10 Reasons You Should Start A Blog

Reason #1 – You can share your ideas with the world and eventually, if you do it right, get paid for it.

Reason #2 – You can do it for very little cost and make a ton of money sharing information that you love.

Reason #3 – You can share knowledge that brands you as an “expert” in a field of interest.

Reason #4 – You can help inspire others with your wisdom and insight.


Reason #5 – You can offer products or services such as website management, guest blogging, proofreading, or any other task that you can think of or read about on sites such as Pinterest.

Reason #6 – You can get free traffic from around the world by sharing your blog content on social sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


Reason #7 -You can share photos and pics as an online gallery.

Reason #8 – You can “blog” anywhere you can travel with your laptop and an internet connection.

Reason #9 – Large advertisers with pay you to advertise on your blog once you have established a large amount of traffic.

Reason #10 – Well, it is just plain FUN, if you like to write and get your creative juices flowing, that’s why!


Boom-sha-ka-la-ka! Man, I’m getting silly from drinking too much Diet Coke at the movies tonight.

There’s ten good reasons you should start your own blog today. If you do decide to take up blogging, you will need a domain name and a “hosting” company that will hold the files to your blog and publish all of your information inside your blog to the worldwide web.  Here’s a link that will get you started with your own blog name. This company that offers really good support, if you have any questions.