, when you begin a blog or a video,  here’s the thing and it’s a big THING, target buyer keywords.  Other folks? Well, they’re known as tire-kickers or people who are just simply browsing around the internet in their recliner looking to read some news, or some other items of interest.  

If you get this ONE thing right, it can make or break your internet business – target BUYER KEYWORDS.

That’s why I simply adore sites like Tiffany’s.  It comes with already-done-for-you, just simply open up the “box” and let ‘er rip.  

What do I mean? You can take Tiffany’s articles and create an entire WordPress niche site and drip-feed your articles by scheduling your posts to be published about once a week.  So, if you bought 50 articles, you potentially have 50 weeks of blog posts! Then, before they publish, go find some really cool images.


I use this site called Pixabay:


Their images are free, gorgeous, fun and copyright free =).  So, you can go to pixabay.com, download a pixabay image, and PIN it with Pinterest with your Pinterest board that has the address of your blog.

Voila! Free traffic!

It’s a beautiful thing.  Companies and individuals spend vast amounts of money on paid advertising campaigns with no guarantee of any return on their investment.  

With free traffic online coming from sites like Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Pinterest, the only thing you have invested is your time.hourglass-34048_1280