3 Reasons I’m Moving To Blogging As A Super Affiliate

Okay, here goes I’m transitioning from the Product Launching world of JVZoo and WarriorPlus to the world of blogging, but bringing all of the knowledge and tips…

Okay, here goes…I’m transitioning from the Product Launching world

of JVZoo and WarriorPlus to the world of blogging, but

bringing all of the knowledge and tips I’ve learned from those two

marketplaces with me as they all fit together nicely.


3 Reasons Why I’m Moving From Product Launching To Blogging As A Super Affiliate:


  1. Recreating products every week/month is mentally taxing.
  2. Recreating your income every week/month is mentally/emotionally exhausting.
  3. It’s time to widen my net of subscribers to a bigger pool…and one that I can relate to easily such as those who frequent Pinterest.


I am currently in the process of changing my blog theme having hired a

very talented guy on Fiverr.com to help me with that (it

wasn’t five bucks, but that’s alright with me since you get what you pay

for and I want this blog to look as nice as I work to keep

our home inviting for guests such as YOU…). He should be finished

within a few days, and then I’m going to adding a Pinterest

Live Feed Widget on my blog. (FUN!).


Update:  He’s almost done! Woo-hoo and pass the mocha, I’ve been biting my nails for a week waiting!

But it’s been definitely worth the wait to get a new blog design that I can be proud to show to the world. Before that, I was boot-

strapping it with my own WordPress site and using free themes.  It is definitely worth the money to invest in a highly-skilled

graphic designer, since that is not my forte.  I suggest you do the same to build your blog business.  In order to truly build a

business, instead of a “hobby,” it’s important to invest in yourself.


Going back a few years ago when I first encountered a lady named

Rosalind Gardner and her book “How To Become A Super



How I Made $436,797 In One Year


I bought her book, printed it out and devoured it page by page (I’m

recommending no matter when you are reading this, because she keeps

it updated.) What a SUPER-duper lady!  Rosalind was a former air traffic

controller and after long, hard hours, she decided to turn to the internet

for her source of “bread and butter” to pay her bills and she never

looked back.  Since then, she has become super-uber successful in

several different niches.


=>You can read her story click here. 


[blockquote text=”I learned tips of the trade about affiliate marketing that kept me up all night, but it was just the beginning. First, you have to BELIEVE that you can do it and secondly, you have to have plan of action. Finally, you have to master that plan and take massive action. Boom! Life-changing results can occur! – Kristie Chiles Arp” text_color=”” width=”” line_height=”undefined” background_color=”” border_color=”” show_quote_icon=”no” quote_icon_color=””]



But let’s start from the very  beginning about 10 years ago, or my A.D.D.-like brain will get you totally confused and what you

need to do is to FOCUS online…I was married for 25 years and have

two wonderful grown children, but it ended unfortunately, and I knew

that I HAD to find a way to work from my laptop for these reasons:


  • I had gotten used to traveling and loved it!
  • I knew the internet and information products were the wave of the future.
  • I wanted to be able to work in my pjs and set my own agenda after years of working for “the Boss.”
  • I wanted to be able to work from my laptop wherever and whenever 24/7.


Fast forward to today….and those dreams have all come true and I

thank the good Lord for the people/events/skills/talents and resources

He sent my way.  I give all the glory and thanks to God Almighty.


Without His guidance, I would probably still be a Single Mom sitting in

a dark apartment severely depressed that my fairy-tale marriage ended

in a nasty court battle and my dreams shot to hell in a hand basket.


I am happily remarried in a beautiful home of my dreams, and most

days I begin by sending a quick email off to my list of  subscribers

which is my bread and butter, and I’d like to teach you how to do model

the success of becoming a Super Affiliate with Blogging, Pinterest,

Youtube and/orFacebook ads (or you can just pick ONE.)


Other days (like today), I determine that I’m going to START the day in

my gym clothes, so I actually MAKE to the dang gym, instead of just

doing  it “in my HEART” at the end of the day.  Nothing more bummy

than taking off those gym clothes at the end of the day that are still free

from sweat!  But, I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to WEAR

my pjs or my gym clothes all day on my own schedule.  When I chased

my dream of doing this, I’ll never forget the first month when I actually

LET go of my substitute  teaching job, and said these words…”I’m not

doing that anymore!’


But how did I get to HERE from THERE?


I learned how to build a list of BUYERS.  Now, you will be told to give

away a freebie to entice folks to give you their email and that is fine, but

at some point, you will want to focus on those who buy from you.  It is a

proven statistic that those who buy from you, are more likely to buy

from you again.  Having a small list of buyers was life-changing for me

and it can be for you too.


Here are some other real-world examples of how building a list of

subscribers has changed people’s lives and given them financial freedom:


#1  Promote a product that allows you to capture the emails in a autoresponder like Aweber, that you can send offers to.

A prime example is my daughter-in-law, Britt Winnie, who opened her

own Etsy shop about a year ago. Thanks to her ingenuity and hard

work, she has been able to grow that to a full-time income (along with

her current teacher’s salary), with the support of her husband (my son).

Each time she had someone buy from her shop, she added them to her

subscriber list and offered them an incentive to buy again with nifty,

little coupons, and she never looked back.  Soon, she is quitting her teaching job to stay home with our little grandaughter!

What a blessing!


Would you like to do that too? You can, you know.  Learn how to build a business online by blogging and promoting other people’s products just like Rosalind does, and I do too.  It’s a lot more fun when you are making sales online, so don’t give up!


=>>Click here to read more about how she generated $500,000 in one year promoting other people’s products.